Thursday, January 12, 2012

Asia Cuisine : Nasi Padang Kg Baru

Rice, the staple of Asian Cuisine. I can't get by a day without eating rice, ok that maybe exaggerating it a bit, maybe 2 days..and my favorite meal for lunch is none other than Nasi Padang. Yummy, nothing beats eating rice with your choice of spicy side dishes to fill your grumbling tummy at noon. So, we decided to google search for famous nearby nasi padang. The prompt came up as Nasi Padang Kg Baru and I hit the enter  button. A few reviews gave the thumbs up and we decided to head for it at intersection of Jalan Raja Muda 5 and 6. 

Hubby's selection at Nasi Padang Kg Baru

Wifey's selection at Nasi Padang Kg Baru

Parking is a headache here. We parked at the side of a very small road besides an empty housing lot. Place is also beside a roadside, my second son couldn't stop picking off the sponge of the torn chair cover (which entertained him enough to let the father eat) and my first son (spoilt and picky of eating places) was cranky and wanted to be carried all the time. (He calmed down in the end when the owner's small daughter came by and played with him).

Nasi Padang Kg Baru @ Intersection of Jalan Raja Muda 5 & 6

Dishes selection is better than Garuda Nasi Padang but of course can not be compared to Sari Ratu Nasi Padang. But, for the price and location, Nasi Padang Kg Baru serves tummy filling delicious food in my opinion. Tasted like home cooked Nasi Padang, it won't leave me craving for more but it is satisfying and better than average, will choose this place over Garuda Nasi Padang any day hands down. 

Hubby and wifey chose almost the same dishes, though mine is less than his. He chose ayam goreng balado (fried chicken with chilli flakes) and I choose ayam bakar lemak (I think - grilled chicken with coconut milk). we both took the rendang which was tender, with a hint of creamy coconut milk and spicy.  I took the chicken gravy too, creamy and spicy like a true blue Nasi Padang dish. 

Drinks were teh tarik -as usual- for me and avocado juice for hubby. Average tasting, nothing outstanding.

Nasi Padang Kg Baru's Overflowing cup of teh tarik

Nasi Padang Kg Baru's Avodao Juice

On our way back, we passed by another Nasi Padang Kg Baru outlet besides Ramly Halal Mart at 132A Wisma Akar, Jln Raja Abdullah, Kg Baru. We enquired within whether they are the same as the one at Jalan Raja Muda 5 & 6 and they said yes. Dishes offered also looks the same. Though I think the other outlet is more popular as some of their dishes had finished. Nonetheless, we will come over this place next time we are going to Nasi Padang Kg Baru as this branch is bigger and is located in a shop house and there is no danger of my kids running out to the main road.   

Nasi Padang Kg Baru's branch @ Jln Raja Abdullah