Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Halal Kids-Friendly Eatery: Meatballs @ Ikea Tampines Singapore

restaurants with play area singapore
The kids play area near the family seating area at Ikea Tampines

Spent the last 2 weeks of November in Singapore helping younger sis clear out the old room, throw out decade old junk and buy new furniture from -where else?- Ikea. Brought along my 5 yo and he had fun running around Ikea and testing the beds and sofas :) 

halal food at ikea tampinesAfterwards, we decided to try out the halal meatballs since we have never tried it before. We were wondering what is so good about it that people like eating at Ikea?

Personally, I don't quite like eating at Ikea as I feel that the halal variety is limited and food quality and taste is just so-so. I guess people come here for the value.

The halal meatballs come with a side of mashed potato and some kind of jam. We were also pleasantly surprised that kids under 12 gets free pasta! Only bolognaise though and the child must be present when ordering. I am not sure that you have to order a dish in order to get the free pasta or not? and whether there is a limit to how many child per paying customer is eligible for the free pasta. 

child eats free singapore
Free pasta for kids <12!
We also didn't know that there is an area where the kids can play while the parents can eat in peace and observe the kids from a safe distance, else we would have sat there (near the toilets and surau area).

Kiddo found it after a trip to the toilet after we have finished eating. I couldn't let him play long since we were still in the midst of shopping hehe.. he made me promise to take him there again :) so I guess next time we are back in Singapore, we might just eat the halal meatballs again!