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Singapore for Kids Attraction : Port Of Lost Wonder - Sentosa

sentosa water playground for kids
Port of Lost Wonder - nearest car park

Finally, a weekend in Singapore for some fun for the kids and bonding time as a family. Our chosen destination? Port Of Lost Wonder @ Palawan Beach (well, technically, its nearer to Siloso Beach). But, yeah.. mommy was super excited! Msg-ed my friend first to ask if there's halal food and she advised best to eat before going first, read some reviews that halal food is not available at Port Of Lost Wonder BUT when we were there, we saw 7-11 at the entrance and 7-11 sells those halal sandwiches in the chiller, if you don't mind eating that AND I asked one of the muslim staff (I saw a lot of Malay Muslim staff) and she said that the restaurant has a separate halal menu that you can order from and the food will be prepared in another halal kitchen nearby and be brought there for us to enjoy either at the restaurant or the picnic area. Lovely arrangement isn't it? Of course, the staff didn't check our bags and I saw a few group of muslim families having a picnic with food that they brought in.

singapore attractions for kids sentosa
Port of Lost Wonder - Curio Exchange is where you buy the admission tickets

When we arrived, there was a birthday party going on in a huge tent near "The Secret Entrance" cute isn't it. The kids there looked like they were having loads of fun. Man, if I have the money and I stay in Singapore, I would also like to have my kids' birthday parties there haha.. what can be more fun than birthday parties with water play?

singapore kids club sentosa
Singapore attractions for kids - Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa

The water play area is not huge like Wild Wild Wet but for $15 entrance fee per child (adults enter free), I think it's good enough. The center of attraction is of course the pirate ship that the kids can clamber on and then slide down to the water. There are a few slides suitable for different age range. The water is not deep as it is not meant for swimming. There's also a different area for babies / toddlers but unless your baby / toddler has an elder sibling that can enjoy the facilities there, you might as well just bring your toddler to the free water playground at other malls :)

best water playground singapore
Singapore Kids Attraction @ Sentosa - Port of Lost Wonder

My kids really like the place as it also has a sand area where they can kick around a ball and also make sand castles. My elder one was also excited to shoot some hoops, but when we were there the sun was a bit hot and the artificial grass was not kind to the feet so we scratch that idea away. 

sentosa with kids
Port of Lost Wonder - Bubble Play schedule

An announcement was made and the kids from the birthday party rushed to the bubble play area.. woohoo.. looks like sooo much fun.. we had to contend with waiting for our turn then. The bubble play is for 20 mins and you have to pay 30 curios to enter (you get 100 curios per paying child when they give you the Port Of Lost Wonder Passport).

where to go with kids in singapore
Playing with sand at Port of Lost Wonder - Sentosa

singapore kids places
My aspiring footballer @ Port of Lost Wonder - Sentosa

Other activities are also available but you have to check their schedule, when we were there, they also had an announcement for "design your own t-shirts" for 100 curios. My kids didn't take part though since they were so engrossed building sand castles. (We bought the sand toys, floats and ball at 7-11 near the entrance but the shop in Port Of Lost Wonder also sell sand toys). We spent a good 3 hours in Port of Lost Wonder and the kids actually didn't want to go back but the clouds were looming and I was worried we might be caught there since there is no sheltered walkway between Port of Lost Wonder and the Beach Station Car Park. So, off we went then quickly before the downpour starts It was a lovely day spent together as a family and the kids really enjoyed themselves :) This might just be their favorite sand playground and water playground yet :)

singapore fun places for kids
Parents chilling out at the "Hatch Patch" great for picnics, the restaurant can send your food here for you to enjoy

Port of Lost Wonder is at Palawan Beach but it is nearer to Siloso Beach, so follow the sign to Siloso Beach / Beach Station and park at Beach Station Car Park then head left to Palawan Beach and you will reach  Port of Lost Wonder in less than 5 minutes!

Find more information about Port of Lost Wonder at their website here.

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