Wednesday, January 4, 2012

KL Kids Playground @ Lake Gardens

The Dinosaur Playground - no shade!
Yesterday, we ventured to Lake Gardens to check out a dinosaur-themed playground there as my 20 months old is now in a phase where he pretends to be a dinosaur all the time, stomping and roaring like Elmo and friends in the "Dinosaurs" episode of Elmo's World and my 3 year old is learning the names of different types of dinosaurs mainly influenced by the program "Dinosaur Train" by PBS Kids. 


I think that's a stegosaurus at the front and T-rex at the back
We've been to Lake Gardens a few times before this. We've visited the Islamic Arts Museum (though it's really difficult to explore the museum and absorb all the information when you are running after two small kids most of the time), the bird park (small park but entertaining enough for a quick stop) planetarium and the deer park (as I was looking for free activities with kids during the weekends, but it was quite disappointing, it was not properly maintained, we got out after 20 mins and that's because it was quite a bit of a walk back not because there's a lot of things to see or do). But, this was the first time that we went  to the park area and I thought we will get to see the lake.  

Lake Gardens - part of the lake that you will see near the playground, wonderful picnic place if  weather is nice.

The children's playground is near Jalan Bunga-bunga and it's really huge. The dinosaurs though are mostly small dinosaurs statues, a small dinosaur playground and some dinosaur-shaped plants that probably need better maintaining. Had we come at a different time when the sun is not scorching my kids would probably had a blast running around the huge compound and exploring the garden. But we went there at 2.15pm (big mistake) and my sun-shy 3 year old son didn't enjoy it at all. The sporty younger brother though was exploring his heart out. We stayed away from the "Dinosaur Park" as there is absolutely no shade there and went to the "Fantasy Planet" play area instead. The hot weather didn't seem to bother the other kids though but all parents took cover at whatever shelter available (which is not much by the way)

Lake Gardens Playground - Fantasy Planet Play Area

Lake Gardens Playground - A shoe

Lake Gardens Playground - the place with the most shade is this bridge

The Perdana Lake runs through the botanical garden but just a small part of it, the bigger part of the lake is further up judging from the map at the botanical garden but I'm not sure how to get there and wasn't interested to get there too in that weather. Maybe next visit we will explore Lake Gardens further at 4.30pm onwards. 

KL Kids Play - this swing looks fun

KL kids: the younger bro is having a blast while the elder bro is hiding from the sun

Look at me Mummy! Look at his red face!

Next to the playground area, there is a small fountain and also a landscaped area that are great for taking pictures and my kids to run but again only my 20 months old was willing to explore the place with me while my 3 year old son admired the dinosaur-shaped plants with his dad under some shade.  In the end, we only spent less than 1 hour there as weather was not permitting. It would be much better if the playground has more shelter incorporated in the design and some drink kiosk made available near the playground especially in a hot country like Kuala Lumpur . Both kids came out of the playground as red as lobsters luckily they did not get sun burnt as I forgot to slap some sunscreen on them. Oh well, it was an ok visit at least though frankly, I still prefer Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for a good weekend activity with the kids. 

Taman Tasik Perdana - The Fountain

Taman Tasik Perdana - my first son would love running around here if it wasn't so hot.

Ah...shade at last.. temporary respite from the blazing sun
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