Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best Nasi Lemak in Tampines - Istanbul Coffee shop @ Blk 476

best nasi lemak tampines food
Famous Nasi Lemak @ Istanbul Coffee Shop; Blk 476 Tampines 

famous hawkers singapore
Queuing for Nasi Lemak @ Istanbul Coffee Shop; Blk 476 Tampines

I have been forever wanting to write about Istanbul Coffee shop at Blk 476 Tampines St 44. It's a halal coffee shop near my place, one where hubby will head to when buying nasi lemak for our breakfast in the morning. Usually he tapau it back for us since the kiddos wakes up late but since last weekend we woke up extra early, we had our breakfast there :)

It was about 10 am and there is already a queue. The nasi lemak here is fragrant, the chicken wings crispy and the sambal sweet but has gotten less spicy ( kind of a bummer for me). The stall next to it sells Nasi Campur and I tried the nasi rawan there before, it's not bad and there's not much of a queue.

halal food blog singapore
Singapore street food : Famous Nasi Lemak @ Tampines

At the other side of the coffee shop is a stall selling traditional malay kueh. Waaahh.. for a dessert person like me that is just perfect! I always like some kueh kueh after breakfast (heck even before breakfast :p )

kueh lopes singapore
Kueh Lopes @ Instanbul Coffee Shop 

In the evening, the seafood stall opens and the seafood dishes are also nice (though not many seats are available - I always tapau back home). The seafood stall hires chinese cooks but the muslim owner is in charge of buying the halal supplies and oversees the operations in the evening as well so yup it's halal seafood by chinese cooks yummy! 

Next time you are craving for nasi lemak and don't want to go all the way to Changi, head to Istanbul Coffee Shop instead :)

Istanbul Coffee Shop is at :

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