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Resepi Labu Masak Lemak @ Malay Recipe : Pumpkin in Coconut Gravy

malay cuisine recipes
Malay Recipe: Pumpkin in Coconut Gravy

(Untuk Bahasa Melayu, sila skrol ke bawah)

This is another old-timers' favorite dish "Labu Masak Lemak" roughly transalated as pumpkin in coconut gravy. Sometimes people will add some green vegetables in such as "turi", "pucuk ubi" "cekur manis" but my mother-in-law seems to like it with just pumpkin. This dish is best eaten with white steamed rice with another side dish of fried fish with chili. Yummy!

Ingredients for Pumpkin in Coconut Gravy:

1. 1 clove garlic
2. 1 small red onion
3. 1 tsp black pepper powder
4. 1 tsp turmeric powder
5. a bit of belacan (about half inch or slightly less) (belacan is shrimp paste)
6. 1 tbsp dried shrimps (wash and soak for 3-5 minutes in water)
7. 1 tbsp dried anchovies(wash and soak for 3-5 minutes in water)
8. 1/2 pumpkin - cut in cubes
9. 1/2 turmeric leaf
10. some coconut milk (my MIL took about 2 handful of grated coconut, add in some warm water and blend it, then she took out a sieve and sieve the milk from the grated coconut, should also squeeze it to get more milk out).
11. Salt to taste

How to cook the Pumpkin in Coconut Gravy:

1. Blend the garlic, onion, belacan, dried shrimps and dried anchovies.
2. Heat up the pot and add in the pumpkin, blended ingredients, black pepper powder and turmeric powder and just a bit of water (maybe half a bowl) and let the pot boil.
3. Add in the coconut milk, turmeric leaf and salt and turn off heat when the pot has boiled. 

It's that simple :)

resepi lemak
Resepi Labu Masak Lemak Ibu Mertuaku :)

Malay Version:

Resepi Labu Masak Lemak:

Labu masak lemak adalah lagi satu hidangan yang amat diminati golongan senior, ada sesetengah orang yang masak lemak labu dengan "turi", "pucuk ubi" atau "cekur manis" tapi ibu mertuaku lebih suka lauk ini dengn labu sahaja. Lauk labu masak lemak ni memang sedap dimakan dengan nasi putih dan ikan goreng sambal cili. Waaahh.. sungguh shiok!

Bahan-bahan untuk labu masak lemak:

1. 1 bawang putih
2. 1 bji bawang besar (yang kecik je)
3. 1 sdt serbuk lada hitam
4. 1 sdt serbuk kunyit
5. sedikit belacan (dalam 1/2 inci)
6. 1 sdm udang kering (cuci dan rendam 3-5 minit di dalam air)
7. 1 sdm ikan bilis(cuci dan rendam 3-5 minit di dalam air)
8. 1/2 labu dipotong dadu.
9. 1/2 daun kunyit
10. sedikit santan (Ibu mertuaku mengambil dalam 2 genggam kelapa parut, dicampur sedikit air suam, kisarkan, kemudian dia ambil penapis dan tapis santan dari kelapa parut tu, sambil memerah kelapa parut tadi untuk mengeluarkan lebih santan) 
11. garam ikut citarasa

Cara-cara memasak labu masak lemak:

1. Kisar bawang putih, bawang besar, belacan, udang kering dan ikan bilis.
2. Panaskan periuk dan masukkan labu, bahan kisar, serbuk lada hitam, serbuk kunyit dan sedikit air (dalam 1/2 mangkuk) biarkan didih.
3. Tambahkan santan, daun kunyit dan garam. Matikan api apabila telah mendidih.

Sungguh simple :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Resepi Tahu Dan Sambal Pecel (Malay Recipe: Extra Firm Tofu With Spicy Peanut Sauce)

(Untuk Bahasa Melayu, Sila Skrol ke Bawah)

resepi sambal pecel
Malay Recipe : Tahu & Sambal Pecel

My mother in law is visiting again, so this sets off another round of learning to cook Malay dishes the traditional way  :) Yesterday, MIL was in the mood for extra firm tofu so she went about preparing the simple dish while I helped (a bit, here and there :p )

This recipe for extra firm tofu is enough for 1 big eater of 2 small eaters only though the peanut sauce yields quite a lot, almost one bowl.

Extra firm tofu recipe:

1.  2 - 3 exra firm tofu
2. some cucumber (maybe just 2 inch)
3. some bean sprouts

For the tofu:

1. Wash the tofu, then sprinkle with salt and fry till golden. Dab away any excess oil and then cut into 6 squares each like photo.

Extra firm tofu - cut into 6 cubes each

2. Sliced the cucumber thinly (like photo)

Sliced cucumber

3. Blanched the beansprout.

4. Arrange everything like photo.

resepi tahu
That is extra firm tofu as base, then blanched bean sprouts and topped with sliced cucumbers

Spicy Peanut Sauce Recipe:

1. 10 stalks of dried chilies - fry with a bit of oil on a pan for maybe 3-5 minutes
2. a bit of belachan (maybe about 1/2 inch)
3. peanuts about half bowl or slightly less ( fry in a bit of oil on a pan till cooked)

bagaimana membuat pecel
this is the normal bowl, with dried chillies, belachan and peanuts, that's the quantity we used

4. about 2 tbsp tamarind mixed with water (just use the juice and throw away the seeds)

this was the quantity of tamarind juice used 

5. sugar as desired ( MIL put in about 3 tbsp)
6. salt if needed.
7. water as needed

How to make the spicy peanut sauce recipe? 

1. Pound the peanuts on the mortar until desired consistency (not too fine with some small crunchy bits are perfect)
2. Blend the rest of the ingredients and then mix in the peanut. Add in warm water if sauce is too thick.

OR do it my lazy way.. blend everything together! Of course then the texture is different and you won't get the peanuts with crunchy bits..but hey.. works good enough for me :)

Versi Bahasa Melayu:

Resepi Tahu dan Sambal Pecel

Ibu mertua saya mengunjung lagi :) Oleh itu tiba masanya untuk saya mempelajari masakan tradisional daripada ibu mertua saya. Semalam, dia ingin memakan tahu dan sambal pecel. Lalu, dia mula memasak dan saya menolong di sisinya.

Resepi tahu ini hanya cukup untuk satu orang yang besar seleranya atau dua orang yang tidak begitu pemakan :) Namun sos pecelnya agak muai, hampir penuh semangkuk.

Resepi Tahu:

1.  2 - 3 tahu (yang biasa bukan yang lembut)
2. sedikit timun (mungkin dalam 2-3 inci)
3. sedikit taugeh

Untuk Tahu:

1. Basuh bersih tahu dan lumurkan sedikit garam, kemudian goreng hingga keemasan. Toskan dan potong menjadi 6 kiub kecil setiap satu seperti di dalam gambar.

Tahu digoreng dan dipotong enam.

2. Hiris timun seperti di dalam gambar

hirisan timun

3. Tuangkan air panas ke atas taugeh kemudian toskan.

4. Hiaskan tahu seperti di dalam gambar.

resepi tahu
Inilah tahu goreng, di atasnya taugeh kemudian hirisan timun. 

Resepi Sambal Pecel:

1. 10 batang lada kering, digoreng dengan sedikit minyak mungkin 3-5 minit.
2. sedikit belachan (dalam 1/2 inci)
3. kacang tanah aggaran separuh atau kurang sedikit dari separuh mangkuk, goreng dengan sedikit minyak dan toskan

bagaimana membuat pecel
ini mangkuk yang diguna, di dalamnya cili kering, belacan dan kacang tanah

4. anggaran 2 sudu makan asam jawa, dicampur dengan air dan dibuang bijinya.

anggaran air asam jawa yang kami gunakan 

5. gula ikut rasa (ibu mertua menggunakan dalam 3 sudu makan)
6. garam jika perlu
7. air ikut keperluan

Bagaimana membuat sambal pecel?

1. Tumbuk kacang jangan terlalu halus, biar ada yang kecil-kecil garing digigit.
2. Kisar bahan-bahan yang lain, tambahkan air masak jika terlalu kering, kemudian campurkan kacang tadi.

ATAU buat cara saya.. kisar semua sekali! Lagi senang dan cepat. Memang konsistensi akan jadi lain, mungkin terlalu halus tapi.. senang dan cepat! haha..kalau tak cerewet.. bolehlah tu :)


Tahu dan Sambal Pecel.. yum yum..

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kids Play @ Vivo City Shopping Mall Singapore

kids play singapore
Kids Play Singapore @ Vivo City L2

Finally, after 5 years of being a mother.. I set foot at Vivo City's play area at level 2 for the second time. The last time I went was when my first born was slightly less than 1 year old. We weren't very impressed with it the first time.. kind of like disappointed since Vivo is a bit far off and crowded and there were just sprinklers and some weird figures that my toddler couldn't play with. We actually thought that we were at the wrong place. After that, we didn't venture to Vivo anymore. 

vivo city kids
Kids Play Singapore @ Vivo City L2

This time around, we headed to Vivo City since we were at Bugis and we wanted to go to Toys R Us, went to Suntec City just to be disappointed that Toys R Us is closed -among other areas in Suntec-  as Suntec City is undergoing phased renovations. So, we tried Vivo City. 

kids play area near sentosa
Kids Play Singapore @ Vivo City L2 

We parked at Tower A at Vivo City to get the lift that is next to Toys R Us, went straight to Level 2 and my goodness the kids went crazy over the sheer size of the Toys R Us and the range of toys available there. Yes, after 4 years of staying in Kuala Lumpur, I have come to realize that not all Toys R Us are created equal :p Toys R Us Singapore wins hands down any time over Toys R Us Malaysia. 

singapore kids activities
Kids Play Singapore @ Vivo City L2

After Toys R Us, we headed to Burger King for lunch and while the kids were eating, I went to check out the play area which is just outside Burger King. I was pleasantly surprised that the play area at Vivo City has improved. The weird figures are still there, but they have also added in some swing structures, a small tunnel for crawling, an artifical grass over a cement mount that can act as a slide or a mini hill, and also some kiddy ride (that you have to pay for). Around the play area there are also a few kids shops that has activities for kids such as sand art and a kids lounge (all with a fee). For muslims, halal food options near the play area are Long John Silver's, Burger King and Secret Recipe. 

free playgrounds in singapore
Kids Play Singapore @ Vivo City L2: the weird figures

One level up is a wading pool ,but I didn't go up to check, try checking out other blogs. I kind of remember reading about other kids going into the wading pool but please check the details again whether it is permitted or otherwise. To me, the wading pool didn't really look very interesting. 

malls with playgrounds singapore
Kids Play Singapore @ Vivo City L2 : so this is how you play with it..

Don't worry about your child getting wet (just bring a towel and a change of clothes) as there are ample baby room provided. 

Now, that we now where to park to get easy access to the play area, we might just go to Vivo City more often with the kids :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah: Thomas & Barney at Ikano Power Centre

june holidays 2013 kids activities kl
Kuala Lumpur Kids June Holidays Event at Ikano Power Centre 

On one of our frequent trips to Ikano Power Centre, we saw that Ikano's holiday activities for June 2013 is Thomas Holiday Adventure. Basically, it's a screening of Thomas videos on a large screen, some coloring sessions, tunnel play (thomas tracks laid down on a table but no trains provided) face painting and movie screening Blue Mountain Mystery at e-curve (you got to check again the last detail) The rest are scheduled as per below picture:

kids mall school holiday events
Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah: Thomas & Friends at Ikano

The Thomas and Barney inflatables are of course by redemption whereby you have to spend a certain amount at Toys R Us to redeem two times play at the inflatables. 

school holiday activities for children june 2013
Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah : Thomas and Friends at Ikano

My kids were only interested in the tracks but then kept asking where are the trains. I really had no plans whatsoever of buying some on the spot since they don't really play with Thomas and Friends that much. My 5 year old still don't favor inflatables so we walked out after 20 minutes at the train tracks. 

kuala lumpur kids activities June 2013
Kuala Lumpur June Holidays Event : Thomas and Friends at Ikano (near Ikea)

If your kids love Thomas, then I am sure they will love the Thomas Holiday Adventure at Ikano Power Centre. Just be prepared to part with your money. As for myself.. I wish that Thomas and Friends can do appearance, games and train rides like Chuggington (which so far we only experienced in Singapore during holidays) Maybe in the future :)

aktiviti cuti sekolah
KL Kids June Holiday Events: Thomas & Barney inflatables at Ikano

Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah: Funimal ZOOliday @ Festival City

aktiviti cuti sekolah festival city
KL kids June school holidays activity: Funimal ZOOliday at Festival City

Last Saturday, out of the blue hubby offered to bring us to Festival City (for the first time ever). I have always wanted to check Festival City out since it's quite near Sentul but hubby usually will decline since he thinks the crowd would be bad as Festival City is right smack in the middle of Setapak, Wangsa Maju and Gombak -all high density areas- and hubby really dislike spending his weekend in a crowded place. So, it was with a dancing heart I accepted his offer :)

While going around Festival City, we chanced upon a holiday event by Zoo Negara named "Funimal Zooliday". Basically, it's an outreach program by Zoo Negara time to coincide with the June school holidays in Kuala Lumpur. 

june school holiday events kuala lumpur
Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah di Festival City

Nothing much except for Zoo Negara souvenirs, a face painting booth and some stuffed animal exhibits with some bites of information regarding the animals. There are also some activities but these have specific time slots, maybe you can time your visit to coincide with the timings. 

holiday activities for kids in kl
He wanted me to take his picture but then refuses to stay still :)

My kids being animal fanatics, loved it and refused to go out even after going through the small area 3 times and back. Maybe, its like a consolation to them for not being able to go to the real Zoo Negara :) well at least it's air-conditioned and we don't have to walk much haha.. 

holiday in kl june 2013
Can you spot the puma? It's so black , it' blends in with the carpet ..

They also loved Festival City because of the cheap toy shop that sells the China toys at the second floor opposite Little House (kids clothes boutique). Of course, since we spend such a long time there, I didn't tell them about a small indoor play area just beside Parkson at the second floor too. Maybe next time :) 

For those interested in the Zoo Negara kids holiday activities at Festival City, below are the details: 

kl kids holiday activities in malls
KL kids holiday activity: Funimal Zooliday at Festival City 

Just in case you can't see the details clearly