Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Children Dentist in Singapore Dr Ong Yean Sze @ Kids Dental World

best children dentist in singapore
Dr Ong's own pediatric dentist practice @ Kids Dental World, Mount Elizabeth Novena

It's that time again! The kids are visiting their dentist and our favorite pediatric dentist in Singapore is of course the ever popular Dr Ong Yean Sze (formerly @ Smile Focus). I didn't know that Dr Ong had left Smile Focus so I called up Smile Focus and made an appointment for both of my kids. My first son had seen her before when she was at Smile Focus and both of us really like her. She makes the visit to the dentist so much fun and not scary at all. Fortunately, I asked whether the pediatric dentist would be Dr Ong and the receptionist then informed me that Dr Ong has opened her own practice. A quick google search shows that Dr Ong is now operating from her own clinic named Kids Dental World @ Mount Elizabeth Novena (not to be confused with Mount Elizabeth @ Cairnhill opposite Paragon Shopping Centre).

Parking at Mount Elizabeth Novena is so easy as compared to Mount Elizabeth @ Cairnhill, my only gripe is that there is no halal food outlet at Mount Elizabeth Novena. You have to cross over to Novena Square Shopping Centre to gain access to halal food.

Kids Dental World is at level 8, way at the end. The set up is small but cheery. The same video games are available (Playstation and Wii if I am not mistaken), flat screen tv playing cartoons on the wall, some children books  are displayed on the wall and a small table with coffee and tea making facilities at the side of the sofa. I think Dr Ong is trying to recreate the same feel as the waiting area at Smile Focus albeit at a smaller scale given the space constraint. 

best kids dentist singapore
The small but cheery waiting area at the children dentist @ Kids Dental World, Mount Elizabeth Novena

We arrived promptly for our appointment so our waiting time was really super short, much to my kids disappointment since they wanted to play the video games longer :) 

Dr Ong saw my two boys together 3.5 yo and 5 yo and proceeded with asking me a few questions about my kids teeth before explaining about the importance of taking note the minimum amount of fluoride in the adult toothpaste that I need to start using on the kids. She then took the time to explain to the kids the difference between a milk bottle and a cup and that the kids should start drinking milk from the big boys cup, my kids were happily interacting with her and feeling like big boys when she addressed them directly :) 

Next she started their teeth inspection with the cute animal books that showcases animal with teeth (my 5 yo have read it before with her on the previous dentist visit but its the first time for my 3.5 yo) both of my kids enjoyed the book very much.

good kids dentist singapore
My 3.5 yo being so brave!! And his 5 yo brother watching at the side :)

My 3.5 yo was so brave and didn't flinch a bit when Dr Ong started cleaning his teeth, he only start to wriggle when he felt uncomfortable with the amount of toothpaste in the mouth and was ok after spitting out. Dr Ong's gentle but swift touch and encouraging words also helped tremendously. 

My 5 yo was not as brave as my 3.5 yo and was more interested in watching the TV at the ceiling then focusing on what the dentist was doing and listening to her comforting words, but he did flinch more as he has a lot of stuck food in between his teeth and I wasn't brushing him properly at the back of the mouth so Dr Ong has to work harder cleaning the teeth at the back. Nonetheless, as usual she always gets the job done and my kids teeth are always gleaming white after a trip to her dental clinic :)

pediatric dentist singapore baby bonus card
Dr Ong turning off the light for a short while so that I can snap a picture, this picture is soo going into his montessori birthday walk celebration at school next year :) 

The trip ended with Dr Ong teaching me the proper technique for brushing the kids teeth at the sides and back of the mouth and giving the kids a brand new toothbrush each. The kids came out of the room very proud of themselves. 

At the cashier, I realized that I forgot to bring my OCBC Baby Bonus card *slaps forehead* and was bracing myself for a super expensive bill above $300 since I came with two kids but the bill came up to about $250 for two kids which to me is quite manageable for a once a year visit. I guess now that Dr Ong is no longer with Smile Focus and is not at Camden Medical Centre, she can afford to charge lower fees :) 

So far, my experience with pediatric dentist in Singapore is limited to Dr JD Tan (with GPA Dental when we visited him in 2011 but I am not sure if he is still there or not) and Dr Ong Yean Sze. But, we are very happy with Dr Ong that I don't think we will look for another pediatric dentist in Singapore as long as she is still practising and her fees remain affordable :)

Kids Dental World is at:

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital 
38 Irrawaddy Road $08-33
Singapore 329563

Contact Kids Dental World @ +6566843113 or go to for more details. 

Map of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital:

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