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Montessori Pre-school at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Montessori Pre-school at Publika

While dining out at Publika, Solaris Dutamas one evening, we chanced upon San Lorenzo Montessori that runs pre-school programmes and enrichment programmes. We decided to come again another time in the morning to check out the Montessori pre-school for our kids. 

San Lorenzo Montessori opened very recently, I would say and the students are still small in numbers (about 8; when I enquired) the place is small if you compare with Lil Ones Montessori at Kiaramas but students-teacher ratio is better, the place is bright and cheerful and they claim to run a full Montessori and National Curriculum. I like their Montessori materials, reading materials (colorful interesting books with large fonts- not Peter and Jane)  and they have a cooking section for kids too (which I think my sons would love), another section for music (they have a small toy stand up piano for kids to just tinker about) and a small slide. I also like the fact snack are prepared in the pre-school itself and that they have a Jordanian teacher with them so that I can be assured that the food prepared is halal. The teachers that I met also clicked with my sons immediately and my sons were very occupied with the Montessori materials at the learning area while we sat in the principal's office discussing the programmes and fee structure. 

This pre-school's drawback  is the small school area should enrollment increase substantially, the very badly designed Publika's parking area and the fact that you have to pay parking fees every time you send and fetch your kids from pre-school.  

In the pre-school's brochure, it states that we can choose between the morning session (8.30am - 12.00pm) or afternoon session (2.00pm-5.30pm) which I thought was great as my kids are really late risers and I don't really want to go through the morning traffic when sending my kids to pre-school, but since San Lorenzo Montessori just opened, students numbers can't sustain double session as yet and you will be offered that option in future should enrollment increase. 

San Lorenzo Montessori Pre-school Programmes are as such:
1. Montessori Playgroup (18-30 months)
2. Nursery 1 & 2 ( 2.5 years - 4.5 years)
3. Kindergarten 1 & 2 (5 & 6 years)
4. After school programme
While Enrichment Programmes are as such:
1. Parent-toddler class "MonteTots" (18-30 months)
2. Montessori Phonics and Reading (3 - 12 years)
3. Montessori Maths (3 - 9 years)
4. Comprehension / Creative Writing (5-12 years)

Pre-school fee structure for 2012 :
1. Enrollment fee RM80
2. School Fee (no lunch) RM 3,300  per term ( 1 term is 3 months in their school calendar)
3. Refundable deposit RM500
4. Materials RM250 (2x a year)
5. Supplementary Fee RM200
6. Uniforms(x2) & name tage RM128
7. Insurance RM20

All in all, expect to pay around RM4,478 upon enrollment.

San Lorenzo Montessori is located at A2-01-09, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, No 1, Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. You can call them at 03-56338859 or 010-2318861.

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