Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kids trip to the Dentist @ Kota Damansara

Mikail's dental visit at Kota Damansara

Time for a dental check up for the kids but We can't make it back to Singapore to see our favorite dentist so.. have to make do with a dentist trip here in Malaysia.. asked around for recommendations as our personal experience(hubby and mine not the kids) with one of the dentist here was like a horror story. Mikail's classmate's mum recommended Dentessence at Dataran Sunway and I made an appoiontment soon after. 

Actually, the first time we came was because Mikail had one really wriggly tooth that was all out on one side and then still a bit rooted on the other side.. so.. I was too scared to take it out and I said let's just get the dentist to pull it out and the other one as well as the adult tooth is already showing behind the milk tooth. Took a bit of coaxing and he finally said ok. I was just scared that if we delay the pulling out of the tooth, he will have crooked or layered teeth..

When we came however, the dentist said that she prefers to let the tooth come out on its own (the second one) as she don't want children to grow up scared of dentists.. but she will help me pull out the first loose tooth. It was over in a few seconds and she was super gentle with my boy. That few seconds costed me RM50 though hmm.. oklah cos I pity my son as he was having difficulty eating with that loose tooth hanging around. 

The dentist also told me not to worry about the second tooth and that it is perfectly natural for the adult tooth to come out at the back and to just wait for it to come off.. oklah Mikail at least you don't have to be injected with an anesthetic and have your tooth taken out hehe.. so lucky the dentist is so pro-nature (is there even such a word ? haha) and I went back home not as worried about my son having crooked teeth 😄

We didn't do any cleaning cos I forgot to inform her about it before she pulled out the loose tooth 😅

kids dentist pj
Umair's dental visit at Dentessence - Kota Damansara

The second time we came, I made an appointment for myself, Mikail (8) and Umair (6). Mikail went first, for cleaning and scaling.. the dentist then asked if I wanted to put in protective filling for Mikail's molars as it looks like it is difficult for him to clean that part and the filling is just so that the tooth won't be damaged until all the molars have come out properly.. I said ok.. she tried.. a few times.. but the one on the right side keeps coming off after a while.. I don't know why.. (it came off right after we exited the dental clinic too, but I didn't want to go back and let my son sit through another  round of it) (Charges for Mikail was RM90 - cleaning and scaling, RM70 each for the filling)

Umair's turn was next and she said that he is too young to do scaling.. so she will just clean his tooth a bit (that was RM20) 

My turn was last.. I haven't seen a doctor for maybe 3 years (cos of very bad pregnancy and also later taking care of baby) it was ok.. I usually don't like to go to just any dentist cos of my sensitive teeth and some dental visits can be really just oh so painful but Dr Ahbirami was very gentle and I didn't feel any sensitivities at all.. turns out she also has sensitive teeth so she knows what to look out for (haha lucky me) (Charges for me was 350 including 2 fillings) 

I snapped a picture of Mikail when he was on the chair with the dentist cleaning his teeth but I feel bad to post the picture cos I don't have her permission yeah.. So I am not posting that pic. 

Her clinic is very simple but clean and although it doesn't have games for the kids to entertain themselves while waiting (actually there was minimal waiting time when we were ther, cos we just waited for each other 😬) and no dvd player above the chair while having your tooth cleaned, I think she is a very nice dentist and can handle kids very well.. 

Dentessence is at:

No 43-2, Jln PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, 
Kota Damansara

T: 03-61407567

Operating hours:

Mon - Fri: 9.00 am - 6.00pm
Sat: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Map of Dentessence:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jalan-jalan - Bandung With Kids

As previously mentioned, kita orang pergi Bandung time Christmas / year end.. traffic jam teruk sangat so we all tak jalan keluar dari kota Bandung since anak2 i masih kecil lagi (8 thn, 6 thn dan >1 thn) I baca2 dari reviu Trans Studio agak kurang sesuai.. Bandung Zoo pula dapat reviu yang teramat sangat teruk oleh kerana kondisi haiwan yang amat dhaif.. jadi kitaorang pun tak pergilah sebab tak nak menyumbang kepada animal cruelty kaaaannnn...

So, tiga tempat yang kita pergi dengan anak2 adalah: 

Tangkuban Perahu with Kids - I love this pic, its so nice! tapi in reality atmosphere dia biasa2 je haha

1) Tangkuban Perahu:

 just to see from afar je... konon2 going to see a volcano.. budak2 pun excited haha.. kat situ boleh juga naik kuda tapi anak2 i tak berani.. jajan yang tepi jalan tu.. tak berani nak beri anak makan ye.. lalat berhurung.. 

2) Natural Strawberry Farm:

Yang ni pun sebab dekat sangat dengan Tangkuban Perahu.. jadi kita singgah lah.. budak2 suka dapat petik strawberry.. bila nak keluar nanti dia timbang berapa kita petik lepas tu kena bayar.. strawberry dia.. biasalah.. tak manis hehe..

Masa kita sampai tu cuma kita je ada.. jadi anak2 syiok ke sana ke mari petik strawberry.. jap lagi datang group lain pula.. daaaahhhh.. berlaga siapa dapat cari strawberry dulu haha.. strawberry dia tak banyak sangat.. tapi anak I puas lah jugak.. kesian yang datang lepas kita :p

bandung with kids
Strawberry farm berdekatan dengan Tangkuban Perahu..  

3) Paris Van Java - untuk Bird Park dan mini animal farm:

Bird Park @ Paris Van Java

Tak banyak orang tau yang tahu mana bird park ni.. kita orang cari sign pun tak nampak.. yang penting dia tingkat paling atas lah.. bertentangan roof top parking. so.. tempat yang kita naik tu kita naik escalator sampai kids zone or something like that nama dia.. then menghala ke lah Miniapolis (Sky Zone) nanti nampak lah macam lorong ke luar ke car park tu.. ah.. situ lah bird park and lactasari..

Bird Park ni I tak masuk sebab I bawak baby kan.. I takut hama nanti baby I kesian.. so.. hubby masuk dengan budak2.. gambar yang kat atas ni gambar kat luar je.. ada lagi binatang2 lain kat dalam.. yang burung hantu belah kanan tu boleh feed daging cucuk kat lidi.. yang belah kiri tu.. dia makan serangga apa entah, u kena mintak kat kounter pastu cucuk serangga tu hidup2 kat lidi 😱😱😱 anak2 i tak berani you.. ada budak tu i tengok cool je bagi burung hantu tu makan.. hahaha

animal farm paris van java
Lactasari @ Paris Van Java
Yang 👆 gambar kat Lactasari.. masa kita sampai dah dekat 3 petang rasanya.. jadi anak2 kambing semua dah kenyang.. tak nak minum susu.. jadi cuma boleh kasi mak lembu je susu hahaha.. mak lembu pun mak lembu lah nak.. kecik je tempat ni.. tapi oklah budak2 happy..

Actually Paris Van Java ada beberapa indoor playground tau.. lepas kita orang pergi bird park (kecik je) dan animal farm tu.. budak2 pun merengek nak masuk indoor playground.. so kita duduk lah lagi 1 jam tunggu budak2 main.. ada lagi satu playground juga.. macam role play gitu.. tapi tu kita tak masuk sebab mak bapak dia dah malas haha.. actually I lah panas takde aircon sangat.. then baby nak susu pun tak selesa lah.. macam tak nampak nursing room gitu.. so tak nak tunggu lama2 sangat :p

Kalau anak2 u dah independent dan you takde baby rasa boleh je dekat 1/2 hari atau satu hari spend kat sini..

Itu je tempat2 yang kita pergi.. kesian ek anak2 kita.. sorry lah mak bapak malas nak jalan jauh2 sebab trafik teruk nanti dalam kereta lama2 dengan baby mak boleh pengsan!

Mak cuma sedih je.. rambang mata tengok butik2 muslimah kat Bandung ni tapi badan kita masih post-pregnancy.. berat badan masih turn naik turun naik..  so.. simpanlah duit tu dulu..