Sunday, December 8, 2013

Halal Restaurant Berjaya Time Square :Dubu-Dubu Korean Restaurant at Level 4

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Halal Korean Restaurant in Berjaya Times Square ; Dubu-dubu

Ahhh.. December school holidays.. always a period where friends and family will go up to Kuala Lumpur for a short holiday.Since dearest cousin drove up with her family last week, we spent some time together to let the kids enjoy themselves. After doing Kidzania and getting very tired the day before, we decided to just go Berjaya Times Square the day after for a less "hectic" entertainment.

Even though there were not much rides for the kids, we did spend a good 2.5 hours inside Berjaya Times Square theme park (what did we do???) by 5pm the kids were cranky from hunger and we were cracking our brains where is the best place to eat in Berjaya Times Square? Trouble with Berjaya Times Square is the lack of detailed directory on each floor, if you go to the elevator you will only see Level 3 Cafes and Restaurants, Level 4 Cafes and Restaurants.. and so on and so on.. *not helpful!* Luckily cousin and her husband remembered they saw a korean restaurant when coming up to the theme park and so we decided to go there and ask if they are halal. 

Dubu-Dubu korean restaurant is at level 4 of Berjaya Times Square and we saw a lot of muslim patrons and muslim servers. We asked the malay waiter if Dubu-dubu is halal and he said yes. So, Dubu-dubu it is then! (Please note that afterwards I did a check on and couldn't find the company listed, so most probably this restaurant is not halal certifed by Jakim, so if you are particular about certification, then this place may not be suitable for you)

We ordered:

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Halal Korean Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur : Dubu-dubu @ Berjaya Times Sq

Honey Garlic Bulgogi set comes with soup and 3 banchaans. The rice is a mixture of rice and glutinous rice. Though the color might turn off your kids but the taste is the same as normal rice. The banchaans was a tad disappointing. Macaroni? kimchi and long beans. But the kids seems to really like the macaroni. The adults all agree that the kimchi is not as nice as other places but the long beans were quite ok, crispy though a bit oily. Hubby commented that the bulgogi has more onions than beef while cousin's hubby said that the onions are very sweet. The garlic taste in the bulgogi is mild and not overpowering so even my 3.5 yo can eat this dish.

I ordered Beef Soondubu Jigae, it's a spicy soup with beef and lots of tofu.. I find it a tad spicy if you sip it on its own but pretty nice when you eat it with the rice. Hubby (mine :p ) and cousin tried a bit of the soup and they loved it too :) I find that the beef portion is also a bit too little plus mine have some with the tough veins which I don't quite favor. But, overall also a nice dish.

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Halal Korean Pancakes :Pa-Jeon @ Dubu-dubu Berjaya Times Sq

Korean pancakes! Savoury not sweet, with prawns and vegetables in it and comes with a side sauce (Sesame and soy I think). Nice!

where to eat at berjaya times square halal food
Korean Honey Mustard Chicken Wings @ Dubu-dubu Berjaya Times Square

Korean Honey Mustard Chicken Wings for the kids and also my chicken crazy hubby :) Chicken wings are super crispy and super duper small haha! Very sweet but my 3.5 yo find the mustard taste too strong for his liking. The adults love this!

dubu-dubu korean restaurant halal
Korean Spicy Chicken Wings @ Dubu-dubu

Of course hubby had to order another plate of chicken wings since the chicken is so small :p By this time my seams were bursting so I didn't eat this, hubby said he prefers the Honey Mustard Chicken Wings.

halal korean food kuala lumpur
Halal Ramyeon @ Dubu-dubu Berjaya Times Square

For my noodle crazy 5 yo son, we ordered Ramyeon, but asked them if they can make it non-spicy instead (cos the promotion was for Spicy Ramyeon) the cook obliged and man did the Ramyeon taste good! The broth was yummy and the prawns fresh and juicy! Even hubby and I ate this haha!

korean drinks
Citron Tea @ Dubu-dubu; Berjaya Times Square 

Ok, Citron Tea and Korea is like synonymous to me to of course I must have this! But, I am used to making one myself from the one that comes in a jam jar and I like mine sweet and thick so, this version is a bit on the sour side for me but still a nice way to finish a great Korean meal. We will be back!

Dubu-Dubu is at:

#04-99 and #04-99A
4th Floor Berjaya Times Square.

Dubu-dubu also has outlets at:

Mid Valley:
LG048, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall

One Utama:
Lot S345, 2nd Floor,
One Utama

Sunway Pyramid:
LG2.92 Lower Ground 2,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Centro Mall:
G125, Ground Floor,
Centro Mall, Klang