Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halal Korean Food @ Food Garden, The Gardens Mall

Last Sunday, we decided to go to The Gardens Mall to check out kids e-world (an indoor playground). En-route, we passed by Food Garden so we stopped for a quick brunch. Food Garden is more or less the same like Food Republic / Food Junction at Mid Valley Mega Mall, Pavillion and One Utama. I like this one better than Food Junction at Mid Valley Mega Mall as even thoough it has less variety, there is less crowd (Food Junction at Mid Valley is always brimming with people) and it is very much cleaner. 

Sam-Sam Korean @ Food Gardens The Gardens Mall

As per always, I zoomed into the Korean Food Stall as it is difficult to find halal korean food in Kuala Lumpur except for stalls like this. So far, I haven't even come across a halal korean restaurant in Kuala Lumpur yet. Hmm.. this halal korea stall is called Sam-Sam Korean. Ordered the usual Bibimbap Set :) costed RM21++ with tax. The set comes with kimchi soup, and banchan(boiled potatoes and kimchi), I asked for some miso soup and the waitress added it in foc :)

At first sight, the rice looked kind of little but you realize after a while that you can hardly finish it as the bowl is rounder than usual hence the rice are spread out more. The vegetables here are so fresh and crunchy, I love how the taste of the carrots, cucumbers and white radish all come together with the beef and egg and sour and spicy kimchi soup :) Aaaaahhh... a nice brunch indeed :) Of course, I always tell myself that I am not in the position to comment on Korean Food as I am not a korean and have never tasted "authentic"korean dishes prepared by native koreans, so how do I know that what I am tasting is how it is supposed to taste like? Especially kimchi.. I always wonder is that how it REALLY taste like? ah well.. I guess I will never know :) All I do know is that this is my favorite halal korean stall at the moment and I will come again should the craving for halal korean food hits again :)

Kebab House @ Food Garden - This set comes with gravy, garlic paste and a fruit side

Hubby didn't fare to good with his selection of rice form Kebab House though.. the dish is non-descript, hardly worth saying anything about it. Maybe, it was trying to imitate Naab but failed considerably. I don't think hubby will order from that stall ever again. 

Kids went for hot dogs at the western stall and even we have to admit that the hot dog were nice (pricey at RM12.90) the hot dogs were long and tender. I am not sure what is that red spice all over the hot dogs but it is not hot at all. My 2.5 yo went for the fries as always and mummy dig into the coleslaws which s also very fresh and crispy and not loaded with mayo. 

The fussy kids eating their hot dogs :)

Would have loved to try the desserts, the snow floss desserts looked very interesting but for now.. the kids are already eagerly asking for the indoor play and off we go!

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