Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Second Google Adsense Cheque (Singapore)

make money with adsense
My second google adsense cheque :)

Yeay! My second google adsense cheque came in by mail today :) I was quite shocked to see that the cheque arrived quite fast, the cheque is dated 27 November and it took only 3 days for the cheque to reach me :)

This second google adsense cheque came after 10 months of earnings, still very little as compared to power bloggers but I am quite happy with my progress. Considering I didn't really blog much for the first 6 months of the year as I thought I would like to concentrate more on making iPhone apps to be a millionaire (that didn't work out too well but is still making some $$ per month- though not enough to recoup my capital as yet)

This second google adsense cheque also effectively makes my google adsense earnings higher than my Nuffnang earnings, which after slightly more than 1 year is still showing less than RM30 for my Cost Per Click Campaign. If you compare the fact that 48% of my google adsense clicks come from Malaysia and 34% comes from Singapore, the figures show that Adsense is still a much better performer than Nuffnang even for the Asia Pacific region if you are a small time blogger like me. Another factor that contributes to the increase in earnings is also Google Adsense in my YouTube videos, which while miniscule at around USD2 per month, helps makes a difference in making the next cheque come a month or two earlier than previously :) 

My YouTube account was activated quite some time ago but wasn't eligible for monetization since my videos were not very popular but I think one video hit 5000 views and suddenly all my videos were eligible for monetization and so I started making more basic kids flashcard like videos just for fun. (Either that or maybe there was a change in policy that allows all YouTube videos to be monetized regardless of the number of views?)

I am still quite a happy Google Adsense publisher and am keeping a modest target of 8 months for the next payout :)  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Children Dentist in Singapore Dr Ong Yean Sze @ Kids Dental World

best children dentist in singapore
Dr Ong's own pediatric dentist practice @ Kids Dental World, Mount Elizabeth Novena

It's that time again! The kids are visiting their dentist and our favorite pediatric dentist in Singapore is of course the ever popular Dr Ong Yean Sze (formerly @ Smile Focus). I didn't know that Dr Ong had left Smile Focus so I called up Smile Focus and made an appointment for both of my kids. My first son had seen her before when she was at Smile Focus and both of us really like her. She makes the visit to the dentist so much fun and not scary at all. Fortunately, I asked whether the pediatric dentist would be Dr Ong and the receptionist then informed me that Dr Ong has opened her own practice. A quick google search shows that Dr Ong is now operating from her own clinic named Kids Dental World @ Mount Elizabeth Novena (not to be confused with Mount Elizabeth @ Cairnhill opposite Paragon Shopping Centre).

Parking at Mount Elizabeth Novena is so easy as compared to Mount Elizabeth @ Cairnhill, my only gripe is that there is no halal food outlet at Mount Elizabeth Novena. You have to cross over to Novena Square Shopping Centre to gain access to halal food.

Kids Dental World is at level 8, way at the end. The set up is small but cheery. The same video games are available (Playstation and Wii if I am not mistaken), flat screen tv playing cartoons on the wall, some children books  are displayed on the wall and a small table with coffee and tea making facilities at the side of the sofa. I think Dr Ong is trying to recreate the same feel as the waiting area at Smile Focus albeit at a smaller scale given the space constraint. 

best kids dentist singapore
The small but cheery waiting area at the children dentist @ Kids Dental World, Mount Elizabeth Novena

We arrived promptly for our appointment so our waiting time was really super short, much to my kids disappointment since they wanted to play the video games longer :) 

Dr Ong saw my two boys together 3.5 yo and 5 yo and proceeded with asking me a few questions about my kids teeth before explaining about the importance of taking note the minimum amount of fluoride in the adult toothpaste that I need to start using on the kids. She then took the time to explain to the kids the difference between a milk bottle and a cup and that the kids should start drinking milk from the big boys cup, my kids were happily interacting with her and feeling like big boys when she addressed them directly :) 

Next she started their teeth inspection with the cute animal books that showcases animal with teeth (my 5 yo have read it before with her on the previous dentist visit but its the first time for my 3.5 yo) both of my kids enjoyed the book very much.

good kids dentist singapore
My 3.5 yo being so brave!! And his 5 yo brother watching at the side :)

My 3.5 yo was so brave and didn't flinch a bit when Dr Ong started cleaning his teeth, he only start to wriggle when he felt uncomfortable with the amount of toothpaste in the mouth and was ok after spitting out. Dr Ong's gentle but swift touch and encouraging words also helped tremendously. 

My 5 yo was not as brave as my 3.5 yo and was more interested in watching the TV at the ceiling then focusing on what the dentist was doing and listening to her comforting words, but he did flinch more as he has a lot of stuck food in between his teeth and I wasn't brushing him properly at the back of the mouth so Dr Ong has to work harder cleaning the teeth at the back. Nonetheless, as usual she always gets the job done and my kids teeth are always gleaming white after a trip to her dental clinic :)

pediatric dentist singapore baby bonus card
Dr Ong turning off the light for a short while so that I can snap a picture, this picture is soo going into his montessori birthday walk celebration at school next year :) 

The trip ended with Dr Ong teaching me the proper technique for brushing the kids teeth at the sides and back of the mouth and giving the kids a brand new toothbrush each. The kids came out of the room very proud of themselves. 

At the cashier, I realized that I forgot to bring my OCBC Baby Bonus card *slaps forehead* and was bracing myself for a super expensive bill above $300 since I came with two kids but the bill came up to about $250 for two kids which to me is quite manageable for a once a year visit. I guess now that Dr Ong is no longer with Smile Focus and is not at Camden Medical Centre, she can afford to charge lower fees :) 

So far, my experience with pediatric dentist in Singapore is limited to Dr JD Tan (with GPA Dental when we visited him in 2011 but I am not sure if he is still there or not) and Dr Ong Yean Sze. But, we are very happy with Dr Ong that I don't think we will look for another pediatric dentist in Singapore as long as she is still practising and her fees remain affordable :)

Kids Dental World is at:

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital 
38 Irrawaddy Road $08-33
Singapore 329563

Contact Kids Dental World @ +6566843113 or go to for more details. 

Map of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital:

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Programme for Kids December 2013 - Mika and Umair bake raisin bread @ KAAMP- Rochester Mall

holiday programmes december 2013 singapore
Waiting for their bread making workshop to start @ KAAMP - Rochester Mall

Since we are going to be in Singapore for the last two weeks of November, I thought I should take advantage of the various holiday programmes that the numerous centres in Singapore offer. Unfortunately, most of the holiday camps are on the pricey side, ranging around $350 for 3-4 (half days) camp. Signing up two kids can cost about $700 which is waaay more than what I would like to spend on a holiday programme. My preference would be for a one off art / music and dance / cooking class that is less than $100. 

While googling about for December 2013 holiday programmes for kids in Singapore, I chanced upon Kent Ridge Education Hub's offer on groupon for a cupcake decorating class that cost about $35 for a 2-hour workshop, but the minimum age is 4 years old and my second son is 3.5 years old, so I called up the centre to ask if they can still take in my 3.5yo. In my excitement, I forgot to check the date of the groupon and was informed that the offer has expired. But, the lady on the line also added that they can take my 3.5 yo as he is quite independent (based on my input) and we can register instead for their on-going Junior Chef Shake and Bake Workshop on Saturday or Sunday as one-time participants for $42.80 per child. And I said "Great!" 

Rochester Mall was a bit far off from my mom's place but we managed to get there in time today @ 10.30 am. Level 3 of Rochester Mall is predominantly tenanted by learning / enrichment centres like Cristofori, My Gym, Buttercup Montessori, Z Fencing, Kent Ridge Tutors, Abrakadoodle and a Mandarin Centre. 

Kent Ridge Education Hub was easy to find, just turn right when you get out of the elevator and go up the ramp, Kent Ridge Education Hub is just on the right with the words "KAAMP" prominently displayed. 
kids holiday programme singapore december 2013baking class for kids december holidays singapore 2013

When we were there, there was only one other boy that came for the class and I was told that today's schedule is Raisin Bread and not cupcake decorating. I wasn't really bothered since I just want the kids to do something. The instructor was young and I could see that my 3.5 yo was taking a lot of her time and attention instead of being independent as I attested to :p (was starting to feel a wee bit guilty) But, I assuaged my guilt with the fact that at least there was only one other boy other than my two boys in the class so it's not too bad. But, yes, in retrospect now I know that my 3.5 yo is not yet ready for a cooking class hehe.. 
Showing off their bread before enjoying them hot :) 

My kids really enjoyed pouring the flour and mixing all the ingredients, kneading the dough, playing with flour with their hands and watching the dough puffed up in the oven. They were laughing and having a good time. After their bread is ready, they are allowed to bring it back home in their tupperware (brought from home). They were so excited that they ate the bread at a sitting area @ Rochester Mall itself. Mummy couldn't resist trying out some of it and yummy! the bread was delish! Of course, my 3.5yo didn't knead his dough very well so his didn't turn out to be so fluffy but it was nice all the same! I couldn't believe it and I thought to myself "I should keep this recipe for my own reference" then upon reading the recipe, I realized that the instructor had prepared the dough earlier since it needs to be left to rise for about 1 hour or 2 :p nonetheless it was a great time spent for my two kids and they were very happy about it :) 

Here are a few of their brochures if you are keen on their upcoming programmes for kids this December 2013 school holidays (or add KAAMP Singapore on fb to get more info on their activities):

(click on the picture to see clearer)

classes for kids december 2013 school holidays

little chefs holiday programes for kids

kids events singapore 2013 december

Walking about the 3rd level of Rochester Mall, I saw Abrakadoodle and a poster of their holiday camp called "Yummy Art Camp" it's a 3 or 4 days art programme 9.30am-12.30am for 3-4 years old, 5-8 years old and 9-12 years old. I was sooo tempted to register my kids but the price of the camp is about $342 per child  before a 5 or 10% discount if I register two kids. I was really keen but thinking back, the money could be put to a better use so I decided not to. I tried to find the poster on their website but couldn't seem to find it. so, here is a picture of their brochure (crumpled by me *sorry*) 

december 2013 holiday programme for kids singapore

kids event december 2013 school holidays singapore

I also saw a Holiday Program by My Gym for 3-8 years old @ $50 for non-members (Winter Wonderland OR Wonders of Nature; refer to brochure for dates) and an outdoor camp on 20th Dec 2013  @ $110 (non-members) for 4-10 years old. Now, this price is easier on the wallet but sadly, we will not be in Singapore by then :( 

december 2013 school holidays kids programs

school holidays camps december 2013

activities for kids december 2013 school holidays

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arabic worksheets for kids 20 Nov 2013

Assalamualaikum readers,

This is the last instalment of the worksheets for kids to recognize Hijaiyah Letters. These three pages are for letters ك-ي . I have omitted the letters لا  and ء from the worksheet as these two letters (in my opinion) do not appear as the first letter in nouns (disclaimer - I could be wrong here). 

As usual, you are free to use the worksheet for non-commercial purposes. The rights to the images belong to their prospective owners. 

I hope your kids will benefit from these. 

bahasa arab pra sekolah

huroof hijaiyah

hijaiyah letters for kids

Arabic Version:

arabic letters

allif ba ta for preschool

اللغة العربية للأطفال

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iqra / Alif Ba Ta Worksheet for Pre-school 19 Nov 2013

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

It has been a long time since I updated the recognizing arabic letters worksheets. Below are the worksheets for the letters ع - ك . The child is asked to color the correct letter that each word begins with. 

As usual, you are free to use the worksheet for personal / school use but not for commercial use. I do not own the copyright to the images used. 

The worksheets comes in two versions, one with english instructions and the other with arabic instructions. 

Hope the below worksheets are beneficial to you. 


latihan huruf hijaiyah untuk PASTI

تمرينات اللغة العربية للأ طفال

الألوان للأ طفال

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kapitan Restaurant (Gurney) & Slow Rock Cafe (Batu Ferringhi) Penang

Still on halal food in Penang mode, why is this post in English where as the two earlier posts are in Malay? As usual, the reasons are because I want to monitor which language and keywords will lead to higher traffic and ad clicks and also because the first two posts on Penang Halal food are more relevant to the malays anyway, well the second one about the International Hotel Coffee House Nasi Padang Minang might be relevant to you if you like to eat Malaysian style rice and curry-  the gist of that entry is that I highly recommend that place and you should come early as by 3pm there will only be leftovers.

Now back to Kapitan Restaurant at no 93 Chulan Street, Penang. We headed to Kapitan Restaurant cos it was already 3pm and the Nasi Padang Minang was only left with a few dishes. Hubby tried it before when he went to Penang for training and said the naan is nice but the butter chicken is just ordinary. So, we parked somewhere at the road side (err. where else??) and dashed under the drizzling rain with our two sleeping kids in our arms.. (sigh.. the life of parents).

The place was still crowded at 3pm some table are empty but with dirty plates on the table and rubbish on the floor. We headed somewhere nearer to the front, so that it will be easier to call the staff. I stood at the side of an empty table with my sleeping son still in my arms so that the staff will pity me and come and clean the table and take our orders quickly. It worked like a charm haha.. 

We ordered 1 cheese naan set with tandoori chicken, 1 garlic naan set with tandoori chicken and teh tarik kurang manis (that's indian style tea with milk but less sweet). Took forever for the naan to come, hubby was quite fidgety, while I rationalised that the naan probably needs to be cooked longer in the oven :p The naan came *cold* and hubby gave me "the look". Oh-kay.. I get it.. that is his "I told you so" look and "you should have listened to me and start being your irritating self and pester the waiter for our food as u always do" look . Typical of him always being the good guy and letting me be the bad guy. 

kapitan restaurant review penang
Garlic Naan @ Kapitan Restaurant, Georgetown

I wasn't really that hungry, that explains my unusually strange, calm behaviour, the naan, cold as I mentioned, would have been delicious I guess, if it was served hot from the oven. The tandoori chicken was quite tender but I don't quite get the accompaniment served with the naan, (As seen in the picture) I am assuming that the brown one is a very weak dhal, while the red one is a sweet chili sauce and the green one is a diluted mint chutney. I love the naan and the chicken, but the accompaniment is very disappointing. The teh tarik ( didn't snap a picture - very difficult with the sleeping kiddos) was still sweet even when we requested for a less sweet version. 

Most of the patrons were locals when we were there, but there was a table with two eurasian ladies. Maybe they were being adventurous. But, if you are looking to sample local eats in Penang for your holiday, be prepared to eat on a sticky table and put your feet on the not so clean floor here. Please don't come looking like you are regretting your decision. 

Inside Kapitan Restaurant

The interior of Kapitan Restaurant-brace yourself for this kind of environment

Seems like Kapitan Restaurant is also famous for its bryani, claypot bryani and nasi kandar, but we didn't try all those cos we were saving space for Adnan Ikan Bakar visit later in the evening. The review for Adnan Ikan Bakar is here though the post is in Malay. 

batu ferringhi halal food
Slow Rock Cafe opposite Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Penang

The next day, after a visit to Penang Toy Museum and Butterfly Farm with the kids, we were just looking for a place to eat near the hotel since the kids were sleeping, again! So, we parked opposite Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and ate at a small roadside cafe called "Slow Rock Cafe". We thought it was just a jibe at Hard Rock Cafe Hotel but turns out it is also because you can karaoke for free at the cafe if you are a patron. So we ate there while the owner belted out Hindustani songs at the background. 

penang halal food
Malay - Style Prawn Noodles @ Slow Rock Cafe

We didn't really know what to order but since Malay Style Prawn Noodle is quite a famous dish in Penang, I thought I would just give it a try here. Hubby ordered Char Kway Teow (thinking that it is the chinese style) and wasn't really expecting the Malay- style char kway teow to be served (ok i feel a bit bad for not telling him beforehand but... sometime it's just best to let him discover things on his own without me butting in all the time haha) Hubby also ordered chicken satay. 

While we were eating, only locals came in to patronize the place. There were two eurasian guys who came in to have a look and then decided to leave. Yes, I would think there are more delicious non-halal options for you guys out there!

malaysian cuisine penang
Malay Style Char Kway Teow @ Slow Rock Cafe

The malay style prawn noodles was quite ok, not that I was expecting much, since this wasn't one of the recommended prawn noodle stalls. But, at RM12 I find it a bit on the high side even though the serving was very generous with the prawns. Hubby, on the other hand, found his Char Kway Teow a bit soggy and preferred my prawn noodles.

Chicken satay @ Slow Rock Cafe, Penang

The peanut sauce @ Slow Rock Cafe, Penang

The chicken satay that we ordered was not quite satay, I would say it's more like chicken kebab and  a plain one at that. The peanut sauce? Not representative of the usual peanut sauce. I am not too sure, maybe this is a version of satay that I am not familiar with. Just like how Minang Satay is different from Malaysia / Singapore satay this might be a different kind of satay that I have not tasted before.

Overall, don't expect much from this cafe. Service is also quite slow. So don't come ravenous. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kedai Nasi Campur Best di Penang - Nasi Padang Minang @ Georgetown

nasi padang penang georgetown
Halal Food @ Penang : Nasi Padang Minang @ Kedai Kopi International Hotel, 92 Transfer Road.

Ok.. sapa-sapa yang kenal I ni memang tahu yang I ni feveret nasi campur.. memang tak boleh hidup tanpa nasi hehe. antara steak dengan nasi campur.. give me nasi campur anytime! antara chinese seafood dengan nasi campur.. give me nasi campur also!!! haha.. sungguh berbeza tekak I ni dari suami I..I lebih rela makan asam pedas ikan duri dari crispy soft shell crab, lebih suka makan ikan cencaru dari thai green curry haha.. jadi bila dapat tahu ada famous nasi padang restaurant @ Penang ni.. wajiblah pergi!! nasi kandar tak pergi takpe.. dah try sekali nasi kandar line clear.. tak berapa minat lah.. lagipun tak sesuai dengan anak kecik dua orang.. jadi hari terakhir di Penang, I dengan husband pakat2 tak payah makan breakfast @ hotel kita terus check out then makan tengahari @ Nasi Padang Minang (International Hotel Coffee House)!

Sebenarnya, hari kedua kami di Penang tu, dah datang dah International Hotel Coffee House ni tapi lambatlah dalam kul 3.. lauk banyak dah habis.. tinggal curry2 je..ayam pun tinggal satu je.. jadi kita cakap kita datang lain hari je lah.. pakcik tu kata dia mula niaga seawal 10.30 pagi.. waah.. awal betul tu..

kedai makan tengahari pulau pinang
Makan Best @ Penang: Nasi Padang Minang @ 92 Transfer Road

Hari terakhir kami di Penang, kami datang ke Nasi Padang Minang jam 11.20 pagi, parking memang susah, kita parking tepi Caltex je.. lambat sikit datang sure takde parking. Masa kami sampai tu, cuma 3 meja penuh, duduk tak sampai 5 minit, semua meja dah penuh kecuali satu.. waaah.. nasib baik datang cepat.. 

lauk pauk memang banyak.. ulam-ulam pun banyak dan fresh.. sup sayur ada.. pucuk ubi masak lemak ada.. rendang ada.. sambal sotong kering ada.. begedil.. telur asin... yang pentingnya.. rambang lah mata.. sampai tak tahu nak amik apa!

Lauk-lauk yang kita makan:

good malay food in penang

Ulam Raja and sambal belacan, a must have for me kalau makan nasi hehe.. 

makan sedap di penang

Ayam masak lemak ni versi orang padang tak silap I hehe sedap dan tak berapa pedas.

makanan halal penang

Sambal sotong kering and rendang daging, ni feveret hubby.. rasa rendang dia sedap cuma daging kurang empuk, sotong pun ok tak lah pedas berapi tapi sotong pun tak selembut yang I suka..

Air kat kedai ni order dengan towkay cina (tu sebab nama dia kedai kopi International Hotel) makanan bayar dengan orang melayu kita yang jual nasi padang.. air dia biasa-biasa je lah..

All in all, makanan di sini memang sedap,cuma sayang lauk pauk nya tak dihidangkan panas2 (like the way I like it) itu je my only complain. Restoran kebersihan bagus, tempat duduk dan dekor basic je.. please provide entertainment for your own kids supaya mereka boleh duduk diam dan tak gangu orang lain sebab tempat makan dia memang sempit dan takde ruang untuk budak2 nak lompat2 ke lari2 (macam anak2 i suka buat haha).

Restoran ni je lah yang sempat nak singgah untuk breakfast / makan tengahari di Penang, niat di hati nak cuba makanan di Astaka Taman Tun Sardon tak kesampaian..

Ada jugak yang rekomen Tari Cafe, Tanjung Tokong untuk makan tengahari pun tak sempat! Next time Penang! :)

Adnan Ikan Bakar Teluk Tempoyak - Penang

3 tahun lepas pada 2010, saya dan keluarga pergi bercuti ke Pulau Pinang dan atas cadangan seorang pemandu teksi, kita telah mencuba Adnan Ikan Bakar di Teluk Tempoyak, Bayan Lepas walaupun tempat itu agak jauh dari kawasan hotel kami. Memang tidak menyesal pergi jauh-jauh sebab makanan dia memang sedap.. sampai sekarang kami masih teringat-ingat ikan bakar, sotong goreng tepung dan udang goreng tepung yang kami pesan tu.. 

Tahun ni cuti Deepavali dan Awal Muharram, Alhamdulillah diberi rezeki untuk ke Penang sekali lagi, of course on the agenda mesti lah nak pergi makan ikan bakar best2 @ Penang! Sebelum pergi dah berkobar-kobar lagi cari maklumat pasal ikan bakar best di Penang. Jadi senarai kedai Ikan Bakar yang patut dicuba adalah macam ni:

1. Adnan Ikan Bakar Teluk Tempoyak
2. Nurul Ikan Bakar, Batu Uban, 11700 Kampung Sungai Gelugor
3. Idrus Ikan Bakar, Batu Uban
4. Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar, No 1 Jalan Bayan Bay (tapi ni ramai kata mahal)
5. Seri Pantai Ikan Bakar, Hammer Bay, Bayan Lepas
   (dekat dengan Gold Coast Resort Condo, GPS 5.337420643830474,100.31049728393555)
6. Tanjung Pinang Cafe , Jalan Sri Tanjong Pinang, Georgetown (Yang ni sebab nak try lobster thermidor, restaurant ni more to western food)

Itulah dia senarai dia.. macam nak duduk lama pun @ penang, sekali malam pertama, gi majlis kahwin ofis mate husband I, malam kedua sempat gi Adnan Ikan Bakar (Walaupun hujan lebat sangat2 tapi kita pergi jugak sebab kalau tak pergi bila lagi??) malam ketiga ingat nak pergi Nurul Ikan Bakar.. tapi.. anak-anak buat hal tak nak keluar.. jadi makan room service aje lah :( 

ikan bakar best penang
Ni dia tempat makan dia.. @ Teluk Tempoyak..

Kali ni bila pergi Adnan Ikan Bakar @ Teluk Tempoyak, expectation mestilah tinggi kan? expectation pasal makanan lah, tempat makan tu.. basic abis.. tapi kitorang tak kisah asalkan makan best! dengan hati yang berbunga2 kitorang order ikan bakar (kedai adnan) udang goreng butter (kedai bertentangan), sotong goreng tepung (dah habis!!) dan sayur kangkung (kedai yang jual lauk ni biasa2 je masakan dia, nothing special)  

ikan bakar teluk tempoyak penang
Makanan yang kita order at Ikan Bakar Teluk Tempoyak

Bila makanan sampai.. hmm.. ikan bakar dia tak garing lah.. tak rasa rempah2 dia.. sambal kurang kick dan sambal cicah-cicah pun.. biasa jer.. udang goreng butter pun biasa je rasa dia... kangkung tu.. memang tak expect apa2 pun.. tapi yang ikan bakar dan udang goreng butter tu sebab harapan dah tinggi menggunung dan sebab kita memandu nak dekat 40 minit dari hotel semata-mata nak ikan bakar teluk tempoyak punya pasal.. jadi macam kecewa... memang dah tak sama seperti dulu.. kalau nak compare dengan ikan bakar yang paling recent I makan, JOM Ikan Bakar @ Padang Matsirat, Langkawi lagi sedap.. *sungguh hati kami kecewa* lepas ni tak pergilah lagi dah.. husband pun kecewa sampai dia kata esok tak payah lah nak drive jauh2 gi makan ikan bakar.. cari yang dekat-dekat je..  :( sekali esok memang takde rezeki nak pergi Nurul Ikan Bakar sebab anak-anak buat hal dan Tanjung Pinang Cafe pulak tutup hari Isnin. jadi malam terkakhir kami di penang tu berakhir begitu sahaja.. memang tak puas hati lah tak dapat makan seafood best di penang kali ni tapi takpelah mungkin ada rezeki boleh datang bercuti di penang lagi.. 

Trafik light ni belok kiri lah..

Papan Tanda Teluk Tempoyak