Monday, January 30, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Kids Activities : Airforce Museum

Kuala Lumpur Kids Day Out : RMAF Museum 

The weekend is here, and the kids need to go out. Where to go in Kuala Lumpur to entertain the kids then?  for this weekend activity, we decided to bring the kids to the Royal Malaysian Airforce Museum (Muzium Tentera Udara Malaysia) at KL Airbase, Sungai Besi which is about 15 mins drive from our place at Sentul East.

RMAF Museum Entrance

KL Kids Day Out : RMAF Museum Outdoor Gallery

We left the house near 2.30pm and though that the weather could be a bit hot for the kids, so we decided to go for a late lunch first at Kg Baru. I wanted to try Natrabu Nasi Padang since I read about it somewhere on a blog, but sadly, as I arrived at Jalan Raja Uda 1, the houses weren't really numbered and we couldn't find the place. I am assuming here that the place has since closed down. We detoured to Wong Solo also at Kg Baru and headed to KL Airbase at Sungai Besi straight afterwards (got a bit lost on the way). 

Air Force Museum KL : Outdoor Gallery - Kids can climb aboard this exhibit

We reached the museum, which was inside the airbase (you just have to inform the guard that you are visiting the Airforce Museum) at about 4.00pm and it was drizzling slightly. My 3 year old loved the outdoor gallery. The planes were big and there are more displays here than the ones at Singapore Airforce Museum. Kids can climb aboard some of the exhibits and play with the controls. Which of course, my kid didn't get to cos of the rain. 

That's a huge plane on display!

There are also more planes at the display hangar. We are not airplane enthusiasts, airforce personnel nor historians, so we don't really know the plane types, we were there just to entertain my kid and we are pleased that he is having fun.

Air Force Museum KL : Hangar Gallery

There is also an indoor gallery at the Airforce Museum, which depicts the history of Royal Malaysian Air Force, the pay scale (really?) their peacekeeping efforts at Sarajevo and Somalia, among others. My son didn't really enjoy the indoor gallery and wanted out fast. He prefers the indoor gallery at Singapore Air Force Museum.

If the weather had been better, I would say that we could have spent close to an hour at Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, but since it was raining, we spent about 30 mins there and then we headed out. I read on a website somewhere that there is a playground for kids there, but I didn't see any when we were there.  I suppose the Air Force Museum warrants a visit if you are an airplane enthusiast cos the plane collection looked really good even to a common man like me or if you are like us, staying in Kuala Lumpur and always on the look out for activities for the kids. But, if you are here on a holiday and thinking where to go with your kids in KL, this place probably won't be high on that list.

Air Force Museum KL - indoor gallery

The Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum is at RMAF Base KL, Old Airport Road (Simpang Airport) 50460 KL. Admission is free and it is opened weekdays (closed on Fridays) 9.00am - 5.00pm and weekends 9.30am - 5.00pm.

Map of RMAF Museum:


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simple Asian Recipe: Rice Vermicelli (Fried Bee Hoon)

Simple Asian Recipe - Fried Bee Hoon

Rice Vermicelli or bee hoon is widely used in asian cooking and the most simplest dish for rice vermicelli and commonly served in Singapore or Malaysia for breakfast, I would say is fried bee hoon. There are different variations for fried bee hoon, but I still like the simple white pepper fried bee hoon the best.

For myself, I have omitted the white pepper as I am serving this dish to my two young kids. It taste nice enough even without the white pepper.

Ingredients for fried bee hoon;

1/2 packet rice vermicelli - soaked in cold water for at least 30 mins
1/2 sliced medium sliced red onion - sauteed and set aside
7 cloves garlic - finely diced
broccoli florets - finely choped
carrots - sliced (in my case shaved so that my kids will eat it unknowingly)
fresh button mushrooms - sliced
squids - chopped
fresh prawns
1 tbsp fish oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
salt and white pepper to taste
water as needed

Instructions for fried bee hoon:

1. Heat up some vegetable oil (around 2- 3 tbsp) and add in the garlic till slightly golden or till fragrant.
 2. Add in the mushrooms, broccoli and carrots and some water so that it doesn't get too dry.
3. Add in the squids and prawns.
4. Add in fish oil and oyster sauce.
5. Salt, white pepper to taste.
6. Drain the rice vermicelli and add into the wok. Add in fresh water if necessary. Cook until the rice vermicelli is soft and not stringy.
7. Add in the sauteed onions.
8. Garnish with red chilies, omelette  and fresh parsley if you like.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chicken Rice Recipe / Resepi Nasi Ayam Singapore

My simple chicken rice :) 
Today, I decided to cook chicken rice since it's been a long time we last ate chicken rice at home. I wouldn't call this recipe hainanese chicken rice as my chicken and sambal are suited to my Malay taste, more like a rojak kind of chicken rice this is. Plus, I was too lazy to cook the chicken soup so I just made the chap chai (stir fried mixed vegetables) slightly soupy to compensate. This is also not a very healthy recipe as I used chicken cube not chicken stock. Feel free to substitute with chicken stock if you like it to be healthier. I'm writing this down as I seem to be forgetting my recipes whenever I don't cook the dishes often enough. So, this chicken rice recipe is for my reference only and I do not claim it to be the best chicken recipe ever, still it is easy to follow and will satisfy your chicken rice craving. 

My chicken rice recipe is as such:

350 gm basmathi rice (soaked for 30 mins - 1 hour beforehand)
1 medium sized onion - thinly sliced
4 cloves garlic - thinly chopped
1 stalk bruised lemongrass
1.5 inch bruised young ginger
1 Knorr's chicken cube  
sufficient water (ratio water to rice just add slightly more than 1 part water to 1 part rice to compensate for the other ingredients) 

You can just either: 

1.  Heat up the rice cooker, add in 2 tbsp butter and all the ingredients (except for rice and water) until slightly mellow, then put in rice and water, mix everything and let the rice cook,   OR 

2. Put all ingredients in the rice cooker (make sure you dissolve the chicken cube in warm water first so that it will be evenly mixed with the rice) and cook the rice.

Fried Chicken - Marinate!

Fried chicken - done!

Fried Chicken Recipe (yields 4):

Fried chicken marinade: 
4 cloves garlic
1.5 inch young ginger
1/2 tsp cumin seed powder (jintan putih)
1/2 tsp fennel seed powder (jintan manis)
1 tsp coriander powder (ketumbar)
enough sweet soya sauce to cover the chicken (about 120ml)
4 chicken parts

Cover and marinate for at least 30 mins and deep fry or oven bake till cooked. 

Chinese style - stir fry mixed vegetables (Chap Chai)

Chap Chai Recipe (Mixed Vegetable)

4 cloves garlic chopped
1 inch young ginger - bruised
1 chicken cube
young corn
fresh button mushrooms
3/4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp corn flour - mixed with cold water beforehand
some water as desired

Chap Chai Recipe Instructions:

Heat up saucepan with a bit of vegetable oil, stir in garlic and ginger, add in some water, break in the cube, add in the vegetables, carrots, mushrooms, young corn and lastly the broccoli. Add in sugar (you can use less if you think its too sweet cos you just want a hint of sugar) and add in the corn flour mixture 1/2 tbsp by 1/2 tbsp until desired consistency, remember that it will be thicker when the dish is cool so don't go too heavy on the corn flour mixture. 

Indonesian style chicken rice chili 

Chicken Rice Chili Paste Recipe:

My chili paste is more to Indonesian style and is definitely not the watery and vinegar-y hainanese chicken rice chili, if you would like the hainanese chicken rice chili recipe, maybe you can try

This chili paste recipe is gleaned from yet another Indonesian maid :p

2 tbsp oil
1 ripe tomato
5 fresh red chilies
1 small shallot
3 cloves garlic
some belacan (dried shrimp paste) as desired
3 tsp gula melaka (brown sugar)
some tamarind (about the size of a meatball dissolve in warm water first)
a pinch of salt

If you have the traditional grinder, it taste nicer if you pound the chilies, shallots and garlic, if not then blending will just have to suffice, make sure that it is still slightly coarse though and not too fine. Heat up the saucepan and add in the belacan till you can smell the aroma (pungent to some) of the shrimps (take care not to burn this), add in oil, garlic, shallots, chilies, mix in the tamarind and gula melaka, simmer until slightly dry and lastly, add in salt.

Montessori Pre-school at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Montessori Pre-school at Publika

While dining out at Publika, Solaris Dutamas one evening, we chanced upon San Lorenzo Montessori that runs pre-school programmes and enrichment programmes. We decided to come again another time in the morning to check out the Montessori pre-school for our kids. 

San Lorenzo Montessori opened very recently, I would say and the students are still small in numbers (about 8; when I enquired) the place is small if you compare with Lil Ones Montessori at Kiaramas but students-teacher ratio is better, the place is bright and cheerful and they claim to run a full Montessori and National Curriculum. I like their Montessori materials, reading materials (colorful interesting books with large fonts- not Peter and Jane)  and they have a cooking section for kids too (which I think my sons would love), another section for music (they have a small toy stand up piano for kids to just tinker about) and a small slide. I also like the fact snack are prepared in the pre-school itself and that they have a Jordanian teacher with them so that I can be assured that the food prepared is halal. The teachers that I met also clicked with my sons immediately and my sons were very occupied with the Montessori materials at the learning area while we sat in the principal's office discussing the programmes and fee structure. 

This pre-school's drawback  is the small school area should enrollment increase substantially, the very badly designed Publika's parking area and the fact that you have to pay parking fees every time you send and fetch your kids from pre-school.  

In the pre-school's brochure, it states that we can choose between the morning session (8.30am - 12.00pm) or afternoon session (2.00pm-5.30pm) which I thought was great as my kids are really late risers and I don't really want to go through the morning traffic when sending my kids to pre-school, but since San Lorenzo Montessori just opened, students numbers can't sustain double session as yet and you will be offered that option in future should enrollment increase. 

San Lorenzo Montessori Pre-school Programmes are as such:
1. Montessori Playgroup (18-30 months)
2. Nursery 1 & 2 ( 2.5 years - 4.5 years)
3. Kindergarten 1 & 2 (5 & 6 years)
4. After school programme
While Enrichment Programmes are as such:
1. Parent-toddler class "MonteTots" (18-30 months)
2. Montessori Phonics and Reading (3 - 12 years)
3. Montessori Maths (3 - 9 years)
4. Comprehension / Creative Writing (5-12 years)

Pre-school fee structure for 2012 :
1. Enrollment fee RM80
2. School Fee (no lunch) RM 3,300  per term ( 1 term is 3 months in their school calendar)
3. Refundable deposit RM500
4. Materials RM250 (2x a year)
5. Supplementary Fee RM200
6. Uniforms(x2) & name tage RM128
7. Insurance RM20

All in all, expect to pay around RM4,478 upon enrollment.

San Lorenzo Montessori is located at A2-01-09, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, No 1, Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. You can call them at 03-56338859 or 010-2318861.

San Lorenzo Montessori's website :

Map of Publika:

View Larger Map

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Kinderland Sri Hartamas

Corn Fritters Recipe / Resepi Emping Jagung

(sila skrol ke bawah untuk Bahasa Melayu)

If you have corn at home and are thinking what can you do with it other than making cream corn or steamed corn, you might want to try out this corn fritter recipe. This is an Indonesian-style corn fritter recipe that I tried out today as I miss one of my mum's previous maid's corn fritter which she will cook for us for breakfast. Unfortunately, this corn fritter recipe didn't turn out like hers but it is still nice. The previous maid's corn fritter was softer and she might have added other ingredients, while this recipe is firmer. The taste is definitely different from the fritters that we Malays are used to, you might find the change refreshing once in a while.

Corn Recipe : Corn Fritters Indonesian-Style

Ingredients for corn fritters are very simple (Yields 10) :
3 egg yolks
1 ear of corn
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp milk powder
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp red chilli powder

Cooking Instructions:
1. Beat the yolks, add in the corn, flour, milk powder and the rest of the ingredients. Mix well.
2. Drop the batter spoonful by spoonful in a deep fryer until golden brown.
3. Serve immediately.

Corn recipe - This was how much corn I used
Corn Recipe : The Corn Fritter batter before deep frying 

Ramuan untuk Emping Jagung Indonesia:
3 kuning telur
1 jagung
2 sdm tepung gandum
2 sdm susu tepung
secubit garam
1/4 sdt serbuk cili

Cara memasak emping jagung:
1. Pukul kuning telur, masukkan jagung, tepung, susu tepung dan ramuan yang lain. Gaul rata.
2. Goreng hingga ke-emasan.
3. Hidangkan semasa panas.

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Beef Noodle Recipe

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beef Noodle Recipe / Resepi Mee Daging

Beef Noodle Recipe / Mee Daging Simple
(For Malay, sila skrol ke bawah)

I was thinking what to cook this morning since the fridge is overflowing with groceries, decided to cook beef noodle but can't seem to recall hubby's recipe (beef noodle was his signature dish back when he was studying in Cairo) and googling for resepi mee kuah came out with ingredients that are not in my overflowing fridge :p

So, I decided to go with my instinct, don't really know what to call this dish so I'll just label it as beef noodle, taste a cross between mee bandung and spaghetti (probably because of the fresh tomatoes that I used) my 21 months old son likes it, so I'm keeping this recipe here for my future reference. You are welcome to post comments to let me know how to improve on it yeah?

Beef Noodle Recipe:

1 medium sized onion
3 cloves of garlic
2 medium sized ripe tomatoes
1/2 tsp of cumin powder (jintan putih)
1/2 tsp of fennel powder (jintan manis)
diced tapioca (about 1.5 inch in diameter and 2.5 inch long)
some thinly sliced carrots
200 gm stir fry beef strips (more if you like)
1 tbsp sweet soya sauce
3/4 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp tomato sauce
2 tbsp chilli sauce
some coarsely chopped baby corns
some water if it gets too dry

Beef Noodle Cooking Method:

1. Blend the onion, garlic and tomatoes.
2. Heat the frying pan and pour some oil (about 2-3 tbsp)
3. Pour in the blended mixture and add in the cumin powder, tapioca and carrots, allow to simmer.
4. Add in the beef until tender (at this point if you think the water is too low, you should add in a bit just to prevent the dish from being burnt)
5. Add in the tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce and oyster sauce
6. Lastly, add in the baby corn. Serve Immediately over your favorite pasta.

10 Jan 2014:

Yesterday, I tried again this recipe since I wanted to do something quick but I didn't have a few ingredients so I added in 2 tbsp of tomato puree, omit the tapioca and replaced it with diced potatoes instead, didn't use the baby corns and corn flour, added in 2 tbsp of sugar and a handful of finely chopped fresh coriander leaves and lots of water to simmer till the beef gets tender and also to get a soupy texture. Tasted great too :) 

Resepi Mee Daging Simple:

1 labu bawang
3 bawang putih
2 tomato ranum
1/2 sudu teh jintan manis
1/2 sudu teh jintan putih
ubi yang didadu (dalam 2.5 inci panjang, 1.5 inci diameter)
sedikit lobak merah yang dihiris ikut citarasa
200gm daging lembu "stir fry" dihiris memanjang
1 sdm kicap manis
3/4 sdm sos tiram
2 sdm sos cili
2 sdm sos tomato
sedikit jagung muda ikut citarasa
sedikit air

Cara memasak Mee Daging Simple:

1. Kisar bawang, bawang putih dan tomato.
2. Panaskan kuali dengan sedikit minyak dan tumis bahan kisar tadi.
3. Masukkan jintan, ubi dan lobak dan biarkan renih.
4. Masukkan daging sehingga empuk (tambahkan air sekiranya kuah menjadi terlalu kering)
5.  Masukkan cili sos, tomato sos, kicap dan sos tiram.
6. Akhir sekali, masukkan jagung muda. Hidangkan dengan mee kegemaran anda.

10 Jan 2014:

Semalam I cuba lagi resepi mee ni sebab nak kena masak something simple dan cepat tapi I bahan-bahan tak cukup jadi I tambah 2 sdm tomato puree, tak guna ubi tapi I guna kentang yg didadu kecil-kecil, I tak guna jagung muda dan tak guna tepung jagung. I tambahkan 2 sdm gula dan daun ketumbar satu genggam (dihiris halus) dan air banyak2 supaya daging lembut dan juga untuk mendapat kuah yang cair sikit. Not bad! :)  

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Holiday in Malaysia With Kids : Petrosains Suria KLCC

Holiday with Kids in KL - Petrosains Discovery Centre at Level 4 Suria KLCC

Whether you are in Kuala Lumpur on a holiday with kids in tow or you are living in Kuala Lumpur and looking for activities for kids in Kuala Lumpur to spend the weekend or your day off, one of Kuala Lumpur attractions for kids that you should not miss is Petrosains The Discovery Centre at Level 4 Suria KLCC.

KL with Kids - at Petrosains Discovery Centre

Holiday with Kids in KL - Discovering electricity at Petrosains Discovery Centre

We have been to KLCC many a times for shopping and dining and have even visited Aquaria KLCC three times during our 2 year stay here with our kids but have always give Petrosains, The Discovery Centre a miss (probably because of the huge crowd that's always around) but today since the weather was warm and sunny and it was too hot to play in the park, we decided to detour to KLCC and check out Petrosains. A quick google search for opening hours and admission information (since it's Chinese New Year today and we didn't know whether they would be open) reveals that they operate a time-ticketing system and it's best to call ahead to book the tickets to avoid disappointment. When I called in, they are only selling the 2.30pm tickets onwards and it's only 12.30pm. We thought that it would be a long wait but lunch with three boisterous boy and an exasperating trip to the toilet to change my 21 months old boy's soiled nappy proved otherwise. 

Holiday with Kids in KL - Busy at the Petroleum Platform

Holiday with Kids in KL - child at work alert!

I can rant on and on about how un-child friendly Suria KLCC's baby changing facilities are, I find it quite absurd that the parents room are only at the far end corner of the Suria KLCC Shopping Centre considering how big Suria KLCC shopping centre is and the other baby changing station at the centre of the mall is a premium toilet that charges RM2 per admission, not that I mind paying the RM2 if the facilities provided are top notch. I paid RM2 for a baby changing station that provides only 1 matress and a super small sink that is only big enough to rinse your hand and maybe a 3 months old baby's butt. It also didn't help that their toilets are not equipped with the normal water hose but rather a bidet that sometimes shoots water so weak you can't even clean yourself properly let alone a 21 months old boy who can't balance properly on a toilet bowl. 

Activities for Kids in KL - Energy Transfer

Activities for Kids in KL - Energy Transfer at Petrosains

Luckily, Petrosains Discovery Centre more than make up for the awful toilet experience at Suria KLCC and the day ended with a happy note. When we first arrived at Petrosains Discovery Centre, we thought the receptionist meant to say 2 hours maximum instead of 2 hours minimum in reply to our question about how long will it take us to explore the attraction. Only when you are inside will you know how huge the place is and how interactive it is (for an attraction that is situated in a shopping mall). My kids really enjoyed going through all the exhibits one by one and we practically had to drag them from one exhibit to the other. Just when we thought we had covered most of the attraction, we realized that we have only covered 50% of the attraction and we've been in Petrosains Discovery Centre for slightly over two hours! huhu..We had to rush the kids through the remaining last leg of the attraction as we have to perform our Asr and meet my parents for dinner at Kg Baru. If you have kids aged 2 years and above and are wondering where can you go to keep your kids occupied, Petrosains Discovery Centre is the place to head to when it's raining or the sun is just too hot. If let be, the kids can spend almost half a day there happily I think. These are just some of the pictures that I took there, they represent just a small scale of the numerous hands on activities for the kids at the attraction. You need to go to Petrosains Discovery Centre yourself to see all that it has to offer. I would say that the exhibits here are in better condition than KL National Science Centre

A popular exhibit, the digger- this one is out of service

Kids do not want to give up this one easily!

KL with kids - Experimenting with the gears

Holiday in KL with kids at Petrosains Discovery Centre

KL Kids activities - time for some ball! at Petrosains Discovery Centre

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kindergarten Kuala Lumpur - Kinderland in Sri Hartamas

My Photo

While searching for a kindergarten for our 4 year old son this year, we decided to look at Kinderland Sri Hartamas at 18-1 Jalan 27/70A Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur. The place is easy enough to find but  it is located on the second floor of a row of shophouses with an open space parking lot nearby.  

The kindergarten principal was out when we where there and the teacher that spoke to us was young lady; Teacher Maggie, we were actually more interested in looking at the Kindergarten's facilities and the programmes offered but the teacher can't seem to explain to us well enough and just pass us the fee structure. Walking about the area, I can see 2 classrooms and a lot of arts and crafts materials, musical instruments and there are some kids tricycle / flying turtle, a small slide and a small pool half filled with balls. A small tank housed a very small live turtle while the tank next to it is empty.I would say that the teachers looked kind and treated the kids well and the kids looked happy. Although I find the place a bit dark. Food is also prepared by a Cambodian helper so I am not too keen on that. 

Kinderland Program's Core Curriculum is:

1) Integrated Language Arts Program

2) Math Alive Program

3) Science Discovery Program

4) Activity-based Language Studies Program

They also have a physical curriculum though how and where this is executed in Kinderland Sri Hartamas was not explained to me by teacher Maggie

Kinderland takes in children from 1 1/2 years old to 6 1/2 years old.

Fees structure for 2012 is as such:

Term fee (3 months):
 RM1770 (8.30am - 12.30pm) 
RM2250 (8.30am - 3.30pm with extra language class) and 
RM2700 (8.30am-6.30pm with arts and craft, hip hop, mandarin & extra class)

Other fees such as registration, deposit, materials and uniforms apply too. Fees seems reasonable, curriculum looks good on paper but sadly wasn't explained to us convincingly/ effectively by the teacher and since the teacher can't do it, I just wasn't convinced that the execution will be good. So, we are not considering Kinderland for our kid's kindergarten at the moment. Oh well, the search for a good pre-school in Kuala Lumpur goes on then.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Thai Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur : Golden Triangle Restaurant

Thinking of where to eat in Kuala Lumpur? With nice restaurants all over Kuala Lumpur, you are spoilt for choice. Though sometimes food vary from down right disappointing, mediocre to absolutely fantastic. 

Best Thai Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur - Golden Triangle in Mont Kiara

One of the best fine dining Thai restaurant in Kuala Lumpur in my opinion is Golden Triangle Restaurant in Mont Kiara that serves halal IndoChine cuisine. I am not too sure whether you can consider this as fine dining but the decor of the Thai restaurant is beautiful with grand wooden tables and chairs and decorative sheer curtains in the indoor dining area while the alfresco area is more relaxed. Price is on the high side though the food compensates for it. We like to eat outside since our kids love looking at the elephants that just seem to pop out of the mural and playing hide and seek with the kids behind the potted plants. At least we can enjoy the food in peace while the kids entertain themselves with the elephants. So far, we like the food served at this Thai restaurant better than Tamarind Springs at 1 Taman TAR and Busaba Thai Restaurant at Bangsar. 

Our absolute must have at this restaurant is their Dry Red Curry Fish preferably with Seabass or Grouper  as we find the red lion not as nice as the other two type of fish. Hubby usually dislike eating curry with rice but this dish is an exception. Crispy fried fish topped with creamy thick red curry with just a hint of spiciness. Great when enjoyed while it is still hot. Taste so nice you can even eat it on its own. 

Thai Food in Kuala Lumpur - Dry Red Curry Fish 

The Thai sambal prawn is also recommended. Though the prawns are not really that huge but the sambal  (chilli paste) is sweet, spicy with a touch of tamarind. I am not really a fan of their soft shell crab here as I like Thai Express' soft shell crab better. 

This time around we tried their squid in spicy Thai sauce which was finger lickingly delicious. The sauce was sweet and  not spicy at all in my own opinion. The squids were juicy and not stringy too. 

Thai Food in Kuala Lumpur - Squids in Spicy Thai Sauce

We always ask for clear vegetable tom yum here for the kids to eat and they always accommodate even though the vegetable tom yum is not in the menu. Tom yum is delightfully tangy from the lemongrass and  kaffir lime leaves and juices. 

Thai Food in Kuala Lumpur - Clear Vegetable Tom Yum

For the drinks, I like their Avocado Smoothie though its ice-blended and it's advisable to let the drink run a bit before attempting to drink it else you will get brain freeze. Hubby tried orange juice the other day but I kind of remember tasting a bit of pineapple juice in it. Nonetheless the orange juice was fine. 

Thai Restaurant in Mont Kiara - Orange Juice and Avocado Smoothie

When eating out in this restaurant in Mont Kiara, be prepared to satisfy your tummy and hurt your wallet.

Golden Triangle opens from 11.00 am - 11.00 pm and is located at Lot J-G-01 & 02 SOHO KL, Solaris Mont Kiara, No 2 Jalan Solaris, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. This is their only branch in KL and the other two outlets are in Penang (Auto-City and Queensbay Mall). 

(Note to reader: The Mont Kiara branch has since closed down)