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Halal Food In Hong Kong: Ziafat @ Nathan Road Review

This was our first day early dinner, we had originally planned to eat at The Great Kebab Indian Factory at Miramar Shopping Ctr to take advantage of the buffet lunch, but couldn't make it in time after checking in. And since our hotel shuttle service stops at Hankow Road and our stomach are already rumbling and the legs were getting wobbly from carrying our two chubby princes we seek refuge at Ziafat when we stumbled upon its sign.

hong kong halal food
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Ziafat Restaurant sign at Nathan Road

I had already read quite a bit about other bloggers reviews about Ziafat, everyone seems to agree that the food is edible and the price is quite fair, so, we felt that it would do at that time. Do keep your eyes peeled for the sign as Harilela Mansion is not really prominent and you could easily miss the small entrance between the rows of shops. Step into the building, and yes you are not in the wrong place, that is a security guard in front of the elevator, take that small elevator up to the 6th floor. Lifts accommodates up to 5 people at a time only. 

Interior of the restaurant is basic but comfortable enough. The waitresses are Indonesians while the cooks are Arabs. Ziafat serves halal Indian, Pakistani and Arabic dishes but I think that their strength is the Arab cuisine while the Indian dishes tasted a bit off. 

halal food tsim sha tsui
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Butter Naan at Ziafat

indian food hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Butter Chicken at Ziafat

We ordered naan, butter chicken, chicken mandi and lamb kabsah (this time around it was hubby who wanted to ty the kabsah after finishing up 2/3 of my mandi :p ) drinks were lime juice and mint tea. 

halal hong kong
Halal Food In Hong Kong: Chicken Mandi @ Ziafat

hong kong eating
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Lamb Kabsah @ Ziafat

makanan halal hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Tomato & Chili Chutney @ Ziafat

The naan was fine, but the butter chicken tasted like a very diluted chicken curry with coconut milk. Chicken Mandi was delicious, the rice was rich in spices and the chicken very well marinated, the tomato and chilli chutney that comes with it was tangy with just the right balance of the juicy tomatoes and fiery chillies. Since we enjoyed the chicken mandi so much, hubby decided to order another lamb kabsah, expecting another fantastic dish much like the one that is served by Wadi Hadhramaut at Kuala Lumpur, I remember commenting to hubby "what if they serve you the same rice as the Mandi?" and true enough, the kabsah came with the exact same rice served with the chicken mandi except for additional carrots and peas! Well, while the rice goes perfectly with the Mandi Chicken, unfortunately, it doesn't pair well with the lamb. The lamb is tender yes, but I find that the marinade is a bit wanting. I also feel that the dish is a bit dry but the butter chicken (that tasted like curry) that we ordered made the Kabsah Lamb more palatable.

eating hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Lime Juice @ Ziafat

halal food nathan road
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Arabic Mint Tea @ Ziafat

As for the drinks, the lime juice was refershingly zesty and the tea was invigorating with  fresh mint leaves in the pot.. hmmm.. just what I need to reenergize me for sightseeing :)

After dinner, we crossed the road to head for TST pier and I saw a neon sign for halal Indian and Malaysian food at one of the buildings while waiting for the green man. Slightly amused since I doubt that many ppl will notice that small neon sign, I pointed it out to hubby and just as we finished crossing the road, we were accosted by touts for various halal restaurants inside the building.. hmm.. Chung King Mansion.. that place is not listed in my halal restaurants in Hong Kong list I downloaded from the trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong (apparently, there is another list on the net, that I somehow missed and the list that is on the trustees site is not complete - read the disclaimer-) I couldn't resist not going in of course.. so, we went into Chung King Mansion for a few minutes just to see what's inside. A number of money changers at the front and an assortment of small shops at the back from Hindustani DVDs to luggages and phone accessories and numerous small, mostly indian halal shops.. hmm.. kind of feel like you are in Little India somewhere.. All right.. another day perhaps.. let me go back and find out more about the place on the web first :)

For those who would like to visit Ziafat, the address is 6F, 81 Nathan Road, TST, Kowloon. Map of the building:

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halal Food Hong Kong : Eating Chinese at Islamic Centre Canteen @ Wan Chai

There are a number of halal chinese restaurants in Hong Kong though I only got to know about it after our return. Before the trip, I only know of two halal chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, one in Wan Chai (Islamic Centre Canteen) and another at Lung Kok Road, Kowloon (Islam Food) as appeared in Trip Advisor. We planned to go to both as reviews for the latter was quite good on Trip Advisor and it was nearer to our place. 

We headed for Islamic Centre Canteen on our third day in Hong Kong for lunch before heading to Victoria Peak. As for Islam Food, we picked the wrong night to go (Saturday night) there was a queue outside the restaurant, it was drizzling and the kids were sleeping in the taxi so we didn't go in. 

If you are keen on other chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, the other two are:

Wai Kee at :

Shop 5, 1/F, 2/F, Bowrington Road Market, 21 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai
Tel (852) 2574 1131

Ma's Restaurant at:

GF, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po
Tel (852) 2398 8019

(above information taken from here) Had I known earlier that there is a halal chinese restaurant at Sham Shui Po, I would have definitely visited it when I was doing fabric shopping there instead of having to content with Istanbul Kebab at Dragon Centre)

Ok, back to Islamic Centre Canteen.. the canteen is at the 5th floor of the Wan Chai Mosque (Ammar Mosque and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre). We were there around 1.30pm. The interior of the restaurant is very basic, but the area was big and tables was abundant though most fill up pretty fast. 

Halal Chinese Food in Hong Kong: This explains why the pictures are so bad  in this post, I had to juggle with a sleeping child on one hand :p

Hubby wanted to try the dumplings (self service) but yours truly aren't really a fan of steamed dumplings so hubby picked 1 type of steamed dumplings and I picked 2 types of fried ones. Honestly speaking, I can't even remember what was inside the dumplings, I think one was shrimp with spinach and the other one I simply can't recollect. The fried dumplings tasted like the fired wantans that we are all too familiar with. I don't prefer the steamed dumplings. Enough said.

islamic centre canteen wan chai
Halal Food Hong Kong: Steamed dumplings and Fried Dumplings

We ordered fried bee hoon for my 4 yo but it was a bit spicy plus I think he finds it weird with sliced aubergines in the bee hoon. This dish did not suit my palate either. My noodle crazy son decided to pass on this dish.

halal hong kong
Halal Food Hong Kong: Fried Bee Hoon
Chinese fried rice was for my 2.5 yo unfortunately he was too deep in slumber to even taste a morsel while we were there, so we had this packed. (This was later enjoyed at Victoria Peak by both siblings, which speaks volume about it since my 4yo is usually adverse to rice)

muslim food in hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: Chinese Fried Rice
Other dishes that we had were sweet and sour fish (delicious), fried chicken junk style (basically fried chicken with some chilies - still not bad) and tomato omelette (this dish came last and errrm.. can I say that I do not recommend this?) 

hong kong halal
Hong Kong Halal Restaurant: Sweet and Sour Fish

where to eat hong kong
Eating Halal in Hong Kong: Fried Chicken Junk Style

Where to eat hong kong
Hong Kong Halal Food : Tomato Omellete

Drinks were milk tea and they tasted like how my mom likes to make it.. not too weak, with sugar and fresh milk.
halal restaurants in hong kong
Halal Food Hong Kong @ Islamic Centre Canteen, Wan Chai

All in all, it was a filling lunch for us and the price of the dishes are easy on the wallet. I wouldn't say that it was very memorable since halal chinese food can be found quite a lot in Singapore, but at least it was a nice break from Indian food that we soon grow tired of towards the end of our holiday :)

Map of Islamic Centre Canteen:
Address: No 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, HK

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Middle Eastern Restaurant in Hong Kong Review : Mr Kebab opposite Kowloon Mosque

halal hong kong
Halal Food In Hong Kong at Haiphong Masion, TST

We had dinner at Mr Kebab @ Haiphong Mansion, 2F, 53-55 Haiphong Rd, TST after taking the Aqua Luna junk ride during the Symphony of Lights at TST pier and going to Toys R Us at Harbour City as my 4 yo was asking for a blue car that he saw another boy playing with earlier in the day at Victoria Peak's playground. 

So, yup, we walked from TST Pier to Harbour City Shopping Ctr and then from there to Haiphong Road. It wasn't too far I guess. 

halal food hongkong
Hong Kong Halal Food : Mr Kebab's Interior

We didn't even know that Haiphong Mansion was facing Kowloon Mosque, nor did we know of Mr Kebab. We actually intended to go to Mughal Club (a halal certified indian restaurant listed in the Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong halal restaurants list) but since Mr Kebab was just in front of the lift and the owner greeted us when we were looking, and asked us to come in a few times, we just didn't have the heart to walk away. 

muslim food in hong kong
Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong: My 4 yo enjoying the bread

Mr Kebab has just recently opened two weeks before our visit. The interior of the restaurant is cosy and the lady serving us was quite chatty. The only other table occupied besides us was by two Air France stewards, who are also daddies and just got back from Toys R Us as well :) 

Hubby ordered the appetizers (hummus and 3 other types which I am unfamiliar of), mixed grill plate, plain bryani rice (for my 2.5 yo) bread and pizza (we asked for plain cheese pizza as that's the only kind of pizza my 4yo will eat).
halal food in hong kong
Mr Kebab at Haiphong Mansion: The Mukhallal - Pickled Vegetables

First came the mukhallal (pickled vegetables) which in my 3 years residing in Cairo, I never seemed to favor because of the vinegar taste. But the mukhallal here is very refreshing, just the right hint of vinegar -not too heavy- and the vegetables tasted fresh and not spongy. First time I enjoyed a mukhallal. 

halal hong kong
Muslim Food in Hong Kong: The Appetizers

Next came the appetizers and bread. The bread was soft and warm, and I like 3 out of 4 appetizers, the hummus is one of the best I have tasted, very authentic, with smooth texture without diluting the taste of the chickpeas, the other appetizer tasted similar to the hummus but mixed with a kind of green leaf, I can't really tell the difference except that it was nice. The next one, if I guess correctly is the soft and smoky baba ghanoush, while the last one that I didn't quite like is alien to me haha.. it tasted a bit like yoghurt, hubby liked it though.

halal hong kong
Halal Food in Hong Kong: The Cheese Pizza

Then came the huge pizza, with soft dough and cheesy topping, unfortunately instead of a tomato base, the pizza has no sauce base and came with sliced tomatoes and pepper bells instead. Not too bad, but not what the kids was expecting, plus the cheesy topping is just plain mozarella (I think) 

halal hong kong
Halal Food Hong Kong: The Mixed Grill

The mixed grill was good, there was kebab, shish tawook, chicken meat and some innards. Everything tasted nice except for the innards! That was plain weird!

Halal Food in Hong Kong: Bryani Rice

The bryani rice was a disappointment though, plain and bland in my opinion. 

While we were eating a group of middle eastern men came in and we could hear them asking what's on the menu and whether the dishes are fresh and how they wanted some dishes cooked in Turkish style and another guy wanting the same dish in Egyptian style, and we didn't know what they ordered (though I heard  something like Fasoolia) and man when the dish came, it smelt really nice, wish we could have tried it haha.. 

All in all, maybe if we knew the right dishes to order (the owner is Egyptian, so most probably Egyptian dishes are his forte) it would have been a really wonderful dinner but the price of the dishes are a bit on the high side, dinner here will cost u about the same as dinner at Spice Restaurant at Knutsford Terrace, though the ambience is far less chic here. Any restaurants at Chung King Mansion will be way cheaper.

Map of Mr Kebab: 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Halal Food Disneyland Hong Kong

Back from a recent 7 days and 6 nights Hong Kong trip..hmm..still think it's not enough haha especially since when you are travelling with kids, you can't cramp all the sights in one day and just have to go slow when sightseeing. 

Our Disney Hong Kong trip was actually quite impromptu as we originally intended to go to HK Dolphin Watch Cruise that day but missed the scheduled shuttle by 7 mins (major disappointment for me since the cruise only run 3x a week and I woke up particularly early that day) as such we decided to go to Disney instead and arrived very early even before Hong Kong Disneyland Park opening time. (Park opens at 10.30am) since yours truly actually packed for the cruise which only provide cookies and hot drinks; there was a cup of instant noodle in the back pack which we had to throw away as it wasn't allowed inside Hong Kong Disney upon inspection at the entry. (What a waste of cup noodle since you can't get a halal certified cup noodles in Hong Kong :p) 

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal since Disneyland Hong Kong has taken the effort to cater to the halal needs of its visitors by providing one halal certified restaurant at its park. The restaurant is called "Tahitian Terrace" and is located at Adventureland of Hong Kong Disneyland. 

halal food in hong kong disneyland
Halal Food in Hong Kong Disneyland: Singapore Laksa

Tahitian Terrace offers asian delights and we sat at the alfresco area of the restaurant. You got to be careful not to leave your food unattended though since the birds are just waiting to have a peck at the food. We had satay, prata, bryani rice, chicken soup and laksa. 

Food in Disneyland Hong Kong
Halal Food in Disneyland Hong Kong : Bryani, Kebab, Chicken Tandoori

Hubby liked the laksa though I personally feel that it tasted like it came out from an instant packet and the laksa noodle didn't absorb the creamy taste of the gravy. The satay and its peanuts gravy was nice (though still taste like it came out from an instant packet), bryani rice was not fluffy and a bit bland, the kebab was spicy, but the tandoori chicken was acceptable. Prata was a bit tough but palatable once dipped with the gravy (tasted a bit like butter chicken) that accompanied the bryani. The best dish that we ordered was the chinese chicken soup (hey we are in Hong Kong after all and chinese dish should be their specialty :) ) my no 2 slurped the chicken soup till the last drop. 

Halal Food Disneyland Hong Kong: Satay, Prata and Chicken Soup

Yours truly, of course couldn't go without her milk tea, and upon ordering finally understood why Disneyland Hong Kong deny the entry of my cup noodle haha.. it's because all hot drinks are 3 in 1 and they provide a hot water station so.. some ppl can just pour that hot water in their cup noodles :p 

Halal Food Disneyland Hong Kong: My 3-in-1 milk tea

All in all, we weren't expecting much since the price of the halal dishes are quite reasonable (my tea costed HKD2) and we are just happy that there is a halal restaurant in Disneyland Hong Kong so that we can spend a longer time in Disneyland Park without having to go hungry the whole day :) Now, if only there is a prayer room in Hong Kong Disneyland, that would have completed the whole experience but since I couldn't pray that day and hubby is not really the type who like to ask, we don't know for sure whether such facility exists.. 

All we know is it was a wonderful day out with the kids since they enjoyed meeting Mickey and Minnie so much :)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Arabic Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur : Hadhramawt Palace @ Jalan Bukit Bintang Review

hadhramawt palace review
Arabic Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur : Hadhramawt Palace @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

It's been nearly 3 years of staying (and eating out) in KL.. after the initial euphoria of trying out different arabic restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and being sorely disappointed ,we have been playing it safe with Naab Restaurat and Tarbush for quite a bit. A few weeks back after the Eid holidays, we wanted to eat out for dinner but of course most local malay eateries are closed due to the festive season, so the only restaurant that we can safely assume to open is an arab restaurant -of course! isn't Eid supposed to be on the first day of Syawal only?- 

So, off we went to Hadhramawt Palace at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Hubby said that this restaurant is different from the Hadhramawt Restaurant at Jalan Raja Chulan and I hope that it's better cos I don't really prefer Hadhramawt Restaurant at Jalan Raja Chulan, the bread there tasted factory-made rather than authentic. 

It was slightly drizzling when we got there, the fairy lights look inviting, the kids of course zoomed straight to the fountain and I like the big area, good for kids so that they don't knock into tables when playing and the staff didn't even seem to mind when some group of young kids from another table played "catching". We didn't mind either, there was enough space and they were not disturbing. 

We weren't feeling particularly hungry that day so not much pictures of food, we ordered Chicken Mandi (hubby) Lamb Kabsah (just trying it out for fun) hummus and bread. Drinks were mango juice and mint & lime juice. I didn't snap a picture of the drinks but the juice is fresh and the lime and mint was something new and refreshing for us. 

halal food in kuala lumpur
Hadhramawt Palace: Chicken Mandi

Chicken Mandi was a safe option. It came quite bare and with no chili tomato sauce as usually served. But, it was provided for when we requested for it. Rice was fluffy with mild spices and just a hint of butter, suitable for kids and the chicken was tender. I guess if you have ordered this and did not order the Kabsah Lamb, you would have been totally satisfied with this dish BUT if you did taste the Kabsah Lamb, huhu be forewarned that everything else pales in comparison -well to me n hubby's taste buds that is- 

middle eastern restaurant in kuala lumpur halal
Hadhramawt  Palace : Lamb Kabsah

My Lamb Kabsah was a pretty surprise :) Am really glad that I didn't listen to hubby when he tried to dissuade me from trying it. The spices was amazing, milder on the fluffy rice, more full bodied on the tender meat. It felt like I was immediately transported to a middle eastern kitchen heaven haha.. I love the fact that the rice is accompanied by sliced fried potatoes, aubergine and fresh carrots. The "earthy" potatoes (got that term from Andrew in Bizzare Foods ;Embassy Row episode where he used the term 3 times to describe 3 different dishes that he tasted in 3 different embassies - didn't he think that the viewers would notice?) Ooops back to my description.. the earthy potatoes together with the sweetness of ripe aubergine and crispy fresh carrots goes hand in hand with the aromatic rice and just like that Kabsah Lamb has supplanted itself among my favorite middle eastern rice, a very close contender to the amazing lamb kebab butter rice of Naab Iranian Restaurant (ok.. so I love lamb.. it's that obvious :p )

Next dish please: 

hummus in kuala lumpur
Hadhramawt Palace: Hummus

This is actually an appetiser, ground chickpeas with olive oil and ermm.. I don't know the other ingredients.  This is an ok version, not too much olive oil and lemon.

halal restaurants in kuala lumpur
Hadhramawt Palace: Arabic Bread

Now, this is auhentic oven baked arabic bread. Nothing factory about it.. warm.. and soft.. reminds me of Cairo all over again :)

Prices at Hadhramawt Palace Jalan Bukit Bintang is quite reasonable, our rice costed less than RM20 and the portion is just nice fr 1 person so that you don't have to share or force yourself to eat too much. Service is also good and there is quite a number of local waitresses so that you won't have to play a guessing game with the waiter when ordering.

Map of Hadhramawt Palace:

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dinner @ Nelayan Titiwangsa Restaurant

(Dear Readers, please note that this place has relocated to Gombak, where exactly I am not sure but I am not keen to find out, food quality might differ (for better or worse) from my review below. Thanks!)

titiwangsa restaurant
Titiwangsa Restaurant

Okay.. so we frequented Titiwangsa Lake for the playground and horse riding during the weekends but never really got the chance to try out eating at Nelayan Titiwangsa Restaurant. "Famous" for its steamboat and ramadhan buffet.. but I am not really a fan of steamboat, extremely exhausting with young kids and I if I want to cook my own dinner, I wouldn't eat out, would I? 

Hubby's company would also entertain some visiting board members here, so, it must be quite good, no? So, when hubby offered to let me try Nelayan Titiwangsa Restaurant for some seafood dinner (he was too lazy to bring me to Cheras to try out Cerana Seafood), I accepted. Okay. so he did warn me "it's nothing outstanding, so don't expect too much".. thus I lowered my expectations, but even that didn't prepare me for the dinner experience.. 

Nelayan Titiwangsa Restaurant is huge.. that's a plus point but seriously empty tables abound (red flag) that you wonder how do they even fill the tables? Officially opened by Tun Mahathir in 1986 (that's about as old as my youngest sister) I am sure it was intended for a different culinary experience back then. Maybe it was meant for tourist to experience the delicious seafood of Malaysia in a traditional "kampung nelayan" (fishermen village) setting... Fast forward to 2012... and it's just a handful of locals eating dinner here mostly cos it's cheap rather than cos it's nice. The few foreigners I saw.. I felt sorry for them and I hope that they would know better than to believe that the food served here is what Malaysian culinary experience is all about. Like seriously, there are way better restaurants out there in Kg Baru and Ampang. This restaurant does not do justice to Malaysian food. 

I let hubby do the ordering and here is what we had:

nelayan restaurant
Titiwangsa Restaurant: Kailan & Mushroom in Oyster Sauce

This dish came out first together with plain rice and reverse osmosis water (this water exacerbates my thirst rather than quenching it)for a good 10 minutes before the second dish appeared. This dish is actually quite ok, but I personally do not like kailan as I feel that the texture is too thick for me. They should have used baby kailan here instead as baby kailan is easier to chew. 

restoran nelayan titiwangsa
Titiwangsa Restaurant : Butter Prawn and yes that's sliced cucumber lining the plate

Second dish is butter prawn. That's butter prawn? More like fried prawns, can't taste the butter, can't taste much of anything actually, I was also put off by the fact that the prawns (fresh water bred - lack sweetness) is not de-veined. Aahhh.. ultimate turn off when eating prawns. That's 6 small prawns on the plate.

Titiwangsa Restaurant : Chili Crab

This dish has a minimum weight of 1 kg and no, we didn't get to choose the crabs. Firstly, that's1 kg? ok.. secondly, where is the claw cracker? hmm.. apparently, this variety of crabs has not so thick claws so you can just go at them with your teeth.. haha.. definitely not like the Singapore Chili Crabs (sigh.. how I miss that) but enjoyable enough (the only decent dish that night) more tomato-ish than I'd prefer but still ok..

titiwangsa steamboat
Titiwangsa Restaurant : Sea bass in spicy sauce

Waited for so long for this dish. It came out after we finished everything but 1 claw of crab.. haha.. hmm.. looks appetizing enough.. eagerly I dig in, my firm favorite is the crispy part between the pectoral and pelvic fins and... the first bite is this 

Is that uncooked fish meat???? Oh my goodness.. I didn't eat another morsel.. thank you very much that totally ruined my appetite.. 

Spent the rest of the dinner chasing cats away from my kids and just trying to spot the turtles and cat fishes in the lake.. 

Truth to be told, for the price that you pay to eat at this restaurant, of course you can't be expecting fresh seafood.. our sea bass costed RM27.50.. so, I'm pretty sure it wasn't still swimming before they cooked it for us.. probably wasn't thawed completely before they started to deep fry it.. 

Ah well.. never again.. that's for sure.. 

Menara KL / KL Tower with Kids

kl with kids
Menara KL / KL Tower Pony Ride

 Menara KL or KL Tower is a telecommunication tower situated at the top of Bukit Nanas, rising 421 metres above sea level. The observation deck is open to public and while KL Tower doesn't really score high on the list of things to do in KL as the views (in my opinion) are nothing fantastic and there isn't  really much to do at the observation deck, it is an option to entertain the kids if you are in KL for a quite a bit or looking for children activities during the weekend. 

kuala lumpur attractions for kids
The Pony Ride at KL Tower

We did the observation deck + XD Theater package last weekend. We also went into the Animal Zone, which was small but still interesting. The admission prices stated at the entrance is RM15(adults) and RM10 (kids 6-12 yrs) but the admission prices at menarakl website differ. There are different species of snakes on display, spiders, some geckos, colorful birds; including a white peacock, turtles, coatamundi and a variety of monkeys (some of them fiddling with the nuts and bolts intent on getting out of captivity). The short round satisfied my kids' animal addiction for the week. Outside, a pony ride awaits, but it has started to drizzle and the admission is higher than Tasik Titiwangsa's pony ride, so we gave that a miss. We also didn't check out the F1 stimulation ride. 

KL With Kids: KL Tower Animal Zone

KL Kids : Admission Prices for KL Tower Animal Zone

At the observation deck of Menara KL, my kids went around happily peering into the binoculars provided, oohing and aaahing at the mini cars on the roads and buildings after buildings. Kids... they are so easily entertained. The view didn't astound me, maybe because it was cloudy that day.. we stayed at the top for about 30 minutes. 

KL Kids: An Albino Python @ KL Tower Animal Zone

kids kuala lumpur
Kids Kuala Lumpur: A pretty bird @ KL Tower Animal Zone

Back down, hubby headed straight for the XD Theater saying he bought a package and asked all of us to go in. (He must have felt sore that I stopped him from trying out a similar ride at The Gardens Mall, saying that the kids will not enjoy it) This time around, I just followed without protesting. And.. the ride started.. a stimulation of roller coaster ride using 3D glasses, with jerky chairs and wind blasting on your face, featuring broken tracks, crashing into tunnels, stopping mid air before spiralling downwards.. and what nots.. best fun I ever had after retiring from thrill rides ages ago.. the best part of it is that you know it's not real, so the fear factor doesn't exist, you just go along and enjoy this "scary" thrill. 

Kuala Lumpur Kids: A Coatamundi @ KL Tower Animal Zone

Aaahh.. but the kids? they stayed quiet through out, probably out of shock..traumatised.. my 2.5 yo started crying when it's all 4 yo kept asking in his sad voice "Why do we have to go for the "show" Daddy?" and afterwards kept asking more questions unrelentingly..wanting an answer as to why we subjected him to such torture.. what warrants this punishment.. sigh.. I knew this would happen..I felt really awful not putting my feet poor kids.. The last simulation ride effectively erased from their memories all the fun things that we did with them that day prior to the ride, all that is haunting them is the ride.. man.. what a waste of bonding time... if you have small kids like mine, please avoid the XD Theater while 10 years old onwards might really find it fun. 

Kuala Lumpur Kids: First time seeing and albino turtle @ KL Tower Animal Zone

Kuala Lumpur Kids: A two-headed turtle! That is real! 

For admission prices and operating hours, please visit KL Tower's official website here.