Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dinner @ Golden Orchid Thai Restaurant Damansara Jaya

I drove by Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine when I had to go to Pos Malaysia Damansara Jaya branch when my kid's UK parcel wasn't delivered to my house. (That was quite an exasperating experience buying from ebay, trying to find out which courier company was responsible for the Malaysia side deliveries.. had to communicate through twitter with the UK courier, which they replied promptly but Pos Malaysia took forever to respond through twitter so I had to call the call centre and hold the line for 2 hours -urgh-)

So, back to the story.. saw Golden Orchid as I parked the car (quite far from Pos Malaysia but that was the only parking space available), made a mental note to check out reviews for it and told hubby about it the next evening. I was itching to eat out since I had been starving myself for the past week trying to lose weight and thought since I managed to lose 1 kg I should treat myself that evening haha yeah right.. it was either between Golden Orchid at Damansara Jaya or the nyonya restaurant called Mum's Place at Damansara Perdana, gave hubby the links to the reviews and hubby picked Golden Orchid based on the mouthwatering pictures @ cutelery blog.

I called up before hand to ask whether they are halal and whether they have a place for us to perform our maghrib prayers, they answered yes to both (Do note that they are not halal certified by Jakim though - if I remember correctly).

We were the second customer there and the prayer area is actually an elevated floor seating area at one corner of the restaurant (which I am totally fine with but you have to bring your own telekung).

Parking was easy after office hours and the restaurant was very spacious. We ordered fish cakes for the kids, prawns with salted egg, vegetable tom yum, beef pad kaprow and special fried chicken.

best makan place damansara jaya
Salted Egg Prawns @ Golden Orchid Thai Cusine @ Damansara Jaya

thai restaurants damansara
Special Fried Chicken @ Golden Orchid Thai Cuisine @ Damansara Jaya

Food was served quite fast I think within 20 minutes. There were a few hit and misses. We absolutely love the fried chicken since its so crispy and delish, we love the prawns so big and juicy with the crispy skin and salted egg waahhh.. syiokness..

halal restaurants damansara
Fish Cakes @ Golden Orchid Thai Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya

damansara jaya makan-makan
Beef Pad Kaprow @ Golden Orchid Thai Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya

The tom yam was ok for me, not so to the husband, fish cakes were a tad overwhelmed with lemongrass that my kids refused to eat it and the beef pad kaprow was also a bit heavy with spices (ginger if I'm not mistaken).

The tom yam serving was huge (Served in the warmed pot) and my seams were bursting by the end of the meal. Overall, hubby said it was an average dinner and he missed the now closed "Golden Triangle" at Mont Kiara. Since Damansara Jaya is a bit out of the way for us, the food is average but not good enough to bring us back but I guess if you are living nearby, it's an ok choice for dinner.

The kiddo enjoying lemon tea @ Golden Orchid Damansara Jaya

Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine is at 
No 12-14G, Jln SS 22/25 Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel No : 03- 7722-2228

Opening Hours : 11am -3pm, 5pm -10pm Daily

FB Account: Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine

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