Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Halal Pancakes @ East Village (Bedok) - Sarah's Pancake Cafe

Note to readers: This place has since closed down.

Ok.. this is a very belated review cos we went to Sarah's Pancake Cafe like a month before I popped, waaaaay before Paddington House of Pancake got their halal cert n Singapore. We went here cos we were back in Singapore for a wedding and when checking out the traffic conditions on the causeway and Tuas when we were planning to cross the border, we found out that the jam was massive because of the public holiday. So we decided to wait it out and headed to Sarah's for pancakes. 

We were very lucky to get a table mind you, the place is so small, I think it fits only about 6-8 tables inside and there are maybe 2 tables outside the cafe. I don't think this place is suitable for a big party. 

I have to say that we are a bit biased cos we are regular customers of Paddington House of Pancakes in PJ haha.. so all pancakes get compared to theirs and their massive selections  

1st: the selection isn't that much, 2nd some items on the menu were "finished" on that day such as egg benedict and their shoestring fries, so I ordered Al-Istanbul (I think - pardon my then-prego brain) and I don't even know what hubby ordered, I think it's just pancakes and he added mushrooms, bacon and scrambled eggs except that the waiter forgot to give us the eggs  No 2 ordered carbonara (what else) and no 1 ordered pancakes with ice cream. We didn't order drinks except for lemon tea.

singapore sarah's pancake bedok halal
Halal Pancakes Singapore @ Sarah's Pancake Cafe @ Bedok East Village

That's my dish, I have to say that the pancakes are pretty good and pairs -surprisingly well- with the hummus and I liked the sausage as well. Veges were bland though.

Sarah's Pancake Cafe at East Village (Bedok)

This was hubby's it was ok.. average. not bad..but nothing special.

Halal food at Bedok's East Village - Sarah's Pancake Cafe

My kiddo's carbonara - his verdict 

Halal Pancakes @ Sarah's Pancake Cafe @ East Village

My no 1 kiddo's order.. he said the pancakes are ok but he didn't like the ice cream.

Sarah's PAncake Cafe's interior 

This is like 80% of the dining space inside the cafe. You can imagine how small it is. 

Ok.. our verdict was.. small place, food is ok (or dare I even say so-so?) so hmm maybe a place to head to if my no 2 who is pancake crazy requests for pancakes at any time of the day after 11 am (cos McDonald's breakfast ends at 11 am mah ) or if we are nearby and don't really have something specific in mind to eat and we don't have to queue for it :) 

Sarah's Pancake Cafe is at : 

East Village #01-62, 430 Upper Changi Road 

Opening Hours : 

9.00 am - 10.00 pm Daily except for Fridays 9.00am - 11.00am, 2.30pm-11.30pm

Map of Sarah's Pancake Cafe:

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Halal Food Singapore : I am Cafe @ Arab Street

Okaayyyy.. back in Singapore during the kids holidays and lil Sis (who mind u is no longer lil) wanted to eat burgers so off we head to I am Cafe at Arab Street (exact location is 647 North Bridge Road #01-01, off Haji Lane) in easier terms, its the first shop at haji lane at golden landmark end. 

We went at 11.30 am on a Saturday cos we were hungry (lol) and I brought my lil baby who was 4 months old (at that time) along. The place is a bit cramped and since it was hot and sunny and there is no A/C, you kind of get thirsty and sweaty. Very lil maneuvering space too, thank goodness I did not bring a stroller. 

We went straight to business, if I was with my husband or without my baby I would have ordered a few appetizers but since my hubby wasn't there to finish off the leftovers and my baby was there fidgeting.. I settled for only the prawns as appetizers. 

singapore cafe halal
Halal Food Singapore : I am Cafe @ Arab Street

The prawns were described as Jumbo and juicy.. well they are certainly ain't shrimps but well maybe Jumbo is very subjective haha.. plus it's only $14.90 for 6 pieces so it can't possibly be that big right? this is a pretty simple dish, prawns kinda sticking to its shell, flesh isn't that thick and the butter sauce needs more kick. 

makanan halal di singapura
Halal Food Singapore: I am Cafe @ Arab Street

I ordered Chicken Satay Burger just because I love satay haha.. this literally tasted like eating satay in a bun. Peanut sauce is good and satay marinade is also nice, slightly above average satay burger.Not too bad.

halal singapore food
Halal Food Singapore : I am Cafe @ Arab Street

Lil Sis ordered Big Bear Beef Burger, basically humongous beef patty with sunny side egg, lettuce and tomato. I am not sure what sauce they used but sis said it was pretty okaaay.. not outstanding or dreamy but not too bad either.

Drinks were lemon tea for sis, chai latte for me (tea spices was weak and too milky for my liking) then we were still thirsty cos of the weather, so we ordered lychee mojito and bushramint. Waited nearly 15 minutes without the drinks appearing and we were getting more thirsty by the minute, decided to cancel and just buy water from nearby 7-11 just as we were paying, they came and apologized (technical problems- dunno what) and said they won't be charging us for the 2 drinks and will pack it for us. Waited another 5 minutes for the drinks to be packed and off we went. Lychee Mojito was so-so also but I really liked the Bushramint such a delight in the hot weather! 

There was a lady seated besides us with her small daughter and she ordered pizza and sandwich, I doubt that kids will like the bread that I am cafe use for their sandwich and the pizza dough is the crispy kind not the soft hand tossed kind, so if you are going with kids, I think pastas are the best choice and also go only if your kids are well-behaved and not the sort who needs to run around cos there is no space to run around 

Good place to hang out with friends and buddies but not advisable for families with kids.

I am Cafe's opening hours:

Mon- Thu: 11.30 am - 11.00pm
Fri & Sat : 11.30 am - 1.00am
Sun : 11.30 am - 10.00pm

Closed: on every 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month 

Tel: +65 6295 5509

FB Page: I am Cafe

I am Cafe's address:  674 North Bridge Road #01-01


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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

(Another) Halal Cafe at Arab Street - Krave

Well.. actually not exactly Arab Street but Bali Lane.. but you get it. :p I was at Arab Street last month as I wanted to get some fabrics and lunch time came and baby was very fussy so I needed a place where I can sit and if possible feed baby discretely. I had wanted to try The Lab but found out that there was a queue so I decided to head to Krave instead. Krave is at 28 Bali Lane and is also a few steps away from "And Why" cafe, the sister cafe of "I am" (what is it with the names?)

Set up is cool and hip I guess but I am too old to even bother about "hip and cool" I just want good food and a comfortable place! Lol We managged to get a seat at the second floor (which fits about maybe 20 pax max), the first floor was full and we were glad we didn't decide on Al-Fresco cos it rained heavily just as we were finishing up our food!

We ordered:

krave review bali lane
Kraving Ayam Bakar

I ordered this dish as it came recommended. Basically it's ayam bakar in peanut sauce with 4 small cubes of rice cakes (mine was cold) I think the chicken portion is quite big, but it is juicy and tender. I do not like the sauce even though I am a huge fan of anything with nuts but this sauce to me is a bit runny with the tamarind taste being a tad too overpowering for my liking. It's just a so-so dish for me. 

halal food singapore arab street
Salmon Au Fromage @ Krave - Bali Lane

Hubby ordered Salmon Au Fromage, since he is trying to eat healthy. Another so-so dish for us, no WOW factor, sauce is ok, mashed potato was ok.. salmon was ok.. edible but forgettable. Sorry... did we come with too high an expectation? 

Ok I forgot whether this is Chicken Alfredo or Chicken Carbonara

My friend ordered the pasta.. and truth to be told, I think this is the only dish that I felt was slightly above average and quite nice. It's creamy with thin shavings of cheese on top that isn't too strong. Nice.

krave cafe review
Chempedak Creme Brulee @ Krave

 I love creme brulee, but truth to be told I find the combination weird and didn't want to order this, was disappointed they didn't even offer a classic one, but hubby went down to "look see" and ordered this for fun -hmmph-  Apparently it is super famous but we do not like the pairing.

Drinks @ Krave

Okaay.. by this time I'm like as long as we don't go hungry.. drinks were ordinary.. nothing special.. When I ordered I thought Ill be getting fresh juice (cold pressed preferred huhu) I wasn't expecting a bottled juice (imported). 

Okay.. the place is really bustling with young folks and a good number of them are non-muslims.. so I guess people do find the food nice? Or is it just a cool place to hang out? For myself.. I wouldn't come back again pretty soon since the food didn't really make me hyperventilate. Really sad though, wish the chef would turn the food up a few notches cos the service staff were really nice and cleanliness is also good. 

Krave is at 

Opening hours:

Monday - Closed
Tues- Thu & Sun : 11.30am -10pm
Fri & Sat :11.30am - 11pm
Kitchen Closed 4.45pm - 6pm daily

Reservations via FB page only, 3 days in advance. 
FB Page: Krave

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boba Wrap untuk newborn dan Lenny Lamb carrier untuk 4 bulan ke atas

Masa Irfan umur dua bulan, memandangkan I ni duduk jauh dari mak, sibuklah cari carrier atau wrap unuk newborn supaya senang nak jaga, boleh menyusu / dukung handsfree sambil jaga anak lagi dua yang besar tu.. masa anak I yang 1st, I ni tak peka sgt pasal carrier.. pakai je carrier biasa yang tak ergonomic tu.. ok je anak I yang 1st takde masalah kaki pun.. tapi yang no 3 bila I tgh nak cari info pasal wrap yang sesuai untuk newborn, terbaca lah pulak pasal carrier mesti nak ergonomic, kaki baby mesti nak shape “M” etc etc.. kita pun ikutlah… 

Awal2 tu I jumpa Suppori sling at The Baby Tree di “The Curve” tapi dia ikut size  pengguna (mommies/daddies) and masa tu size I dah takde, lagipun salesgirl tu cakap Suppori Sling tu untuk 4 bulan ke atas.. lepas tu I baca2 pasal wrap, terjumpa pasal Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap, since dah desperate sgt, I beli je lah Boba Wrap basic online.. 

Boba Wrap untuk newborn babies

Boba tu.. pada I oklah.. ikat dia tak susah sangat, cuma dia panjang jadi bila ikat memang menyapu lantai, jadi I selalu pakai di rumah sahaja sebab kalau kat luar nak ikat kotorlah kalau terkena lantai. Bab ikat ni.. I tak tahu kenapa, bila nak ikat belah belakang tu (yang last2 nak ikat mati) mesti kain dia terpusing2 tak boleh straight, jadi yang tu buat I sakit pinggang. Tapi kalau pakai di rumah, bila Irfan merengek dan I kena suapkan abang2 dia yang masih manja2 sgt tu.. memang Boba ni penyelamat, siap boleh menyusu handsfree lagi.. Cuma kalau kat luar nak menyusu handsfree tu memang tak pass nak adjust wrap and biar baby latch tanpa exposing myself. Kalau nak tengok macamana nak menyusukan baby pakai boba wrap, boleh tgk kat video ni:

Lepas Irfan umur 4 bulan, I terjumpa Pupsik Studio Sling di MotherCare @ Atria Shopping Ctr.. ni pun macam Suppori jugak (Cuma Suppori pakai mesh, Pupsik Studio ni jenis kain) ada ikut size pengguna jugak.. check punya check ada size I yeay! Apa lagi grab lah.. Pupsik sling ni walaupun dia kata boleh handsfree, I tak confident sgt lah ,takut baby I jatuh haha.. jadi I guna still with one hand support, but at least takde lah berat sgt budak tu.. plus kalau dia tidur pun selesa jugak berbanding kalau I dukung guna tangan je.. Yang ni carrier fave I no 2. I suka the fact that dia senang nak pakai dan tanggal so I boleh tangalkan dan guna my breastfeeding apron bila2 perlu, dan I suka dia tak berat / ambil banyak tempat, kalau tak guna lipat kecik2… best J

Pupsik Studio Sling : photo taken from Pupsik Studio Website

Around that time jugak, I travelled with the kids without hubby to Singapore (oklah jugak cos Mak I temankan) bila nak balik tu.. terpikir.. I need a handsfree ssc so kalau nak tarik luggage senang.. so I researched a bit and found out that the popular ones seems to be “Tula” “LennyLamb” and “Kokadi” yang “kokadi” ni kecik sikit, so boleh muat Newborn but since Irfan pun dah 4 bulan, bam bam pulak tu.. I rasa I should pilih antara Tula dan LL. Then bila baca2 review, ada mum tu cakap  Tula dan LL sama je.. both boleh bf jugak discreetly, yang beza dianya waist buckle, kalau kita jenis “petite” Tula waist hole dia fits smaller waist berbading dengan LL. So, I though.. oklah beli Tula je lah, kita ni kan orang Asia badan kecik (hohoho lupa dah anak tiga.. pinggang pun dah tak kecik dah :P)

carrier ergonomic 4 bulan ke atas
Tula SSC for 4 months and above

2 hari lepas order, Tula pun sampai.. excited lah I.. try on.. tapi I tak reti2 , terasa macam susah sgt the shoulder buckle tu.. tak pas2..shoulder strap pun asyik nak terjatuh.. I try jugak put my child inside.. I feel yang bahagian waist  tu.. tempat yang baby nak restkan punggung tu macam keras.. so baby punya bum-bum macam terhanging kat situ.. macam tak comfy) plus Tula’s material is canvas.. mcm panas pulak.. anak I pun tak selesa and kept crying.. sigh.. buang $$

Next day, my cousin came with her bb (birthday selang seminggu dgn Irfan) I told her about the Tula, she said dia interested, I let her try and waaaah.. macam senang gitu dia pakai.. baby dia pun happy je.. masuk terus tidur.. hmmm.. so maybe bukan rezeki anak I tapi rezeki anak dia J

So, I still need a ssc man! Next is the LL.. order je lah.. besok sampai…its actually cheaper than a Tula.. tapi I suka I suka I suka hahahaha… material is way softer than a Tula. Design sama je.. shoulder strap, shoulder buckle, waist strap, waist buckle.. tapi yang ni sebab cotton material, dia softer and breathable, bum bum anak I tak ter-hang atas the waist strap tu.. shoulder strap pun tak terjatuh2 dan yes I manage to buckle it up without any help yeay! Daaaan yang paling penting.. anak I pun happy.. tak cranky and dia pun tidur dalam Lenny Lamb. Yeay Yeay and triple yeay! Ok.. so.. this is my current fave carrier J Memang ikutkan dia bulky as compared to the Pupsik Sling, tapi yg LL ni.. I pakai je standy on the waist.. I tak buka2 J Ni gambar baby Irfan dlm LL : 

ssc lennylamb
Lenny Lamb Carrier for 4 months and above

I hope you find your Wrap/ SSC :) 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pengalaman susahnya menyusukan anak

Irfan anak I yang ketiga, anak-anak I yang no 1 dan 2, I campur susu badan dan susu formula, susu badan pun dapatlah paling lama 4 bulan je sebab masa tu tak berapa terfikir sangat yang breast is best.. pada I susu formula banyak kemudahannya.. siapa2 yang nak tolong jaga senang, malam dapat bergilir dengan husband jaga baby, tak lah sleep deprived sangat, mak dan ayah kalau nak bawak baby balik seminggu untuk main2 pun ok takde masalah, I nak keluar pergi mana2 takde time limit nak kena balik sebab nak kena bagi susu badan.. lagipun I pun dulu minum susu formula je.. Alhamdulillah besar memanjanglah jugak :p 

Tak tahulah kenapa.. semenjak duduk Malaysia ni, semangat nak meyusukan anak ketiga secara eksklusif susu badan macam membara haha.. So masa preggy tu siap2 beli botol nak simpan susu and double pump electric Malish. I pergi Pump On The Go at Kelana Jaya, pekerja tu kata kalau dah biasa dengan Medela Swing, Malish pun ok, suction dia sama, plus Malish double pump lagi meant for heavy usage, boeh pump sampai 10 x sehari (masa tu angguk-angguk je, tak terpikir pun sapa ada masa nak pump sampai 10x sehari???)

Masa anak pertama dan kedua, memang takde masalah susu tak banyak, maybe sebab tak ada pressure, masa pump susu keluar ok je.Especially yang no 2, dari hospital lagi I dah start pump walaupun susu keluar sikit sahaja. Masa anak ketiga ni, I pikir I tak nak pump just latch je sebab terbaca baik jangan kasi baby bottle dalam sebulan, supaya takde nipple confusion. Masa hari pertama dan kedua kat wad bersalin tu okaaay je.. nurse kata baby ok, adalah baby ngantuk2 bila menyusu tapi bila kita usap2 kepala dan kacau2 telinga dia, dia menyusu balik.. i pikir oklah tu, latch pun takde masalah.

Bila nak discharge, datanglah PD I yang garang tu... "aaah.. baby u dah lost weight ye..dalam 300g.. u takde susu ke?" I jawab selamba "Dia latch okaaay je doktor" Siap doktor tu cakap "mana awak tahu awak ada susu ke tak? Mana tahu dia hisap angin? Balik gi pump, tengok berapa banyak susu awak!"  :( tetiba stress I tell you!

Before discharge, nurse bagi kertas to monitor satu hari berapa banyak kali lampin basah + berapa kali baby patut buang air besar, last dia kata, "kalau baby kencing ada warna oren2 tu maknanya "urates" dah keluar, you kena start bagi susu formula ok?" 

Hari pertama di rumah (hari jumaat), I pun try lah pump pakai Malish, kanan dan kiri satu titik susu pun tak keluar.. tiba2 macam2 perasaan melanda diri ini, betul ke susu takde? nak tengok lampin basah, tak sampai pun kekerapan yang ditulis dalam kertas tu, buang air besar pun sekali sehari je.. tapi.. I tetap tak nak campur.. malam tu hubby belikan medela sebab I dah start nangis.. pump pakai medela, susu belah kiri keluar.. tapi yang belah kanan tak nak keluar langsung.. I mula tak cukup tidur..  baby menyusu direct makan masa yang lama, bila letak dia nangis jadi nak tunggu baby betul2 lena kemudian mula pump memang memenatkan.

Hari Sabtu (hari kelima bersalin, selalunya susu start meriah hari yang ke5-7) I makan betik muda, minum air kacang hijau dan juga air kurma merah, tak lupa juga pump walaupun sikit je keluar.. malam tu dada sakit macam batu... stress sangat sangat.. I have to take ice wrap dalam kain dan perlahan2 sapu kat dada.. I pakai cold compress sebab hot compress tak jalan buat I, try to pump.. still sama masalah susu tak nak keluar! Ok by now I dah tahu bukan I tak ada susu tapi susu I memang tak boleh di-pump kali ni.. Masalah ni tak wujud buat baby pertama dan kedua I ok.. I think it has something to do with me having negative thoughts about pumping.. penat, stress, buang masa.. that kind of thoughts you know.. 

Hari Ahad (Esok ada appointment dengan PD dah) I check diapers anak ada oren.. sigh.. I panik..I feel like adakah aku menzalimi anak aku sendiri dengan ego ku untuk menyusukan dia secara eksklusif sedangkan dia perlukan susu dan aku tak mampu untuk memberi supply yang secukupnya? Malam tu I start supplementing dengan susu formula. 

Esok jumpa PD I nangis, anak I kuning dan total weight lost nearly 800grams.. Start dari hari tu I campur susu badan + susu formula, mula2 bagi susu badan lepas tu bagi susu formula sampai dia kenyang..masa ni, kerja mak, adik dan suami I sumbat baby I dengan susu je bila budak ni nangis. sikit2 susu.. suami I lah paling teruk kalau jaga malam, budak ni nangis sikit je dia sumbat susu.. sampai keluar susu kat hidung semua. I perhatikan.. kalau lepas menyusu badan, kalau I kasi susu formula pun.. dia cuma minum 10ml lebih je.. and I thought to myself, takkan badan I tak boleh produce that 10ml more? Plus I'm still having sore breast dammit!

The turning point came malam Raya dengan kepenatan tak cukup tidur dan kepala yang berdenyut, I decided that I am not going to produce more milk in this state of mind. Makan benda2 yang kasi susu banyak pun cuma kasi bengkak je sebab I tak boleh pump keluar susu secara efektif dan anak I bukan jenis yang suka minum susu banyak2 sekali sitting. Dia jenis yang minum sedikit tapi kerap. So.. I decided "No more pumping!" Its direct latch all the way, let my baby tell my body how much he needs and if my body can not keep up yet, supplement lah dengan susu.

So, from that day onwards, everything seems better, less stress, yes I have to admit that he drank formula (and also wasted it) like 3x a day(each time just 10ml more after my feed) sampailah 1 month check up dengan PD and she said "Baby is overweight already, please kurangkan susu formula" I took that as a challenge to limit formula to only once a day bila I have to go out to fetch the bigger brothers, the rest is direct bf. Sampailah 3 months my baby started to refuse botol :'| Oh tidak.. yang ni pun masalah sebenarnya.. masalah tak boleh ditinggalkan ibu haha.. jadi apa yang saya buat kalau I need to run some errands adalah I ask my family members to give him milk using a syringe ataupun sudu kalau da betul2 lapar :) So far the sudu option works, I try sippy cups tapi anak I belum reti guna sippy cups so that one in the future Insya Allah.. sekarang ni dia dah nak masuk 5 months and he has been displaying a lot of interest in food, so hari ni nak start on bubur beras, tengoklah macam mana kalau ok, maknanya lepas ni kalau I go out on errands kasi je lah dia makan haha.. 

To all bf mamas that are encountering problems, take heart, not all of us have it easy and if you have tried your best and you still can't do it, don't beat yourself up about it. 

For myself, nowadays I don't take any specific food to increase breast milk production, I just drink lots of water (walaupun ni macam melanggar pantang orang2 melayu) and eat lots of green vegetables. Kalau awal2 tu adalah makan / minum:
1) oats / nestum
2) milo
3) air kacang hijau 
4) lemak masak daun cekur manis / turi (yang ini confirm banyak susu for me)
5) lobak putih (masuk dalam sup ayam atau hiris halus dan rendam dalam air garam buat ulam)
6) betik muda (hiris halus2 rendam dalam air garam buat ulam) 

pernah jugak try fenugreek (I rebus 1 uncang akar herbanika Nona Roguy + 1 sudu makan fenugreek- halba) Ya Allah bau dia sungguh tak tahan.. badan dan peluh semua bau, baju semua berbau.. I can not take it.. tapi effect dia memang within 24 hours susu bertambah cuma.. wasted lah bagi I, sebab anak I still tak minum banyak in one feed and I tak boleh pump.. so I stop. 

Satu petua untuk hilangkan bengkak susu kalau tak boleh pump keluar adalah untuk susukan baby dalam posisi "all fours" dimana baby diletakkan di atas beberapa bantal dan dada kita "dangling" di atas baby, posisikan dagu baby menghadap ke arah milk ducts yang tersumbat sambil kita urut biji2 yang keras tu.. I try position ni.. Alhamdulillah bengkak susu hilang.. sekarang ni I adjust sikit posisi, I tak all fours atas baby tapi I letakkan baby di tepi katil, kemudian I tunduk atas baby dan biarkan dada dangling atas dia.. senang sikit tak payah nak position baby atas bantal cuma memang sakit pinggang.. tapi apalah sakit pinggang sikit compared to bengkak susu :P I dah lama dah takde bengkak susu hee.. but I still guna posisi tepi katil (walaupun nampak weird teramat sangat) I use this positon bila baby mula ada breast preference, he will refuse one side and sakit lah kan.. so this position is the only position yang baby akan minum susu dari side yang dia refuse :)

Oklah panjang menjela.. bye bye...   

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Berkhatan @3.5 bulan di Klinik Dr Hamid Arshat

Time flies so fast, pejam celik pejam celik Irfan dah masuk 3 bulan.. oh no.. sunat pun belum lagi.. kalau dah nak masuk 4 bulan dah tak boleh sunat dah. sebab baby dah pandai tiarap.. kalau terlepas peluang ni habislah kena tunggu sampai 5 tahun baru boleh sunat :(

So, google2 klinik yang menawarkan khidmat berkhatan untuk bayi lelaki.. terjumpalah Klinik Dr Hamid Arshat.. nampak macam popular doctor ni (I ni jenis tak  tengok TV haha) klinik pun dekat dengan rumah I around 20 mins drive.. okaylah tu.. 

Call up the clinic, dapat slot on weekday sebab kalau weekend hanya 5 years and above dan yang handle operation is anak Dr Hamid not Dr Hamid himself. 

Pada hari yang bersejarah tu, pergilah I dengan ditemani seorang kawan.. bawak baby Irfan..sampai je tengok klinik penuh.. sigh.. ingat kena tunggu lama, tapi rupanya untuk berkhatan kena pergi the other side, takde orang.. masa tu cuma ada lagi satu baby dah selesai khatan and nurse sedang beri instructions about medication. 

I tunggu dalam 20 minit.. sambil2 Irfan menyusu.. lepas tu nurse panggi masuk.. nurse prep baby.. main2 ketawa2.. tunggu doktor adalah dalam lagi 10 minit and I was waiting to be told to leave the room actually, rupanya I boleh observe the whole procedure. 

Baby Irfan nangis bila doctor inject obat bius 3 times after that.. dah tak nangis... lepas tu doktor guna alat macam gunting and began cutting the outside skin.. gitu je simple.. then clamp.. then dabis..  (Dr guna plastibell) wow.. cepat sangat.. nurse kata dia wrap the wee-wee dengan kain gauze sebab ada darah sikit from the injection place, balik boleh buka dah gauze tu.. 

I tanya kena selalu buka pampers ke? Nurse kata tak payah.. cuma pakai pampers tu loose-loose je.. balik kalau dia nangis macam tak selesa bagi paracetamol untuk tahan sakit.. dan elakkan penggunaan sabun.. kalau nak cebokkan anak just renjis2 je tempat tu.. thats what the nurse said..

Balik tu dalam 2 jam dia dah melalak.. I pun kasi obat.. malam tu after 6 hours kasi lagi.. lepas 2 hari dah tak sakit.. 

Mula2 balik, memang bahagian kepala tu macam melecet dan kekuning-kuningan.. lepas tu dalam 3-4 hari ring tu mula terbuka sedikit demi sedikit.. dan warna kuning / melecet tu makin berkurangan.. masa ring tu dah terkeluar sikit, kena sapu ointment yang diberi.. nothing much I memang tak buka sangat pampers anak i tu.. kecuali lepas mandi I lambat-lambatkan pakai pampers supaya kering betul2 bahagian tu.. Hari kelima ring tu dah tinggal sikit je tapi it's still connected dengan this oozy gooey stringy yellow thing (tak tahu apa) hubby tanya nak tarik ke? I cakap biar je dulu, nurse kata ada yang sampai 10 hari baru tanggal habis dan yang last2 tu memang akan ambil masa sikit.. so takpelah jangan kacau.. and Alhamdulillah hari ketujuh tanggal lah semua.. masa mula-mula nak baik tu memang kesian tengok baby kan wee wee merah macam melecet.. tapi bila dah hari ketujuh memang healing very nicely and by hari kesepuluh I can say that I am very satisfied with Dr Hamid Arshat.. sekiranya ada anak lelaki lagi satu (fuuh macam betul je.. 3 ni pun dah pening) memang I akan pergi ke Dr Hamid Arshat, tak payah nak cari tempat lain lagi dah :) 

Alamat Klinik Dr Hamid Arshat:

75M, Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 KL

Tel: 03-20945800


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Friday, May 1, 2015

Arabic Worksheet for Kids - Animals Cut and Paste

I was googling for some cut and paste printables for kids since its a holiday today and I need the kids to do some cutting exercises so that I will have some peace *lol* I came across a very good website ESL printables, sadly I need to send in my contributions to be able to download the awesome worksheets on the site.. so I copied the idea and changed the language to Arabic and Bahasa Malaysia instead.

Parking the worksheets here for future reference since I don't know when my old desktop is going to die on me (soon I think) please don't expect me to be super hardworking in creating more worksheets cos I have done absolutely zilch for the last 30 weeks due to this 3rd baby bump (I feel like such a bad mother).

Please be advised that the copyright of the images all belong to their respective owners and I am using this worksheet for my personal use only  (As should you!)

Latihan bahasa pra-sekolah (binatang) : harap betulkan caption salah "Siapa Nama Saya"