Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dinner at Marakesh KL

It was buka puasa and we wanted to bring the kids out since they have been cooped up in the house for so long. But, since it was the weekend and we didn't make any prior reservation plus the kids were taking their own sweet time getting ready, we just drove around our area for any restaurants that still have an empty table to spare for their ramadhan buffet. 

First stop was Casablanca at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, but parking was a bit difficult and hubby commented that the buffet spread was limited. So, we detoured to Kg Baru, since it was nearing Maghrib, and Marakesh restaurant looked like it still have some empty tables left at the alfresco section, we decided to go in.  

Waiter asked whether we wanted the Ramadhan Buffet @RM37 per adult, or ala-carte. We took a look at the buffet spread and all the food was nearly gone ndt it was not even 7.30pm. Not knowing whether they will refill the buffet spread or not, we decided to go ala-carte. 

Hubby's lamb bryani -in need of salt-

My lamb chops - in need of side sauce-

We ordered lamb bryani, lamb chops and bread for ourselves and cheese pizza and french fries for the kids. Drinks was mango juice and iced mint tea. I think we got our food in 20 minutes but for the first 10 minutes, the waiter didn't even serve us plain water and dates for us to at least break our fast. I had to ask for it and even then only plain water was served. I'm not sure whether it's the language barrier or lack of service training.. hmm..

Overheard someone else at another table asking whether they will be refilling their buffet spread and the refill came once just before our order. 

Kids' pizza - didn't seem like it has a base sauce-

The nondescript bread and hardy fries

I shall not comment much about the food, it was just average. Somehow, in need of a bit more spices and salt, I would say. We ordered cheese pizza but what came was cheese and mushrooms, the french fries was on the hard side. The bryani bland and my lamb chops though tender and marinated (not the best marinade but still ok I guess) wanting a bit of sauce at the side. My iced mint tea came with just a tad of sugar.. Maybe, you can say that hey, it's Ramadhan and the cooks can't taste the food but then we ordered after Maghrib and the food came 20 minutes after so that is not an excuse?

I actually saw a number of locals looking like they are having a good time, but I guess they are there more for the shisha? My kids had fun though cos the alfresco area is quite big and we sat next to the fountain area and they saw an animal walking back and forth on the electric cable up on the trees that looked like a squirrel but bigger.

My kiddo is just happy to go out, he only ate 1 slice of pizza and I  understand why.. 

If you want to perform your prayer there, Marakesh provides a prayer area but ladies you need to bring your own telekung. 

Will we go to Marakesh Kg Baru again? I doubt it, on the hindsight, I should have googled for the review first, apparently Marakesh has a few branches in KL and reviews on tripadvisor isn't too good regardless of the branch. Totally agree with the average rating.