Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Halal Peranakan Restaurant @ Joo Chiat - Casa Bom Vento

halal nyonya food singapore
Halal Peranakan Restaurant : Casa Bom Vento - Joo Chiat

I have been wanting to try out the halal peranakan restaurant at Joo Chiat Road since forever but didn't get the chance until last May when I had to travel back to Singapore every week. Sadly, I couldn't write a review about it until now and I think I should really stop taking too long writing reviews cos by then I could not recall the names of the dishes that I tried!

So, I am so sorry that this review will not be much other than food photos and the fact that the food at Casa Bom Vento is indeed delicious!

I came down on a Saturday around 1.30pm with hubby and I initially thought that the restaurant would be somewhere further up a bit from the Hajjah Maimunah Restaurant stretch, so we braved the super slow traffic hoping that we would see the restaurant soon :p Alas the restaurant is actually nearer to 112 Katong (the T-Junction there) than to Joo Chiat Complex! Aside from slow traffic because of traffic lights, parking space is also very difficult to get, so hubby dropped me off at the restaurant to order and he parked at 112 Katong (less than 5 minutes walk)

I went into Casa Bom Vento by myself, the restaurant is quite small, though I am not sure if they have more seating areas upstairs. The menu is also quite limited. I started to worry that hubby would not be pleased. All dishes are accompanied with pictures in the menu, so pardon me, I don't remember the dishes names but maybe you can compare my pictures with the pictures in the menu :p

I had initially wanted to order fish but didn't think that I would like black pepper sting ray, so I opted for prawns instead. I thought of ordering 1 prawn dish, 1 chicken dish and 1 beef dish and I just asked the waitress what is nice. 

These were what we had:

halal casa bom vento joo chiat
Halal Peranakan Restaurant Singapore : Casa Bom Vento; Joo Chiat

This is beef (or is it mutton?) hmm.. can't recall but this was my favorite dish on that day, tender oh so tender meat in a stew that is sweet but not over powering.

halal food blog singapore nyonya food
Halal Peranakan Restaurant in Singapore - Casa Bom Vento; Joo Chiat

My second favorite dish was the prawns. Its the first time I eat prawns cooked this way, the prawns were juicy and lightly paired with mild coconut gravy. Finger licking!

halal restaurants singapore food blog
Halal Peranakan Restaurant Singapore - Casa Bom Vento @ Joo Chiat Road

This dish is mainly for the husband, something like ayam masak lemak but stronger spices and less coconut milk, doesn't taste like curry though it looked like curry. Overall an ok dish but I still prefer the beef haha.

nyonya food in singapore
Halal Peranakan Restaurant in Singapore - Casa Bom Vento @ Joo Chiat Road

A vegetable dish that we will always order when dining in a nyonya / peranakan restaurant is the brinjals. This dish was simple and light but well executed.

singapore best halal cendol
Halal Cendol in Singapore @ Casa Bom Vento; Joo Chiat Road

This is as usual hubby's order, I didn't really eat much of this since my tummy was super full by then. No complaints about the cendol either. 

Overall dining here was a pleasant experience and the food didn't disappoint. It was a different experience from our normal eats but still enjoyable, would definitely be back some other time :)

Map of Casa Bom Vento:

Call them @ (+65) 6440 0196

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Resepi Kroket Kentang & Daging

kentang recipes
Idea berbuka puasa: Kroket Kentang & Daging

Minggu lepas saya berbuka puasa di rumah mak, kemudian esoknya mak tanya nak masak apa untuk berbuka? Sambil belek-belek majalah nampak resepi kroket kentang klasik, saya pun cadangkan kepada mak saya "Apa kata mak cuba resepi ni? Nampak macam selera, budak-budak pun boleh makan" Mak pun ok jer.. sekali lepas beberapa jam di dapur, mak naik ke bilik, muka boring jer.. resepi tak jadi, kentang lembik sangat.. kita yang tak puasa ni dengan selamba cuba lah rasa.. rupa memang takde tapi rasa Ya Allah sedap sangat haha! 

Jadi, balik KL malam Ahad, hari ni kita pulak cuba resepi kroket kentang klasik.. tapi I adjust sikit-sikit sebab mak kata kentang lembut sangat kan. susah nak bentuk kroket tu.. malangnya walaupun dah adjust sikit resepi tetap lembut dan susah nak bentuk (cuma I punya tak berderai terus macam mak I punya). Tak puas hati ni baru google resepi dalam bahasa inggeris pulak..I bandingkan beberapa resepi.. yang resepi dalam bahasa inggeris semua tambah sikit tepung (dah agak dah, memang tadi masa masak tu macam nak tambah tepung sikit sebab adunan dia lembut sangat) dan yang ada resepi tu siap masuk peti ais sekejap supaya senang nak bentuk dan tak berderai bila digoreng.

So yang kat bawah ni resepi I dah adjust, resepi sikit je dapat dalam 10-12 kroket kentang:

Resepi inti daging kroket:

300 gm daging cincang
1/2 biji bawang besar - dadu
1 bawang putih - cincang
1/2 batang lobak merah - didadu halus
1/4 sudu teh jintan putih
sedikit serbuk lada putih
1/2 sudu makan tepung 
1/3 kiub perisa daging 

Cara-cara memasak inti daging kroket:

1. Panaskan sedikit minyak atas pan dan tumis bawang besar dan bawang putih.
2. Masukkan jintan, lada putih, lobak merah dan daging.
3. Larutkan tepung dan kiub perisa daging dengan sedikit air kemudian campurkan ke dalam daging.
4. Masak hingga kering.

Resepi kentang kroket:

4 biji / 300 gm kentang (dikukus - tapi I rebus je kemudian lenyekkan)
10 gm butter 
1 kuning telur (I tak guna)
4 sudu makan susu serbuk (I guna dutch lady)
lada hitam
tepung gandum (ni yang I nak tambah lain kali, agak-agak lah mungkin dalam 2-4 sudu makan jugak)

Bahan-bahan salut:

tepung gandum
serbuk roti

Cara-cara membuat kentang kroket daging:

1. Bahan-bahan kentang kroket semua dicampurkan hingga menjadi adunan kentang
2. Ambil sedikit kentang, bulatkan dan leperkan, ambil sedikit daging kemudian bentukkan menjadi bentuk bujur.
3. Salutkan dengan tepung, celup dalam telur yang telah dipukul, kemudian salutkan dengan serbuk roti.
4. Ulangkan sehingga selesai, jika perlu masukkan kroket yang telah dibentuk ke dalam peti ais dalam satu jam sebelum digoreng atau kalau susah sangat untuk dibentuk, masukkan adunan kentang kroket ke dalam peti ais dahulu supaya lebih mudah untuk dibentuk. 

Kroket ni terus terang I cakap leceh nye nak buat kali pertama mencuba.. harap-harap kalau dah biasa dah senang..makan memang sedap.. buat je susah.. haiiiz.. next time try I nak campur shredded mozarella cheese lah pulak haha.. saje je tengok apa rasa.. mungkin yang inti daging pulak tukar perisa letak sos prego sikit hehe.. 

Kroket kentang sedap dimakan masa panas-panas, bila dah sejuk dah tak sedap, serbuk roti dia dah tak garing.   

Monday, July 7, 2014

Vacation Ideas in Malaysia With Kids - Our Perak Short Getaway

malaysia vacation holiday ideas with kids
Holiday with kids - Perak's Lost World Of Tambun

It was the June school holidays and we thought we would bring the kids for a short getaway but we didn't want to drive too far away from KL, so Perak was our chosen destination. The last time we visited Perak was nearly 4 years ago, we had visited Lost World of Tambun then and even though it was smaller than Sunway Lagoon, the admission was cheaper and the crowd was significantly less (if you go on a weekday) the kids don't really like to play in the water theme park but the petting zoo was good for an hour and a half and enough to entertain the kids. 

lost world of tambun reviews
Lost World Of Tambun, Perak - Tiger Enclosure

perak attractions kids
Lost World Of Tambun; Perak

We also planned to go to Tempurung Cave and Chenderiang Waterfall (Lata Kijang) to expose the kids to more nature and Kellie's Castle was just for fun to look at old ruins though there's nothing much to see :) So a 2 night stay at Perak would suffice for us.

Funny thing was, we overshot the Ipoh exit and couldn't get out until Kapar! The drive up was slow from KL to somewhere before the tunnel cos of an accident and when we missed the exit we saw another accident on the other side of the road, we couldn't handle another traffic jam while waiting for the lane to be cleared so instead of making the U-turn at Kapar we headed to the Taiping Zoo first. We thought it was near but haha it turned out to be quite a drive too. I didn't bring my camera cos we went to Taiping Zoo I think last year and I wasn't really impressed but then I regretted it cos I think the zoo has improved quite a bit since our last visit! I especially like the giraffe and zebras enclosure, its big and the animals are free to roam mimicking its natural environment. 

ipoh attractions lost world of tambun
Feeding the birds at Lost World Of Tambun Perak

malaysia kids attractions theme parks
Lost World of Tambun Perak

Back at Tambun Perak, we chose Best Western The Haven, Ipoh as our accommodation since its the only accommodation that satisfied my criteria of a swimming pool and a bath tub. Its not really a hotel, more like a serviced suite and the food during breakfast wasn't great but the kids were happy. 

Lost World of Tambun had expanded its Petting Zoo since our last visit and the kids enjoyed it tremendously though you can't feed the animals except in the bird aviary. The tiger enclosure is basically a small area with a lone tiger roaming around.  

perak lost world of tambun review
The petting zoo at Lost World of Tambun

school holiday ideas malaysia
Lost World of Tambun

We didn't try the hot spring nor take a dip in the water even though  I had packed swimming attire and towels for the kids cos my first born wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. Food at Lost World of Tambun is mediocre but at least you won''t go hungry.

The second day we went to Tempurung Cave but since we had kids with us we could only take the easiest trail, we went in the cave without the guide and my no 1 didn't want to go far cos he was scared of climbing the high steps, my no 2 was game though, so he continued with daddy while mommy detoured with the no 1. 

ipoh attractions castle
Perak attractions : Kellie's Castle

Afterwards we went to Kellie's Castle and roamed the ruins, imagining how it must be like 80 over years ago. How excited the owner must have been overseeing the construction of his castle, how the kids must have played with their secret passageway between their bedrooms, going up the curved stairways.. and how sad it must have been to go overseas to collect what would have been the first lift in Malaysia only to contract an illness and pass away before he could return! Oh how heartbroken the wife and kids must have been! All the while I was also thinking, my grandad would have just been born around that time (he was from Perak but a different part) this castle is almost as old as my grandad and my mind wanders how my grandad and great grandparents life was back then...

perak tourist attractions
Perak's attraction : Kellie's Castle
kellie castle perak
Kellie's Castle @ Perak

The third day, we checked out of The Haven and headed to Chenderiang Waterfall (Lata Kijang) on our drive back to KL. If you use googlemaps you will not get to Lata Kijang, it will just keep prompting you to take the expressway but there is no direct exit from the expressway! So to get to Lata Kijang, you have to exit Tapah, then follow the directions to Lata Kijang. Its only about 17km away from Tapah poll, after the first right turn at the traffic light, keep a lookout for the sign to Chenderiang and take a right there (there is a Chicken Rice/ Nasi Ayam stall just before the right turn from Tapah Poll, take the A119 route) unfortunately we missed the sign and overshot to Temoh so we had to u-turn and take the A118 then the A119 to Lata Kijang. Use Waze it will get you there not Google Maps!    

air terjun tapah
Lata Kijang @ Chenderiang

Lata Kijang was beautiful, the water very clean and we didn't need to climb to high. Sadly, there was a shooting of a drama that day, so we couldn't go to the higher pool but the lower pool was already nice enough Again, avoid weekends! We spotted a stick insect, some small fishes and also lots and lots of butterflies :) Beautiful! Kids played in the water for 1 1/2 hours and then off we drove back to KL. It was a great relaxing short getaway for the family :)

perak waterfalls lata kijang tapah
Chenderiang Waterfall near Tapah @ Lata Kijang

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mum's Place (Nyonya Cuisine) @ Damansara Perdana

Got to know about this place from one of the agents that we met while viewing some units at Damansara Perdana a while back. We ate here ages ago, the website states that it is a halal restaurant and I remember looking for a certificate when arriving at the restaurant's entrance but I can't seem to recall whether I saw a JAKIM halal cert or just an acknowledgment from the restaurant side that they use halal meat. Sorry! But, yes we did eat there that evening.

There were a few muslim patrons there as well as non-muslims, so again, whether you choose to eat here and or not is a personal choice. 

The restaurant is a bit further in, in one of the confusing rows of the Damansara Perdana shop lots and if you come in the evening like us it's a bit dark and deserted. Do not come here alone. Nonetheless, when you step into the restaurant, the air changes immediately as the restaurant is bustling with patrons.

The interior of the restaurant is mostly wood, some ornate. The waiters were very attentive and service was prompt. We ordered:

halal restaurants damansara perdana
Asam Pedas Parit Jawa @ Mum's Place Damansara Perdana
Just because I was craving for asam pedas :) I'm not sure what kind of fish was cooked in it, maybe Jenahak? But then again I have never eaten Jenahak before.. all I know is it is not a salt-water fish, the flesh was kind of bland. Which is a bummer but the gravy was divine! a bit on the watery side but still kicks enough punch of spicy and sour and the lady fingers were just generous. But the serving is huge though, this is the only size they serve, I wish there's a smaller portion just for one.

makan sedap damansara perdana
Tiger Prawns with Butter and Garlic @ Mum's Place- Damansara Perdana

Next dish was pan fried tiger prawns with butter and garlic for the hubs and the no 2 kid, another winner from Mum's Place, this dish was also super delicious. The prawns were juicy and succulent, the butter so creamy and the garlic not overwhelming. Sedap! Eat it while its still hot.

damansara perdana eats
Fried chicken @ Mum's Place; Damansara Perdana

Again, for the no 2 kiddo, fried chicken. Crispy and not spicy, no complaints!

Kangkung Belacan @ Mum's Place; Damansara Perdana

Kangkung Belacan looks a bit unappetising but surprisingly makes up for it in taste. Kangkung was crunchy and the belacan was also very light.

Cendol @ Mum's Place; Damansara Perdana

Hubby's must have when dining in any place that offer it. The cendol! Again another dish that is unassuming in appearance but still don't let its look deceive you. The cendol is actually quite nice, the coconut milk is not diluted, the gula melaka is generous (but not sickeningly generous) and the cendol and red beans still retains their flavour (not like some place where the cendol and red bean are tasteless). The serving is quite small so I refrained from eating too much from the hubs bowl.

All in all, it was a delicious and very satisfying dinner at Mum's Place. 

Mum's Place is at :

33-1 Jalan PJU 8/5a 
Damansara Perdana
47820 PJ, Selangor

Tel: 03-77278443

Opening hours: 11.00am - 3.00pm, 6.00pm -10.30pm (Daily)

Map of Mum's Place:

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