Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Second Google Adsense Cheque (Singapore)

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My second google adsense cheque :)

Yeay! My second google adsense cheque came in by mail today :) I was quite shocked to see that the cheque arrived quite fast, the cheque is dated 27 November and it took only 3 days for the cheque to reach me :)

This second google adsense cheque came after 10 months of earnings, still very little as compared to power bloggers but I am quite happy with my progress. Considering I didn't really blog much for the first 6 months of the year as I thought I would like to concentrate more on making iPhone apps to be a millionaire (that didn't work out too well but is still making some $$ per month- though not enough to recoup my capital as yet)

This second google adsense cheque also effectively makes my google adsense earnings higher than my Nuffnang earnings, which after slightly more than 1 year is still showing less than RM30 for my Cost Per Click Campaign. If you compare the fact that 48% of my google adsense clicks come from Malaysia and 34% comes from Singapore, the figures show that Adsense is still a much better performer than Nuffnang even for the Asia Pacific region if you are a small time blogger like me. Another factor that contributes to the increase in earnings is also Google Adsense in my YouTube videos, which while miniscule at around USD2 per month, helps makes a difference in making the next cheque come a month or two earlier than previously :) 

My YouTube account was activated quite some time ago but wasn't eligible for monetization since my videos were not very popular but I think one video hit 5000 views and suddenly all my videos were eligible for monetization and so I started making more basic kids flashcard like videos just for fun. (Either that or maybe there was a change in policy that allows all YouTube videos to be monetized regardless of the number of views?)

I am still quite a happy Google Adsense publisher and am keeping a modest target of 8 months for the next payout :)  

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