Friday, May 1, 2015

Arabic Worksheet for Kids - Animals Cut and Paste

I was googling for some cut and paste printables for kids since its a holiday today and I need the kids to do some cutting exercises so that I will have some peace *lol* I came across a very good website ESL printables, sadly I need to send in my contributions to be able to download the awesome worksheets on the site.. so I copied the idea and changed the language to Arabic and Bahasa Malaysia instead.

Parking the worksheets here for future reference since I don't know when my old desktop is going to die on me (soon I think) please don't expect me to be super hardworking in creating more worksheets cos I have done absolutely zilch for the last 30 weeks due to this 3rd baby bump (I feel like such a bad mother).

Please be advised that the copyright of the images all belong to their respective owners and I am using this worksheet for my personal use only  (As should you!)

Latihan bahasa pra-sekolah (binatang) : harap betulkan caption salah "Siapa Nama Saya"