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Halal Yemeni Restaurant @ Publika - Marhaba Restaurant

arabic restaurant mont kiara
A private room @ Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

As usual, we are always on the lookout for arabic / yemeni / middle eastern restaurant near our place since my MIL and also a number of our visitors prefer arabic cuisine over others whenever they are in Kuala Lumpur. 

We were entering Publika's car park months ago at the back near the water tank area since the car park entrance opposite the landed property is always congested and we saw the Marhaba Restaurant sign. I told hubby we should check that out so we parked near block D1. 

makanan halal di publika
Sitting on the floor in the pavillion inside Marhaba Restaurant @ Publika

company's dinner publika
The alfresco area @ Marhaba - Publika

Sadly, that day (being a saturday afternoon) the restaurant was closed to public as it was being used for a wedding reception.. waaaah.. quite tasteful I would say, the interior of the restaurant was beautiful :)

The next time round, we came around dinner time and the kids wanted to sit at the Alfresco area since there is a small (very small I would say) playground next to it. However, after a while, they started to ask to shift indoors since there was no air-conditioning but too bad the food has been served!

arabic restaurant mont kiara
Halal Restaurant with playground @ Publika

We ordered tabbouleh for yours truly just because I want to see if it meets my standards haha! Lamb Hanith as it is their specialty and the Lamb Hanith come with free chicken kebab. Yeay! Appetizers of 3 different dips, a small platter of fresh vegetables and a bowl of soup for each dining person, and a cup of tea (each) are free. Hubby ordered a fruit cocktail I think but couldn't recall how it taste like (ermm... this post is very overdue, it's been months!)

halal restaurants publika
The fruit cocktail @ Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

I didn't quite like the free mint tea as I find the tea to be a bit weak. It's mint sachet and not tea with mint leaves. So.. yup.. this drink didn't get my nod. 

The soup was delicious, you could really taste the lamb broth, rich and sweet, we finished it while it is still warm.(Sorry no picture)

The tabbouleh was among the better ones that I have tried but I think the parsley were not balanced enough with mint and the tomatoes were too little and cut a bit too big. I still like my version of tabbouleh better :p

makan best di publika
Tabbouleh @ Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

Lamb Hanith was big enough to share with 2 adults and 1 child and the rice was fluffy and the meat oh so tender, hubby said it was the best Lamb Hanith he had ever eaten in KL. Yup, it was that good to him. We brought my dad along on a different occasion after that and even my cholesterol-counting dad finished up the lamb cos it was so good and not oily. 

makan best di Kuala Lumpur
Lamb Hanith @ Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

The chicken kebab was average and we ordered it mostly for my second son, but it does pair very well with the garlic dip. 

restoran company dinner kl
Chicken kebab - 1st visit

chicken kebab publika
Chicken Kebab - 2nd visit

On another visit, we ordered the same dishes but changed the salad to fattoush. This salad totally didn't get my approval. I find the fattoush too big and coarse and all the green vegetables under it too coarsely sliced and too much lemon. I like Tarboush (Starhill Gallery) version of fattoush much much more. 

ramadhan buka puasa best 2014
Fattoush - Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

On the second visit, I told the waiter that I do not favor the mint tea that is given complimentary and he said that he can change it to shai mulabban (tea with milk) so I said ok. The tea came and its pretty much like the local tea with milk but not as sweet and I love it! Well, apparently so does my 6 year old cos he went around finishing his cup and my husband's! haha!

good halal food mont kiara
Shai Mulabban @ Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

We also ordered the soft bread "Ruthub" for my 6 year old cos he does not really like rice, turns out to be very soft and a bit wet at the bottom bread that tasted a bit like prata. It didn't really go with the salad or the chicken kebab so my son ate it on its own. Couldn't really finish it cos its quite big just squeezed into the small basket.

arabic bread
Ruthub @ Marhaba Restaurant - Publika

Overall, its a nice restaurant with beautiful interior and delicious food albeit quite limited menu. I'm also a bit disapointed that the dessert are mainly fattah, I wish they would offer other desserts that may not be yemeni but from other Arab countries such as mahallabiyya, umm ali and kunafa.. oh and it will really be great if they have fateera like fateera bil laban wa mauz or fateera shukulatah wal bunduq! aaaaahhh.. I would really like that hehe :)

For those staying around Mont Kiara area, this halal restaurant do home deliveries!

halal food home delivery mont kiara
Marhaba Restaurant home delivery!

Marhaba Restaurant is open daily 11.00 am - 11.00pm
It is located at Block D1- Level G1- 1 Publika Solaris Dutamas
Tel no : +603 62078222

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