Monday, January 30, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Kids Activities : Airforce Museum

Kuala Lumpur Kids Day Out : RMAF Museum 

The weekend is here, and the kids need to go out. Where to go in Kuala Lumpur to entertain the kids then?  for this weekend activity, we decided to bring the kids to the Royal Malaysian Airforce Museum (Muzium Tentera Udara Malaysia) at KL Airbase, Sungai Besi which is about 15 mins drive from our place at Sentul East.

RMAF Museum Entrance

KL Kids Day Out : RMAF Museum Outdoor Gallery

We left the house near 2.30pm and though that the weather could be a bit hot for the kids, so we decided to go for a late lunch first at Kg Baru. I wanted to try Natrabu Nasi Padang since I read about it somewhere on a blog, but sadly, as I arrived at Jalan Raja Uda 1, the houses weren't really numbered and we couldn't find the place. I am assuming here that the place has since closed down. We detoured to Wong Solo also at Kg Baru and headed to KL Airbase at Sungai Besi straight afterwards (got a bit lost on the way). 

Air Force Museum KL : Outdoor Gallery - Kids can climb aboard this exhibit

We reached the museum, which was inside the airbase (you just have to inform the guard that you are visiting the Airforce Museum) at about 4.00pm and it was drizzling slightly. My 3 year old loved the outdoor gallery. The planes were big and there are more displays here than the ones at Singapore Airforce Museum. Kids can climb aboard some of the exhibits and play with the controls. Which of course, my kid didn't get to cos of the rain. 

That's a huge plane on display!

There are also more planes at the display hangar. We are not airplane enthusiasts, airforce personnel nor historians, so we don't really know the plane types, we were there just to entertain my kid and we are pleased that he is having fun.

Air Force Museum KL : Hangar Gallery

There is also an indoor gallery at the Airforce Museum, which depicts the history of Royal Malaysian Air Force, the pay scale (really?) their peacekeeping efforts at Sarajevo and Somalia, among others. My son didn't really enjoy the indoor gallery and wanted out fast. He prefers the indoor gallery at Singapore Air Force Museum.

If the weather had been better, I would say that we could have spent close to an hour at Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, but since it was raining, we spent about 30 mins there and then we headed out. I read on a website somewhere that there is a playground for kids there, but I didn't see any when we were there.  I suppose the Air Force Museum warrants a visit if you are an airplane enthusiast cos the plane collection looked really good even to a common man like me or if you are like us, staying in Kuala Lumpur and always on the look out for activities for the kids. But, if you are here on a holiday and thinking where to go with your kids in KL, this place probably won't be high on that list.

Air Force Museum KL - indoor gallery

The Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum is at RMAF Base KL, Old Airport Road (Simpang Airport) 50460 KL. Admission is free and it is opened weekdays (closed on Fridays) 9.00am - 5.00pm and weekends 9.30am - 5.00pm.

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