Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nyonya Restaurant at The Strand; Kota Damansara - Tranquerah

makan makan kota damansara
Nyonya Restaurant @ The Strand - Tranquerah

Ok, we are still scouring Kota Damansara for halal restaurants to eat in during weekends since I am now almost certain that our favorite brunch place D'Cengkih has closed down...sigh I went there on numerous occasion on different days and it was closed on all the days that I tried.. sadness! 

As you search for good halal restaurants in Kota Damansara, you would also find that quite a few had closed down or shifted elsewhere, like "HM Sri Bagan Kota Damansara" has shifted to Masjid Al-Ghufran @ Pinggir Taman Tun Dr Ismail and "Pondok" is no longer at 17/1 Jalan PJU 5/4, a chinese noodle restaurant is there instead..

I wanted to try Felda D'Saji Kitchen near The Strand cos I thought I will never get the chance to go to Jalan Semarak and I am really craving for nasi campur you know.. sadly.. Felda D'Saji Kitchen only sell mee goreng, nasi goreng and mostly western dishes, we walked out of the restaurant and I told hubby "let's just ask whether Tranquerah is halal..."

So, we headed for Tranquerah at Red Carpet Avenue The Strand and the waitress couldn't really answer my question as she is not very proficient in English, then the manager / supervisor came and I asked whether they are halal certified or pork free and she said that they are not halal certified but they don't use pork and all the meats are sourced from halal suppliers, now I know some people who are quite strict would not accept that, but for us, we ate there that day. 

We ordered: 

restaurants the strand
Pie Tee @ Tranquerah; The Strand

Pie Tee - The shells were crispy and delicious the fillings were also very crunchy and refreshing with turnips, cucumber, strips of eggs and red bell peppers but I like my pie tee with prawns..

peranakan food the strand
Brinjals and Kangkung Masak Lemak @ Tranquerah; The Strand

As usual, when dining in a Nyonya / Indonesian restaurant hubby will order brinjals, it tasted like bland blanched brinjals but the spicy sambal (a tad too spicy for hubby's liking, but I'm fine with it) on top kind of balance out the taste.

It was our first time eating kangkung masak lemak since we normally eat kangkung belacan but really we are converts now! The whole thing just tasted like a match made in heaven, the creaminess of the gravy, the sweet but slightly nutty taste of the sweet potatoes and the belacan.. nice! 

kota damansara restaurants
Udang Masak Lemak @ Tranquerah ; The Strand

Well, I am not really sure if it's Prawns in Coconut Gravy or Nyonya Curry Prawns, but it does taste similar to the malay style of masak lemak, only there's pineapple added to the dish, I really like the taste of the gravy though my kids complained that it was spicy and I am not a fan of poached prawns, I like my prawns cooked very well with the gravy, I don't care what other people say like the prawns will lose its sweetness etc etc.. I am just not used to the taste. So,I am not really sure, but the prawns in this dish tasted a bit like poached prawns and that really put me off. Which was really disappointing for me cos I really like the gravy.

jjcm kota damansara
Ayam Goreng Cincaluk @ Tranquerah ; The Strand

This Fried Chicken with Cincaluk was for the kids. It was crispy but somehow lacks the punch I was expecting.

So, among the 5 dishes that we ordered that day, I only like the kangkung masak lemak, while hubby likes the kangkung, prawns and pie tee. We ended the meal with a shared bowl of cendol (hubby's pick what else) but I didn't bother taking a picture cos the presentation and taste was non-descript. We might eat here again maybe to try out other dishes, but I don't foresee it to be anytime soon.

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