Friday, August 17, 2012

Elephant Sanctuary ; Kuala Lumpur Day Trip

kuala gandah elephant
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary: An elephant demonstrating how elephants go to sleep.

The first time we visited Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Deerland, Lanchang was almost two years ago when we tag along with bro-in-law and his friend for a road trip to Cherating, Pahang. We have been meaning to pay a visit to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary again since my second son is really interested in elephants, finally, hubby agreed to the day trip from Kuala Lumpur last week. 

kuala lumpur elephants
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary - The Elephant Show

The road to Kuala Gandah from Kuala Lumpur (if you take karak highway) is really winding, better pack some motion sickness pill if you tend to get car sick and drive safely since we saw 2 accidents on the way back. 

kuala lumpur elephants
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary : An elephant taking a bath

elephants malaysia
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary: Make way for the elephants!

Based on previous visit, we timed our arrival at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary at 2.30pm since that is the time the elephants usually come back from the jungle to the sanctuary for a bath and most activities starts then. If you arrive earlier than 230pm, there's not really much activities except for looking at baby elephant and feeding them. The other activities such as bathing with elephants, riding elephants and a super short elephant show is all after 2.30pm. Activities such as bathing with elephants and riding elephants requires a yellow entrance sticker (limited to first 100 visitors per day - call ahead before you go as they will set aside 40 stickers out of this 100 for phone booking) while feeding the elephants are open to all visitors. There is no entrance fee for Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary though donations are greatly appreciated.

kuala gandah pahang
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary: Feeding papayas to the elephants.

kuala lumpur elephant orphanage
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary: Feeding Time!

Activities starts with the Elephants taking a bath, so once the elephants starts to come to the sanctuary, it's best that you scramble straight for a good spot to see the elephants taking a bath, then comes the short elephant show, elephant feeding and once the feeding is finished, scramble again to be first in line for the elephant ride.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary : The Elephant Ride

We got the yellow sticker - out of pure luck since someone cancelled their phone booking last minute- but was late in getting in line and since our two small kids can't really stand the heat, we didn't really want to stay and wait. 

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary has improved a bit since our last visit, they have put up more benches, and some black overhead netting to provide some shade to visitors though it's almost impossible not to melt in the hot weather. Baby facilities are still lacking and food and drinks options are also limited. But, if your children is really into elephants like mine, they would really enjoy the trip. 

Deerland entrance @ Lanchang
Feeding the deers at Deerland; Lanchang

Next, we headed for Deerland @ Lanchang since it's really just 3-4 km away from the elephant sanctuary. Admission for deerland was RM6  for adults and RM3 for kids. We were there to feed the deers and also to see the sun bear. Unfortunately, the sun bear has since been taken by the authorities. So, the kids fed the deers and saw some pheasants, hedgehogs, hamsters, an albino python that has just eaten a live chicken and fed some rabbits. Nothing much to see here, so if your kids are around 10 years of age, you can give it a miss. 

All in all, it was an ok day trip from Kuala Lumpur, had it not been for the winding road, I wouldn't mind going there often since my no 2 keeps asking for it :)

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is open all year long except during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Aidil Adha holidays. Call +6092790391 for confirmation.Opening hours are as stated in the below pic. 

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Opening Hours

Map of Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary:

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aktiviti Prasekolah: Burung Hantu

Hari keenam, anak-anak duduk di rumah. Kali ni nak buat burung hantu pulak :) tengok macam senang je..

aktiviti prasekolah tema burung hantu
Aktiviti Prasekolah: Burung Hantu!

Barang-barang yang diperlukan:

aktiviti kanak-kanak

1) 3 keping paper plate
2) mata "googly" atau buat sendiri guna kertas hitam putih dan hitam
3) kertas warna kuning
4) gam
5) stapler
6) watercolor

Cara-cara membuat kraf burung hantu:

1) Lipat 1/3 paper plate (bahagian bawah memandang ke hadapan) dan guntingkan seperti di dalam gambar. Ini akan menjadi bahagian kepala burung hantu.

2) Lukiskan bentuk separuh bulatan dengan bentuk segi empat di bahagian tengah (atas), gulung seperti gambar diatas dan staple. Ini adalah hidung burung hantu.

3) Lukiskan kaki burung hantu dan gunting.
4) Ambil lagi satu paper plate dan gunting separuh. Ini akan menjadi kepak burung hantu.

5) Lekatkan mata dan hidung kemudian "staple"kan bahagian kepala ke paper plate satu lagi.
6) Lekatkan kepak burung hantu menggunakan gam.

7) Tunggu kering dan warnakan menggunakan water color.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aktiviti Prasekolah: Teleskop Mainan

Hmm.. hari ketiga dan keempat anak-anak sakit, kita rehat jap, tak buat apa2 kraf, memandangkan semua takde mood.. hari seterusnya kita warm up sikit dengan aktiviti yang teramat simple, iaitu membuat teleskop mainan.

aktiviti kanak-kanak
Aktiviti kanak-kanak yang teramat mudah; teleskop mainan!

Cara membuat teleskop mainan ni teramatlah senang barang-barang pun yang ada di rumah je..tak sampai 10 minit da siap, kemudian budak2 asyik hias teleskop dengan sticker dekat setengah jam :)

Barang-barang yang diperlukan:

1) 1 kertas keras (Saya guna kertas cardboard di belakang drawing block
2) 1 kertas construction kuning dan 1 kertas construction biru
3) cling wrap
4) gam
5) gunting
6) masking tape
7) markers / stickers untuk menghias teleskop

Cara membuat teleskop mainan:

Teleskop mainan dalam proses...

1) Gulung kertas keras dan lekatkan dengan masking tape.
2) Lapik "cling wrap" di salah satu penghujung "teleskop"
3) Tutup kertas keras dengan kertas kuning dan biru seperti dalam gambar.
4) Hias dengan melukis corak yang diinginkan menggunakan marker atau lekatkan stickers.


Aktiviti Kraf Prasekolah: Topeng Gajah

kraftangan kanak-kanak
Aktiviti kanak-kanak yang boeh dlakukan di rumah : Topeng Gajah

Ini adalah aktiviti kraf hari pertama anak-anak kena kuarantin di rumah akibat HFMD.. memandangkan anak saya yang no 2 tu minat sangat gajah.. kita pun mula dengan topeng gajah, idea asal adalah untuk menggunakan tali elastik yang kemudian di-staple ke paper plate supaya senang ntuk anak-anak memakainya, tapi saya tak jumpa tali elastik, jadi guna ice cream stick bewarna jer, cuma masalahnya tak dpt paper plate di pasaraya, yang ada cuma styrofoam plate, tidak dinasihatkan untuk menggunakan styrofoam plate jika anda inginkan topeng yang kemas kerana styrofoam plate memerlukan warna yang banyak dan gam tidak dapat melekat dengan baik sehingga saya terpaksa menggunakan masking tape untuk melekatkan ice cream stick kepada topeng. Warna juga boleh luntur jika menggunakan styrofoam plate apabila tangan anda basah ketika memegang topeng. 

aktiviti pra-sekolah
Antara alat-alat yang saya gunakan, missing in picture are: glitter glue, masking tape and scissors

Alat-alat yang diperlukan:

1) kertas construction bewarna kelabu dan merah
2) pinggan kertas
3) glitter (takde dlm gambar)
4) warna kelabu
5) ice cream stick
6) marker hitam
7) gam
8) pen knife
9) gunting

aktiviti pra-sekolah
anak-anak saya memang suka aktiviti yang menggunakan tangan, lagi2 kalau menggunakan gam

Cara-cara membuat kraf topeng gajah:

1) Dengan menggunakan pen knife, ukirkan mata dan mulut di pinggan kertas.
2) Warnakan pinggan kertas dengan warna kelabu dan biar kering.
3) Lukis dan gunting dua telinga gajah dan belalai menggunakan kertas kelabu dan "outline" kan dengan marker hitam.
4) Lukis dan gunting bentuk tiga segi kecil menggunakan kertas merah, outline kan dengan marker hitam dan taburkan glitter di atas nya dan keringkan.
5) Lekatkan, bentuk segi tiga, telinga dan belalai gajah di topeng yang telah kering. 
6) Buat lobang kecil di kedua belah tepi topeng dan ikatkan tali elastik mengikut ukuran kepala kanak-kanak atau jika mengunakan ice cream stick lekatkan ice cream stick di bahagian bawah mulut topeng gajah dengan menggunakan gam atau masking tape. 

Dinner at Marakesh KL

It was buka puasa and we wanted to bring the kids out since they have been cooped up in the house for so long. But, since it was the weekend and we didn't make any prior reservation plus the kids were taking their own sweet time getting ready, we just drove around our area for any restaurants that still have an empty table to spare for their ramadhan buffet. 

First stop was Casablanca at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, but parking was a bit difficult and hubby commented that the buffet spread was limited. So, we detoured to Kg Baru, since it was nearing Maghrib, and Marakesh restaurant looked like it still have some empty tables left at the alfresco section, we decided to go in.  

Waiter asked whether we wanted the Ramadhan Buffet @RM37 per adult, or ala-carte. We took a look at the buffet spread and all the food was nearly gone ndt it was not even 7.30pm. Not knowing whether they will refill the buffet spread or not, we decided to go ala-carte. 

Hubby's lamb bryani -in need of salt-

My lamb chops - in need of side sauce-

We ordered lamb bryani, lamb chops and bread for ourselves and cheese pizza and french fries for the kids. Drinks was mango juice and iced mint tea. I think we got our food in 20 minutes but for the first 10 minutes, the waiter didn't even serve us plain water and dates for us to at least break our fast. I had to ask for it and even then only plain water was served. I'm not sure whether it's the language barrier or lack of service training.. hmm..

Overheard someone else at another table asking whether they will be refilling their buffet spread and the refill came once just before our order. 

Kids' pizza - didn't seem like it has a base sauce-

The nondescript bread and hardy fries

I shall not comment much about the food, it was just average. Somehow, in need of a bit more spices and salt, I would say. We ordered cheese pizza but what came was cheese and mushrooms, the french fries was on the hard side. The bryani bland and my lamb chops though tender and marinated (not the best marinade but still ok I guess) wanting a bit of sauce at the side. My iced mint tea came with just a tad of sugar.. Maybe, you can say that hey, it's Ramadhan and the cooks can't taste the food but then we ordered after Maghrib and the food came 20 minutes after so that is not an excuse?

I actually saw a number of locals looking like they are having a good time, but I guess they are there more for the shisha? My kids had fun though cos the alfresco area is quite big and we sat next to the fountain area and they saw an animal walking back and forth on the electric cable up on the trees that looked like a squirrel but bigger.

My kiddo is just happy to go out, he only ate 1 slice of pizza and I  understand why.. 

If you want to perform your prayer there, Marakesh provides a prayer area but ladies you need to bring your own telekung. 

Will we go to Marakesh Kg Baru again? I doubt it, on the hindsight, I should have googled for the review first, apparently Marakesh has a few branches in KL and reviews on tripadvisor isn't too good regardless of the branch. Totally agree with the average rating. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

HFMD: Pengalaman Menjaga Anak-anak Terkena Jangkitan Virus HFMD

HFMD adalah jangkitan virus disebabkan oleh keluarga Enterovirus dan selalunya disebabkan oleh Coxsackie Virus A16. Saya rasa anak saya terkena virus Coxsackie ni lah, jadi jangkitan HFMD mereka tidak terlalu teruk dan Alhamdulillah ruam / bintik-bintik merah dan ulcers di mulut pun tak banyak berbandingkan gambar-gambar yang ada kawan-kawan post di FB bila anak-anak mereka terkena HFMD.

Anak saya pada mulanya tak demam, hanya keluar bintik merah (dalam 5) di tapak tangan kanan dan ruam di bahagian lampin pada pagi pertama, memandangkan saya ni takde pengalaman, saya sapu je Drapolene di ruam lampin tu dan bagitahu cikgu dia pasal bintik-bintik merah, manalah tahu dia boleh tolong konfimkan tu HFMD ke bukan, cikgu pulak kata tengok lah 1 - 2 hari ni ada ulcer atau demam, jadi mummy pun dengan innocentnya tinggalkan anaknya di sekolah.

Pulang dari sekolah haritu, tapak tangan kiri keluar dua bintik, tapak kaki kanan 1 bintik, tapak kaki kiri 3 bintik, tapi ruam yang di bahagian lampin tu dah mula kering.. demam takde, ulcer takde, anak pun aktif je..mummy pun tak tahu apa sebab bintik2 ni? Tapi malam tu, anak saya batuk-batuk bunyi macam kahak je tgh2 malam, sampai muntah kahak dua kali.. besok bangun lemah longlai.. lain macam je.. mummy pun hantarlah abang ke sekolah dan bawak adik jumpa doktor. 

Jumpa je doktor, konfim doktor kata HFMD (alamak rasa bersalah dah 2 hari hantar anak g sekolah, buatnya budak2 lain jangkit salah kita lah pulak), Abang tak boleh pergi sekolah selagi adik belum baik, dan mummy pun kena jaga2 orang dewasa pun boleh kena jangkitan HFMD.. Memandangkan jangkitan virus HFMD ni selalunya mengambil masa 7-10 hari untuk baik, anak-anak pun diberikan cuti dari sekolah selama 1 minggu.. hait...pening kepala mummy sekejap.. macam mana nak cope dengan 2 budak ni seminggu tak boleh gi mana2? Mesti budak-budak ni bosan dok rumah.. 

Balik je rumah teruslah google pasal HFMD, berdasarkan apa yang doktor bagitahu dan website2 lain, dptlah I simpulkan beberapa fakta penting tentang HFMD:

1 - Tempoh pengeraman virus (iaitu daripada terkena jangkitan hingga keluarlah tanda-tanda HFMD) adalah antara 3 - 7 hari. Jadi kalau anak terkena jangkitan hari Isnin, tanda-tanda akan keluar paling cepat hari Rabu, paling lambat hari Ahad. 

2 - Tempoh virus, selalunya 7-10 hari, namun ada budak yang mengambil lebih masa untuk pulih. 

3 - Virus HFMD selalunya dijangkiti oleh kanak-kanak, namum orang dewasa juga boleh terkena jangkitan. Dan yang paling membimbangkan adalah adakalanya orang dewasa itu dijangkiti virus HFMD tetapi tidak menunjukkan apa-apa tanda. Jadi jika anda terdedah dengan virus HFMD samada di tempat kerja atau di rumah, sila ambil langkah berjaga-jaga dan amalkan kebersihan, seperti membasuh tangan dengan sabun selepas menggunakan tandas, menutup mulut apabila batuk atau bersin, menggunakan face mask jika selsema / batuk, membasuh tangan selepas menghembus hingus di tisu sebelum memegang "common surfaces" yang dikongsi dengan rakan kerja lain, contohnya microwave dan coffee maker di pantry. 

4- Virus HFMD merebak melalui sentuhan langsung dengan kahak, hingus, air liur dan juga najis yang telah dicemari virus tersebut. Ia juga boleh berpindah daripada seseorang yang telah menyentuh salah satu perkara yang diatas ke permukaan lain yang disentuh oleh orang tersebut. Virus HFMD ini boleh bertahan di permukaan persekitaran buat jangka masa yang panjang, oleh itu kita harus bersikap bertanggung jawab dan  tidak membawa anak-anak keluar dari rumah dalam tempoh berjangkit mereka dan juga membersihkan persekitaran rumah dan mainan anak-anak kita dengan menggunakan bahan penyahjangkit (disinfectant) apabila mereka telah sembuuh.

5- Antara tanda-tanda HFMD adalah:
demam (selalunya rendah dan bukan demam panas),
penat / lemah,
sakit tekak,
ulcer  / lepuh yang bisa di mulut, hidung, bibir / bahagian muka,
rash / lepuh di tapak tangan / tapak kaki / bahagian bibir (selalunya tidak gatal bagi kanak-kanak tapi mungkin gatal bagi sesetengah orang dewasa),
ruam di bahagian punggung kanak2
ruam di bahagian kulit yang berlipat seperti belakang lutut, belakang siku dsbnya
tiada nafsu makan
sakit perut

mereka yang terkena jangkitan HFMD tidak semestinya menunjukkan semua tanda-tanda di atas.

6 - Berdasarkan anak-anak saya, hari ketiga da ke-empat jangkitan HFMD ini adalah hari yang paling menyakitkan. Dan perhatian lebih harus ditumpukan kepada anak-anak supaya mereka rehat secukupnya, dan kesakitan / ketidakselesaan mereka diatasi dengan obat (paracetamol selalunya), harus juga memerhatikan pengambilan air mereka supaya mereka tidak kurang hidrat (dehydration).

7 - Selera makan anak-anak (dan suami yg juga terkena HFMD) nampak macam ok je.. kecuali pada hari ke-3 (anak no 2) dan ke-4 (anak no 1). I kasi makanan yang lembut untuk anak-anak i, macam bubur, soup, mee suah dan beri mereka minum air sejuk bila mereka mengadu ulcer sakit semasa makan. Sebelum makan tu, kasi paracetamol dulu (tapi jangan kasi bila perut mereka kosong terus nanti sakit perut), then spray ulcers dengan Aloclair spray yang diberikan doktor untuk mengurangkan sakit. Hari ke-4, anak yang no 1 tu asyik ngadu mulut sakit, walaupun dah kasi paracetamol dan spray pun dah berkali-kali jadi apa yang I buat, I amik syringe dan berikan anak air masak sejuk dengan menggunakan syringe setiap kali dia ngadu sakit.

8 - Doktor nasihatkan beri Ice-cream, yoghurt dan susu sejuk untuk mengurangkan ketidakselesaan anak-anak, tapi I tak bagi ice-cream, cos ulcers anak-anak tak banyak sangat, (maybe 3 besar, 4 bintik2 kecik) dan I tak nak lah pulak anak-anak I hyper terlebih gulakan, so I lebih banyak bagi yoghurt dan susu sejuk (pediasure) je.

9 - Walaupun kuarantin di rumah adalah dalam 7-10 hari, budak-budak ni 2 hari je lemah lesu, yang lain-lain hari tu macam tak sakit, hari yang ke-5 dah merayu2 nak keluar, jadi kita kenalah bersiap sedia dengan aktiviti-aktiviti menarik kat rumah untuk entertain mereka.  Baru-baru dapat tahu anak-anak kena HFMD, I terus keluar pergi popular beli barang2 kraf untuk isi masa bosan mereka nanti. Sebelum tu, cari lah dulu pre-school craft activities" di Internet untuk mempunyai gambaran benda2 apa yang u akan perlukan.

Hmm.. tu je lah info yang I boleh share buat masa ni.. itu pun macam dah panjang lebar je.. nanti ada free time, blh update psl kraf yang I buat dengan my kids and pengalaman memmbersihkan rumah selepas HFMD yang amat memenatkan. 

Anda mungkin meminati:

aktiviti prasekolah tema burung hantu
Atasi Bosan Dengan Kraf Burung Hantu

Saturday, August 11, 2012

PAED / Child Clinic Mutiara Damansara : Klinik Kanak-Kanak Junina

Last Wednesday, my second son (28 months old) contracted HFMD but I had no prior experience with HFMD that I was unable to tell. He only had a few red spots (about 5) on his right palm and rashes at his diaper line. I told his teacher regarding the red spots on his palm. His teacher informed me to just monitor within the next few days whether he develops fever and ulcers in the mouth. 

The next day, my son was still active, no sign of fever nor ulcers but 2 red dots has appeared on his left palm and 1 red dot on his right sole and 3 red dots on his left sole. I was bewildered but still hoping for the best that it is not HFMD. That Thursday night, my son vomited twice in the middle of the night , but I attributed it to his cough and phelgm. That Friday morning, my son woke up lethargic, so I decided to send my elder to school and take my second son to see a child specialist. I didn't have the confidence to go to Dr Altaf at TTDI as parking is horrendous there, so I decided to give Klinik Kanak-Kanank Junina near my kids' school a try.

Dr Junina Child Specialist Clinic

The child clinic was open and there were a few patients before us. Park-like benches line the waiting area, and another small area designated for kids play with assorted toys in baskets. It was not Dr Altaf's, but my kid was still happy playing around with the toys (mostly soft toys and figurines) at Dr Junina Child Clinic. But I do think that it will be kind of cramped if there are lots of kids playing at the kids area. There is another seating area in another room but I'm not sure whether it's the pantry or open to waiting patients too. The toilet is quite basic too. 

My son deciding which toy to play with

Our wait was quite short as there were only two patients before us. Dr Junina was a knowledgeable soft spoken lady. Quite chatty too. She diagnosed HFMD just by looking at the red spots and found two small ulcers (so tiny you wouldn't even know it's ulcers beginning to erupt if she didn't point it out to you) beginning to form near the bottom front of my kid's inner lips. She informed me that kids do not necessarily develop all symptoms of HFMD, some may only have ulcers while some may only have red blisters. She also informed me that adults can also get HFMD and that I should be aware of it just in case I get it from my child. She advised to give regular dosage of paracetamol even if my child do not have fever as it reduces the pain from the ulcers, to give my kids cold ice cream, yoghurt or cold Pediasure to soothe the pain and prevent dehydration. HFMD usually clears between 7-10 days and incubation period is between 3-7 days. That means I should monitor my elder son within these 3-7 days for any signs of infection. Siblings of infected kid should also stay away from school as they are exposed to the virus and may contaminate the school thus exposing other kids to the virus.

Waiting area, data reception is quite slow here, so a long wait might be boring

Hmm.. paid RM122 for consultation + meds; (Virless topical cream for the blisters, Aloclair mouth spray for  the ulcers, Paracetamol, Mucosolvan and Salbutamol. I guess it's more or less the same as Dr Altaf.

Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina is at:
11A-1 Jalan PJU 7/7A Mutiara Damansara (row of shop houses before the roundabout of Peter and Jane Kindergaten if you access Mutiara Homes nearer to The Royal Bintang Damansara Hotel)

Opening Hours:
Mon & Tues: 9am - 12pm, 6pm - 9pm
Wed & Fri: 9am - 12pm
Thu: 6pm-9pm
Sat: 9am-2pm
Sun: Closed.

Best to call ahead before coming to check whether clinic is open or not as sometimes the doctor has some other engagement and the clinic will be closed.

Tel: +603 - 7727-9154

Amazingly, she also has a facebook page where she will answer your questions, just search for Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina.

Will write a separate post on how I coped with taking care of my two kids and hubby who got HFMD for 10 days and what activities I did with my kids to keep me sane and keep them from bugging me to go out and play.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kampung Pandan Eats: Taharah Seafood

Thinking of what to eat for dinner at Kuala Lumpur? Tired of the fancy expensive Kuala Lumpur restaurants? Overpriced chinese seafood restaurant not your favorite flavour? Klang Valley and Pantai Remis too far out to travel? Why not go off the beaten tourist track and check out one of the locals favorite laid back halal seafood restaurant - thai style. 

I have heard that Kampung Pandan is a place where one can find good food and one of the more popular restaurants there is Taharah Seafood but coaxing hubby to try it our was a bit difficult until his colleagues brought him there for lunch one day, and excitedly he mentioned to me that there is one good restaurant serving delicious food in Kampung Pandan that he wants to take me to. I asked; "Which restaurant is that?" and he said: "Taharah Seafood." ooohhkaay.. haven't I been trying to make you bring me there for dinner to try the food?...

So, off we went that night, with our two sleepy kids, to Taharah Seafood at Kg Pandan. Parking was at the road side, bring your mosquito repellent along too.. Restaurant is big enough and busy with patrons. We ordered our usual seafood fave dishes; Tempura Prawns, Tempura Squids, Tom Yum Seafood and the must have sea bass; the waitress recommended Siakap Dua Jiwa. Waiting time was abut 20 minutes. 

Taharah Seafood Kg Pandan's Tempura Prawns ; Yummylicious!

The drinks came, nothing outstanding.. and the food came.. hmm.. I really like the tempura prawns and squids, the servings are small though, I felt like I can finish both by myself :p just blogging about it makes me crave for more.. the tempura is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, no taste of Maggi seasoning that you can sometimes detect in some restaurants Tempura Prawns or Squids and the prawns are just the right size and de-veined just the way I like it. The chilli sauce is the normal Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, the raw cabbage and carrots accompaniment was not crispy fresh but still edible.

Dinner at Kuala Lumpur at Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan: Tempura Squids

Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan's Tom Yum; Spicy and Creamy

The Tom Yum soup was pleasing, spicy, sour and slightly creamy with coconut milk. It came with prawns (small ones) squids and some vegetables. Hubby finished it up.

Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan: Siakap 2 Jiwa Steamed side

The Siakap Dua Jiwa is seabass cut in half and cooked in two ways; one half is crispy fried and topped with thick, spicy, sweet sauce.. yummy.. while the other half is steamed and topped with clear sauce that is both sour and spicy. It was a new experience for us as we don't really favour steamed fish but the fish was fresh, the flesh white and tender and the sauce really brings out the flavor of the fish.This is one steamed fish that manage to seduce my tastebud.

Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan : The Siakap 2 Jiwa - crispy fried with spicy chilli sauce side

Dinner at Taharah Seafood was a relaxed affair but the food was so nice, I keep longing to break fast there during this Ramadhan. I guess I just have to wait till after Eid to eat there again as I am pretty sure the restaurant will be packed with locals around that area and with parking headache and traffic issues during peak hours (we need to pass by KL city to get to Kg Pandan from our place), no food however nice is worth that headache :)

Taharah Seafood is at Jalan Kg Pandan, the lane before Jalan Wira 1 opposite "Dewan Serbaguna Taman Maluri" google map as follows:


View Larger Map

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadhan Buffet at Hotel Double Tree Hilton

Ramadhan Buffet at Makan Kitchen

After 10 days of fasting, we decided to give ourselves a treat to a Hotel Ramadhan Bufet in KL.. the problem was.. which hotel restaurant is certified by JAKIM? hmm.. a quick search shows that Shang Ri La's  Ramadhan Buffet is halal certified and after our previous experience dining in another Shang Ri La Hotel quite some time back, we decided that yes.. we would give ourselves this one time treat. Unfortunately getting through the reservation was very tough.. no one seems to be answering except for front desk and operator.. hmm after 20 minutes of trying.. I gave up.. we decided to try Makan Kitchen Ramadhan Buffet by Double Tree Hilton instead. 

Makan Kitchen by Double Tree by Hilton

Lady answering my reservation was curt.. (I am fasting so I won't say more), upon reaching the hotel, you have to take the lift at the lobby to level 11 where Makan Kitchen Ramadhan Buffet is, the lift lobby is not designed for crowds. The restaurant though is spacious, with an air of grandeur.. smoke was billowing from the chinese kitchen and I can't help feeling a tad excited (so..'s been some time since we last treat ourselves to hotel dining :p ) I like the fact that they placed us at a quiet corner away from the action as we came with two small kids. My kids can sing and play without disturbing others and we can eat in peace and not worry they will bump into others accidentally :)

My 4 year old enjoying his plain water

Makan Kitchen offers chinese, malay and indian style cuisine, hubby went first for the Chinese, I headed straight for Indian and as usually my 4 year old is only interested in dessert. 

Chinese Style bee hoon, fried rice, beef, crab cakes and prawns

Food selection is varied enough, but falls flat on our tastebud.  Hubby tried the beef, prawns and crab patties from the Chinese kitchen and nothing was outstandingly nice. It all tasted ordinary...beef was even hard to chew.

Makan Kitchen's Satay and Roasted Lamb

Satay is not richly marinated but still chewable, the satay sauce sweet, but lacks chilli power, the roasted lamb bland.. ikan bakar selection was stingray, talapia and I think kembung, looks nice enough but disappointing when I opened the banana leaf.. the flesh is cooked but too soft for my liking, and the marinade is a bit weak.

The Ikan Bakar; Pari and Talapia

Walking past the Indian kitchen, the lamb bryani looks enticing, I added the lamb masala, squids and the chef recommended south indian style prawns. All fail to deliver except for the lamb masala which is the only  tender meat for that evening.

My Indian Pick: Lamb Bryani, Lamb Masala, Squids and South Indian Prawns ( i know everything looks mixed up) 

Dissatisfied, we did not opt for seconds. The dessert selection consists mainly of traditional kueh which my kids do not eat (Except for baulu) and I personally prefer brownies and mini tarts (which is not available) so the only dessert I tried was the cendol and a small strawberry cheesecake, the latter is nice and not too cheesy, while the chendol's coconut milk is too thin and missing the strong sweet taste of the palm syrup. 

Ramadhan Buffet : Cendol at Makan Kitchen

The only sweet delight that I enjoyed at Makan Kitchen, although the too sweet Teh Tarik and too bland Cendol already spoiled my sweet cravings 

Oh well.. that is what you get when you deviate from the real purpose of fasting and intend to stuff yourself silly during break fast. 

The Make-Shift Surau, room is a tad small but view is nice :)

We walked out of the Ramadhan Buffet at 8.15pm and asked for the surau. Double Tree by Hilton has made arrangements for a makeshift surau at Level 12 for their Ramadhan Buffet guests... and guess what? While the Ramadhan Buffet is bustling with crowds.. the surau is empty.. hmm.. makes one wonder doesn't it?