Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Halal Subway Alternative in Singapore : Which? Sandwich @ Arab Street

*Dear readers, my sources informed me that the outlet at Baghdad Street is closed and Which Sandwich now operates at Asli Village; Downtown East, Pasir Ris. For Ramadhan 2014 they do have stalls at the Woodlands bazaar, Tampines (MRT) bazaar and the Sultan's Gate Bazaar.*

Ok, I read about Which? Sandwich a few months back when they appeared in BH/BM but of course never got the chance to try it. Hubby wasn't in the mood for sandwich especially with us living in KL where subway is every where :p But, last weekend after a very heavy meal at Shahrazat Restaurant at Arab Street, I saw that Which? Sandwich is just opposite and I'm like "No way am I going to let this chance slip by!" So, I said to hubby let's buy 2 sandwiches back for my dearest sister and her husband haha.. 

halal food blog singapore
The Halal Version of Subway in Singapore : Which? Sandwich @ Arab Street

It was drizzling when we got out of Shahrazat Restaurant so I dashed quickly across the street and nearly gone in a different eatery. Which? Sandwich is very small and besides it is another small eatery, so make sure you get the right one! Inside Which? Sandwich there is also another mamak stall! Will wonders never cease? Now I understand why the sentence "Big Dreams Come From Small Places!" is displayed prominently at the board :)

halal food at arab street singapore
Halal Alternative to Subway in Singapore: Which? Sandwich @ Arab Street 

Inside the -shall I say- cafe? there is a small table that sits two, while outside there are two table that sit 6 each -I think- So, I think the place caters more to takeaways. Thing is they not only sell sandwiches, but kebabs, pizzas, stack sandwiches (that looked absolutely appetizing kind of reminded me of O'Briens Triple Decker but triple upsized) all which to me, are best enjoyed hot from the kitchen. So, yup space constraint is a bit of a bummer. I don't think it's suitable for families with small kids as the tables are just beside the roadside. Pack n go is the name of the game here. If you are lucky to get a table, grab it fast and enjoy your sandwiches there :)

makanan halal di arab street
Which? Sandwich menu

The menu looks something like Subway's menu right? The only difference is you can't customize it the way Subway lets you. But hey.. it's good enough for me. Cheese n Steak (which is also my Subway preferred sandwich with honey oat bread.. yummy.. ) was sold out that day, so I bought for lil sis BBQ Chicken Ranch and cheesy Meatball. 

halal restaurants at arab street
Halal Subway Alternative @ Arab Street - Which? Sandwich

which sandwich arab street review
Singapore's halal version of Subway - Which? Sandwich @ Arab Street

Couldn't snap a decent picture with my iphone while I'm there and then when back home couldn't pry the sandwich open in half so I can take picture of its filling without making both my sister and her husband lose their appetite for the sandwiches. 

Overall, sister said the sandwich tasted quite ok, but like hubby said.. how can anyone go wrong with a sandwich? My verdict? Good value for money food to satisfy the tummy :) 

Find out more about Which? Sandwich on their fb page here.

Map of Which? Sandwich at Arab Street (well, actually 18 Baghdad Street):

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