Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sand Playground and Plane Spotting @ Changi Beach Car Park 4 With the Kids :)

singapore with kids
Plane spotting with the kids @ Changi Beach Car Park 4

Changi Beach is a really nice and quiet place though a bit far in if you are accessing by public transportation and limited parking space if you are driving/riding in. It's amenities are also very basic, so bring in all that you need (snacks and drinks, bicycles/ roller blades cos I don't think there are any kiosk selling snack and drinks or renting out any equipments). Drive all the way in if you are looking at going for a swim but if you just want to take some nice sea side air, while watching people fishing and spotting planes as they land / take off at / from Changi Airport, Changi Beach Car Park 4 would do the trick just nice.

Beautiful mature trees @ Changi Beach

My parents used to take my small kids here after weekend breakfast at Changi Village :) and we used to drive and park here at night when the kids were smaller and couldn't sleep, just looking at the aeroplanes and then driving back home. It's our laid back chilling place with the kids and it's one of the places that we dearly miss when we relocated to KL. 

singapore kids playground
Simple sand playground @ Changi Beach there are 3 more swings at the side not in the picture

While on the long Raya break back in Singapore, I took the kids to the simple sand playground at Changi Beach Car Park 4 as my no 2 was asking for some sand play and Pasir Ris Park playground though bigger has a lot of twigs and ants on the sand making it a bit difficult to enjoy playing with sand without flicking the ants off your limbs once in a while. Changi Beach's sand playground was clean and clear from twigs and ants :) bring a bottle of water if you want to make sand castles though..

family activities singapore
Kids playing with sand @ Changi Beach
free things to do with kids singapore

The sand playground at Changi Beach is very simple but quite enjoyable though it is not advisable to come when the sun is at its radiating best as there is very limited shade. We came at about 4.30pm and the weather was just fantastic. Car park was empty at 4.30pm but by 5pm quite a number of buses came in and park which was quite puzzling until my sister said that parking is free from 5pm onwards.. hmm..Public buses serving the area are no 9, 19 and 59 if I am not mistaken.

All in all, a nice place to go with the kids :) though I went on a weekday and am not sure how the crowd is like on a weekend :)

watching planes singapore kids
The beautiful beach @ Changi