Friday, December 1, 2017

Halal Restaurant @ TTDI - Flavours Kitchen

We chanced upon Flavours Kitchen @ TTDI while heading to Santai Kitchen for dinner and decided to give it a shot (mostly because it has aircon = no smokers when indoors 😬 which is so important to us for a relaxing dinner with kids).

Flavours seems quite familiar, I am not sure if it is related to Flavours at Bangsar (we went there aeons ago and have never been back cos of the horrible parking and mediocre food -in my opinion- not sure if its still open)

Food served is a mix of Asian and western offerings. It works great for us cos my no 3 loves rice (nasi goreng to be exact) and my no 2 loves carbonara, so finding a place that serves both that tastes acceptable is a score for us.

We went there slightly before 8pm, there was not too many people. Decor was quite nice and relaxing, they have a small area for prayers and also an area for ablution.

Food arrived quite ok, not too late, acceptable waiting time I guess since my kids were not acting up. 

We ordered:
halal restaurants taman tun
Mushroom Soup @ Flavours Kitchen TTDI

Mushroom soup cos my no 3 likes it and I thought it will come first so it would be great to let him eat that while waiting for the mains (but the mains came quite soon after 😅 The soup is not too thick and not too creamy, no hint of black pepper, overall easy on the kids throat, though I would not say it is earth shatteringly the best mushroom soup ever. But I would say that it is perfect for kids to enjoy. It comes with battered mushroom and two pieces of garlic bread (hidden in the small bowl under the battered mushrooms).

Fried Mushrooms @ Flavours Kitchen TTDI

I have to say that we went here twice, so the first time we ordered mushroom soup, the fried mushrooms that came with it were not coated in the same batter, it was nice and not spicy. The second time we came and ordered mushroom soup, it came with fried mushrooms which is the same as the above appetizer dish that my husband ordered. This time around, I find the batter to be a bit too spicy for my liking, even without dipping it in mayo / chili sauce. I didn't eat a lot of this. Mostly my husband ate this and we didn't finish it up.

restoran halal taman tun
Cheeseburger @ Flavours Kitchen - TTDI

My 2 boys enjoying their dinner :)

We ordered cheeseburger for my no 1 the first time we came. He really liked it and even my no 3 liked it very much. The patty was nice, the bun was soft, my no 1 surprisingly liked the mustard on the plate. Burger is huge for one boy but too small for two to share 😅

Carbonara for my no 2 @ Flavours Kitchen TTDI

Spaghetti Carbonara with bacon for my no 2, the sauce was thick, creamy and cheesy. Not your typical carbonara, maybe a tad too cheesy for me but still nice and sinful. (I was counting the calories while I ate the leftovers)

flavours kitchen ttdi
Steak @ Flavours Kitchen - TTDI

My no 2 also requested for steak that night, so husband got to share with him. Flavours Kitchen is no MeatPoint of course but it was an ok steak, vege was ok though the potato croquet was quite cold, sauce was so-so. Nice enough. 

Yong Chow Fried Rice @ Flavours Kitchen TTDI

This was mostly for my no 3, cos he eats fried rice everywhere we go. Fried chicken is very simple, I like the charred taste of the prawns, the fried rice is simple and perfect for toddlers. Portion is huge though and we packed for next day's breakfast.

On our way out, I saw their breakfast banner. It's an all day breakfast and they served shakshuka 😋 so.. maybe next time we might catch breakfast there too.. the place opens early at 8am. 

All day breakfast at Flavours Kitchen TTDI

Flavours Kitchen is at:

Google maps states that it opens at 10 am - 10 pm  daily but the banner states 8 am and the facebook page states 8 am - 11 pm..

Best to call them up lah 012-213 3077 at least the phone number is consistent.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Restoran Thai Halal (Waneeda Tom Yam) @ Dataran Sunway / Kota Damansara

Hah.. ni dia.. Waneeda Tom Yam.. akhirnya kita menjejak kaki juga di sini.. restoran ni sebelah je dengan Chilli's Crab. Hari tu dah try Chilli's Crab, kali ni try Waneeda pula. Waneeda Tom Yam ni ada dua branch yang saya tahu, satu dekat rumah kedai belakang Sri KDU dan lagi satu di rumah kedai antara Sunway Giza dan Sunway Nexis. Yang branch di Sri KDU tu adalah restoran yang buat I jatuh cinta dengan Nasi Goreng Tom Yam, memang padu! pergi restoran lain semua tak sama. Jadi bila ada orang beritahu yang Waneeda Tom Yam di Dataran Sunway ni lagi power, memang lah patut kita terjah :) Tempat ni open untuk buka puasa dan sahur sekali tau! yes sahur! Ya Allah maybe next Ramadhan lah hahaha... tapi kalau buka memang kena booking.. kalau tak memang tak berbuka :P

Haritu kita gi masa lunch, husband yang nak sangat try jadi dialah yang order:

Halal Tom Yam Berdesut @ Waneeda Tom Yam - Dataran Sunway (Kota Damansara)

Makan kat restoran Thai mestilah order Tom Yam kan? Tom Yam kat sini best, kuah dia putih, tak bersantan dan paling penting pedas!!

waneeda tom yam
Sotong Telur Asin!! Power!! @ Waneeda Tom Yam - Dataran Sunway (Kota Damansara)

Yang ni favorite husband I, sotong telur asin! Like finally! Jumpa jugak sotong telur asin yang kita pernah makan @ Sara Thai Kuantan dulu2.. (sekarang sotong telur asin @ Sara Thai macam lain sikit tak macam yang kita ingat :p ) Nampak gaya ini akan menjadi hidangan wajib kami kalau ke Waneeda Tom Yam. Seriously sedap! Licin husband I makan 😋

beef basil thai
Pad Kaprow (Daging Goreng Daun Selasih) a.k.a Thai Beef Basil @ Waneeda Tom Yam; Dataran Sunway

Yang ni memang fave kita kalau pergi MANA2 restoran thai, tak kiralah Thai Express ke, Absolute Thai ke, Boat Noodle ke.. tapi yang sini lagi WIN! Pad Kaprow dia memang authentic, lagi sedap dari Boat Noodle wokay! pedas dan manis, yum yum.

Kang Kung Goreng @ Waneed Tom Yam

Yang ni husband order gak, jadi I tak tahu ni kang kung goreng belacan ke kang kung goreng biasa je.. dia tak pedas, tapi I tak rasa pulak belacan. My only complain? Kang kung dia banyak sangat batang, tak banyak daun.

halal restaurant kota damansara
Pulut Durian @ Waneeda Tom Yam; Dataran Sunway (Kota Damansara)
Yang ni I yang order, teringin nak makan durian, bila nampak serving ala2 tuang santan sendiri, terdetik dalam hati "ni mesti mahal".. hmm.. memang pun, tak silap kena belasan untuk pulut durian tu.. yang ni I disappointed sebab pulut dia tawar, santan dia manis tapi macam tak berapa pekat, dan yang paling boring tu.. durian dia tak syiok.. maybe belum musim durian sangat.. so.. next time tak order lah yang ni.

Map of Waneeda Tom Yam:

Opening hours: 11am - 1 am setiap hari

Call: 03-61407646

FB Page : Waneeda Restoran

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