Monday, September 10, 2012

Children Play Area Singapore: KidzGo @ Tampines One

Indoor Play Area For Kids @ Tampines 1

*Dear Readers, this place has sadly closed down*

It was the hari raya holidays back in Singapore and my aunty was super excited to bring my son and her son to the water playground at Tampines One -as per usual- I think she had brought my son there twice since I first told her about it when she voiced out that she wanted to bring them to the water playground at 112 Katong Mall.  I said that Tampines One is much nearer and has just opened a water playground at the roof top too. 

Well, since I haven't had the chance to bring Mikail and Umair there myself, this time around I thought I would tag along to snap some pictures and do some shopping for the kids as well. 

The clouds started to grey that afternoon and I voiced out my concern, aunty said that the water playground has some covered areas and since her son was already super excited, off we went hitching a ride with another visiting aunt. 

On the way to the roof top, we passed by a newly opened indoor playground called KidzGo (4th floor take the escalator near J.Co side) and of course my kids (especially my 2.5 yo) being too used to indoor playgrounds refused to budge. So, I left them with my aunty at the entrance there and went to check out the water playground first (since I was still sceptical about letting them play in the drizzle).

Water Playground @ Tampines 1 opening hours, will have to come back again to take pictures

Up near the rooftop entrance, a sign was hanged "outdoor water play area closed due to bad weather" relieved that I didn't have to lug the children all the way up there just to disappoint them, I headed back to level 4, but before that - a quick detour to Daiso to buy some adult socks as KidzGo ran out of socks to sell- 

KidzGo indoor playground's entrance fee is $12 for 1 hour of play or $16 per entry on a weekday, didn't check the price for weekend. They also have a trial clay art class for $10 during weekends -selected timing, pre-registration required- though I can't imagine how and where they are going to conduct it there since space is a constraint.

Kids indoor play @ KidzGo Tampines 1 - the left side of the area

Children indoor play area @ Tampines 1: KidzGo - the right side of the area, those are the only slides (the curved one and the one leading to the pool of balls)

Kids Indoor Play @ Tampines 1 - this cheery climbing wall leads to the balloon  jumping area

The indoor playground though cheery is rather small in my opinion, if your kids are the boisterous type and likes to play rough, Polliwogs is much better for them, here, they will just attract attention to themselves and might run / knock into other kids.

There is a limit of 30 children playing at one time imposed, though even with 20 kids playing inside, it will be too horrific to imagine. Best to avoid weekends and public holidays.

Kids Indoor Play Area @ Tampines 1 - 4 is a crowd in this pool of balls..

Children Play Area Singapore @ KidzGo - the second level is not much of a challenge 

The slides are super slippery, the piano is a bit unresposive (you must tap hard at a certain angle) and the pool of balls are a bit small 4 kids inside can only sit and do nothing without elbowing / kicking each other. A small area with one lone wooden track and -if I remember correctly- 3 thomas and friends trains was at a small nook satisfying one kid at a time..a mini kitchen at another area accomodates 2 kids fine but 3 will be a crowd (unless they are super well behaved and shares easily unlike my kids).

Children Play Area Singapore @ KidzGo Tampines 1

The plus point to this indoor playground is the friendly staff, the convenient location so that if you have a helper you can actually dump the kids here while you and Mr Husband enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner, or take turns with your partner to run errands or do some quick shopping. The small area also mean you don't have to follow the kids all around the indoor play area (if you are super kiasu like me) and can observe from the waiting area provided.

Indoor Play for Kids Singapore - the kitchen area - gotta love the mini sofa :)

The piano - should have been fun but was not very responsive

The downside of it is that I think the bigger kids will be bored after 1 hour (my 4 year old didn't kick a fuss when I told him we have to go) and the lack of baby changing facilities. But hey, we are inside a mall after all, so the mall's facilities is sufficient if you are just bringing one child or has a partner with you to look after one kid while you change the other. Will we come here again? Maybe, when mommy has to do some shopping :)  I do so love window shopping at Dip Drops whenever I'm there :)

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