Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Halal Western Food @ Tampines Hub - I am...

I am tampines
Halal Food @ Tampines Hub - I am.. (my no 2 insisted on getting in the frame - sigh)

Back in Singapore again for a short return and the kids were hungry. My husband and I weren't really craving for any "Singapore dishes" so we decided to grab easy western food for the kids to eat. Since we were near Tampines, Tampines Hub is easiest to access cos of plenty of parking spaces even on a weekend 😬 We tried Commonground before so I suggested "I am..." at level 3 next to HomeTeamNS (take lift at Lobby F).

I am @ level 3 Tampines Hub - I prefer the cozy set up here over the one at Bugis

I prefer I am @ Tampines over the Bugis outlet as it is air-conditioned here and much much safer for my kids to run about (yes my kids can't sit still), menu wise it is the same. So, I expected taste-wise to be more or less the same also. (Read nice enough for kids okay for the parents)

We ordered:

I am
Colorful drinks @ I am.. Tampines Hub

I am not sure what drink my husband ordered, I kind of remembered it tasting like a mix of grape and lychee. I think it's called Berry Nice . It's sweet and refreshing but I like mine better haha.. My kiddo had Lemon Tea tasted ok, lemon is not overpowering and I had my favorite Bushramint it tasted like punch with mint, both mine and husband's have soda in it so our kids didn't like it. 

Appetizers - Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Baked Garlic Butter Prawns @ I am.. Tampines Hub

My no 1 and hubby share the same love for soft shell crab so this appetizer was for them. No complaints here, they finished it up. Batter is not too crispy and not oily. As for the prawns, I wasn't expecting big prawns even though the description is "jumbo prawns" cos I ordered this dish before at Haji Lane and the prawns that came were definitely not jumbo. However, the ones we got at Tampines Hub is a bit fleshier (you can't control this much any way I think, cos maybe it's seasonal? not sure about that) and since I wasn't really expecting heavenly mouth watering garlic sauce with sweet fleshy prawns, what they served was acceptable if you don't set your expectations high (hey, just look at the price man it's $14.90 for 6 pieces of prawns, so adjust your expectations people).

I am tampines
Ribs @ I am - Tampines Hub

Husband ordered ribs, the ribs was so-so by his standard, he didn't touch the salad and the wedges was a bit too dry for me. Regardless he finished up the ribs.

Mac and Cheese and Mini Margherita Pizza for the kids
The mac & cheese were super cheesy although the pasta was a bit hard, however, my 9 year old really liked this. The pizza was also scoffed down by my kids even though some parts of the pizza was overflowing with the base sauce. 

Lamb Satay Burger for myself @ I am - Tampines Hub

The description on the menu reads : "Slow grilled lamb satay served with mint cucumber cumin yoghurt, ain't your typical satay cravings" So, being the lamb satay lover that I am and since I can not resist mint yoghurt, I decided to give it a try. The lamb burger was nicely marinated and the yoghurt was refreshing however, the pairing was overall ordinary. Maybe, if the burger is served with satay sauce and then there is a salad side with yoghurt mint sauce or garlic sauce, it will be nicer? Also, my fries came cold. 

Verdict? I actually like this cafe because.. it's nice food for my kids. Frankly speaking for a date night with my husband, I wouldn't choose this cafe cos it is not worth the calories but for a nice dinner or lunch with the kids, this cafe will be on my list. Place is also clean and the staff friendly. It's a halal cafe by Muslim owners and we should support them. Rather than Swensen's or Commonground, which serves same typical fare, I would go here just to support my fellow Muslims. Keep improving I am and we will keep supporting.

I am cafe is open everyday from 11 am - 11pm 

Facebook page : here

Call for reservations at : 6295 5509