Thursday, November 24, 2016

Halal Breakfast in Perth - The Sarapan

Delicious halal Malaysian breakfast @ The Sarapan

Another long overdue post! that's what you get when you have a toddler around :p anyways, I was scrolling through my photos on my phone to make room for more photos and came across my photos of The Sarapan. Thought it would be a shame to just delete these without even blogging about it. 

So, here goes, we went to Perth sometime in April 2016 and stayed in a hotel, so definitely no cooking haha.. finding a halal restaurant that open for breakfast on a weekend is do-able but finding one that open on a weekday is very hard. 

So, by chance The Sarapan facebook page was suggested to me as I was searching for halal restaurants in Perth and coincidentally it was the weekend, so I told my husband that we are going to check it out the next day :)

Getting there was relatively easy, parking available at the roadside and we took the seats outside the restaurant so that the kids can run about outside. 

Beside The Sarapan

What else would you order for a Malaysian breakfast? Nasi Lemak and roti canai of course! We ordered Mee Rebus too :) oooh.. mustn't forget the teh tarik! Pardon the pics, it was taken with one hand holding the phone while the other fends off the baby's hands!

Halal Malaysian Breakfast in Perth @ The Sarapan

Food was nice, the picture of the Nasi Lemak does not do justice to the yummy fried chicken. We ordered eggs sunny side up as well since its more sinful that way haha. 

Teh tarik was humongous, both me and my husband couldn't finish it. We should have shared just one mug. 

halal breakfast in perth
Mee Rebus @ The Sarapan (teh tarik in the background got cut off)

The Roti Canai was a bit too oily for me but the kids ate it all up. Mee Rebus was also nice though not as nice as my mum's (hah! but then that's very subjective heh?) 

the sarapan perth
Makanan halal di Perth - Roti Canai @ The Sarapan

Hubby was so happy with breakfast that he suggested we come again the next day (Monday) and I'm like "Dear, this place only pops up during weekends." To which he replied "Well, we should have gone here on Saturday and Sunday then!" haha oklah Hubby, next trip yeah? 

The Sarapan is at :

1 Leonard Street, 
Victoria Park, 
Perth, Australia.

Map of the Sarapan:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KL with Kids - Mini Zoo @ KL Tower

This visit was like ages ago during one of the public holidays. We wanted to go to Aquaria but the queue was soooo long that we decided to just go to the super tiny aquarium (in comparison to Aquaria) at KL Tower instead. When we arrived there, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the mini zoo at KL Tower has reopened. It is now operated by the same company that operates "Farm in The City" the popular petting zoo at Sri Kembangan. 

So, basically, it is a small zoo, good enough to entertain 6 year olds and below I think. You are able to feed some of the animals like rabbits, hamsters, turtles and birds. There are a few ponies that the kids can ride on for a fee (if I remember correctly) The place is quite shaded so you do not have to worry much about being exposed to the scorching sun but it does get very warm if there is no wind. 

We went through everything in 1 hour or so but the kids love it :) Some pictures below:

KL Tower Mini Zoo

kuala lumpur attractions for kids
KL Tower Mini Zoo

KL Tower Mini Zoo - feeding the hamster

Mini Zoo at KL Tower

Monitor Lizard @ Mini Zoo KL Tower

mini zoo kuala lumpur
Squirrel Monkey @ KL Tower Mini Zoo

Ponies @ KL Tower Mini Zoo

So, if you have small kids and don't have much energy to explore Zoo Negara with your kiddos, the Mini Zoo at KL Tower might be an option. 

KL Tower Mini Zoo opening hours: 10 am - 9pm (daily)
KL Tower Mini Zoo admission fee is:

RM32 (Adult) and RM27 (Child below 11 years / Senior Citizen above 60 years)
Free entry for child below 90cm.

Map of KL Tower Mini Zoo:

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Urut mengandung di Urban Retreat ( The Curve)

urban retreat
Urut mengandung di Urban Retreat

Masa pregnant tahun lepas, badan selalu sakit2.. cari2 tukang urut yang boleh urut perempuan mengandung area PJ macam susah so.. google2 dapatlah Urban Retreat.. pergilah jugak sebulan sekali sebab ter-sign up package dia.. massage dia best pun best tapi kalau dapat tukang urut yang terbaik.. hmm.. tersangatlah best.. kalau dapat yang biasa2 je. pun ok lah cuma tak se-syiok yang terbaik tu..

Mostly, tukang urut dia, I rasa bagus sebab walaupun I tak bagitahu mana yang sakit.. diaorang ni macam tahu je bila dia start urut.. even tempat yang I tak tahu sakit pun bila dia start urut rasa perlu belaian hahah.. cuma kena hati2 bila pregnant ni memang kita rasa sakit2 kan urat2 kita janganlah pulak suruh tukang urut tu urut sampai hilang sakit (ni kes I lah ni first time sakit kat pinggul tu mati2 suruh dia urut lama, tekan2 kuat2 kat situ, terus esok badan sakit 3 hari tak boleh nak bergerak sangat)  urut biar bertahap, tak boleh kuat sangat nanti badan kita tak boleh take it, nanti bukan makin baik, tapi makin sakit. 

Satu lagi yang I suka kat sini adalah bantal dia haha.. sedap dapat baring sideways walaupun tengah sarat :p sampai lepas tu I cari pregnancy pillow (tapi jumpa yang lain sikit kat Mothercare) sebab urut kat sini lah tu..

After a while,  I dapat pulak contact satu kakak ni yang datang rumah boleh urut mengandung dan bersalin.. so sekarang ni panggil kakak ni je datang rumah, sebab consistent kan.. kita dah selesa dengan cara dia.. kalau gi urban retreat lain2 tukang urut.. tapi kadang2 rindu gak nak pergi lagi hehe 

Urban Retreat :
Lot 157, 1st Floor, The Curve Shopping Mall

No Tel : 03-7731 9829

Easy Colosseum Project For Kids

Roman Project - The Colosseum (easy ideas for kids)

Well, the teacher assigned a Roman project for my no 1 this term and Mikail decided that he wants to do the Colosseum.. Goodness.. we wouldn't have the time nor energy to do the sugar cubes, styrofoam or wooden blocks ones.. so the easiset would of course be from cardboard. But, I feel like painting the cardboard light brown would then take a longer time so I suggested we buy the large thick paper that are light brown from the art store. 

Roman project for kids ideas : The Colosseum

While at the art store, I spotted some sand and hmm.. thought it would be cool to have the base of the colosseum covered in sand. So, we grabbed that too. We used two large paper glued together, added about 1cm tab at the sides so that we can glue the two papers easier to make the elliptical shape and also a 1cm tab at the bottom (cut vertically at intervals) so that we can glue that to the white base. I feel that if we were to use normal cardboard, getting the shape will be much harder but the structure will of course be more sturdy (cos ours were blowing sideways wen facing strong wind - so scared that it will crash!)

I drew the arches on a piece of paper and then asked Mikail to trace in on the paper, cutting the arches out was my job. I felt that it seemed a bit "bare" and since we read that the first three levels of the Colosseum has different types of columns (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) I asked Mikail if he wants to print out the columns and paste it besides the arches cut outs and he said yes.

Colosseum project ideas

The hypogeum were basically strips of card boards glued on top of the base and the arena is a semicircle card board which we then glued the brown paper on top of it and the whole thing is resting on the hypogeum card board strips (glued of course).

Colosseum - easy ideas for kids

Found some animals in our toy chest and just added those in. The arena looked empty, so we printed some gladiator pictures and put that in as well and there we have it :)