Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Halal Steak Singapore : Le Steak by Chef Amri @ 248 Jalan Kayu

halal romantic restaurants singapore
Halal Steak house Singapore - Le Steak by Chef Amri

UPDATE: Dear Readers, this place is now closed due to Chef Amri's health. Pray that he gets better soon and get backs in the f&b scene in Singapore. 

Hello!! Halal steak in Singapore??? Really is it a good one? Like Halal Wagyu and Halal Angus not the halal steaks at Swensen's or Eatzi Gourmet ?? Hmmm... intriguing.. when I heard about halal steak by a chef at Le Steak by Chef Amri.. of course I was dying to try it out! As there is currently a dearth of good halal steak with nice ambience in Singapore, we got to check this one out!

Pretty excited BUT the location (Jalan Kayu) was a bit off for me. Nevertheless, I got my younger sis to tag along and we hailed a cab to 248 Jalan Kayu. In case you are wondering where in the world is 248 Jalan Kayu, it's the same stretch as Thohirah Restaurant that sells Roti Prata.

le steak halal singapore review
The menu at Le Steak by Chef Amri

halal steak singapore
Halal Steak @ Le Steak by Chef Amri - the menu

The set-up looks a bit small-ish there's an alfresco area and also indoor dining area but I am not sure if the indoor dining is only one level or two levels. Le Steak website states that no reservation is needed and we can just walk in BUT some come in big parties so we waited for a bit. Without reservation, I don't think it is a good idea to come with small kids as the waiting area is not so child friendly plus its by a road side so quite dangerous if your boys are like mine always jumping and hopping and kicking.

Fortunately, that day, I went sans kids and sis and I sat at the alfresco area. We ordered Artisan Bread, Wagyu Steak, Lamb Rack, Creme Brulee and Lava Cake. 

romantic birthday dinner halal restaurant singapore
Halal Wagyu Steaks in Singapore - Le Steak by Chef Amri

We didn't have to wait long for our food which is a good thing I guess. The waiter forgot our Artisan Bread, but I don't quite mind since I think we over ordered. The Wagyu Steak and Lamb Rack comes with roasted potatoes and mesclun salad. The sides can't be changed to chips or mashed potato :( Main dish came and Wagyu Steak was quite big and the meat tender. But I am no steak enthusiast so I can not tell you how the marbling is and how it compares to a sirloin steak :p I actually don't like my meat with fat, I like it lean so I guess the marbling is wasted on me. The sauce is weak but I read that you are supposed to enjoy the wagyu on its own to savour the full flavour of the meat. Me?  I just ate the meat on its own cos I felt that the sauce was bland. The sides were very disappointing. .Roasted potato was drenched in olive oil and so you can't taste the rosemary or even the garlic. The mesclun salad sounded far better that it tasted. It was nothing but a few green leaves again bathed in olive oil. I would much prefer crunchy leaves, slices of fruits and slivered nuts with a more imaginative salad dressing. Sad!

singapore halal lamb chops
Halal Lamb Rack @ Le Steak by Chef Amri 

The lamb rack tasted exactly the same as the Wagyu steak in terms of seasoning except that they were more generous with the black pepper on the lamb. Boring! Though the lamb was tender, I much prefer lamb with mint sauce or honey and mascarpone.

romantic halal restaurant singapore
Singapore halal steak house : Le Steak by Chef Amri 

Desert came with creme brulee first since the waiter forgot the lava cake (Ok, I get it the place was packed) the creme brulee didn't "crack" when you hit the torched sugar with the spoon but the texture of the creme brulee was nice and it wasn't sickeningly sweet nor creamy. I like the fact that they pair it with raspberries giving the creme brulee a sweet twist.

singapore food blog halal
Halal Steak in Singapore : Le Steak by Chef Amri

The lava cake was a tad too dense for me, it was ok but I didn't go like OMG I am dying from chocolate overdose. Which is what I like to look for when indulging in lava cake. The ice cream was also very ordinary.

Overall, it was a nice dinner considering the price and also Singapore's limited halal steak house scene. Maybe a good place to bring your loved ones for a romantic halal dinner too but the location is a bit off if you don't drive or ride.

Le Steak by Chef Amri address is at 248 Jalan Kayu

Call Le Steak at 6556 3588

Opening Hours :
Sat, Sun and PH : 12.00pm - 11.00pm
Mon - Fri & Eve of PH : 3.00pm - 11.0pm

Map of Le Steak:

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happycall Recipe #1 : Peach Glazed Chicken

Mom gave me a happycall as a present and for the life of me, I didn't quite know what to cook with it. I find it quite hard to cook if you can't see what's inside the pan? Anyway, I didn't want to let it go to waste so I tried cooking chicken in it. First time was with chicken wings but I find that you must use small to medium fire else you risk getting the chicken wings burnt on the outside. The second time was with chicken thighs and I find that it cooked pretty well, though to really savor the glaze that you are using, chicken wings are better since less meat and more glaze :) I like the fact that the chicken is tender on the inside and not dry like when you fry them.  

This Happycall chicken recipe is inspired by Apricot-Glazed BBQ Chicken Recipe found here. But since I can't remember whether the recipe calls for Apricot or Peach preserves when I was at the grocery aisle, mine became Peach Glazed Chicken and since I don't have a BBQ mine is a Happycall Chicken haha!

resepi ayam best
My first Happycall Recipe : Peach Glazed Chicken

Happycall Recipe #1 : Peach Glazed Chicken or maybe I should call it Peach Marinated Chicken?


1 small shallot - diced
1 thin slice of ginger - crushed
6 tbsp peach jam (I used St Dalfour Peach Jam - no sugar added)
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp sweet soya sauce
4 parts chicken thighs or desired chicken wings

How to cook Peach Glazed Chicken in Happycall:

1- Mix all ingredients in a container and marinate for about 30 mins or more. 
2- Heat up Happycall (small fire), add in about 1 tbsp oil
3- Put in the chicken with a bit of the marinade to coat its top and bottom part, close the Happycall.
4- Now, I think the chicken will cook in 10 mins and you don't need to actually open the Happycall, you just turn it over to cook the other side of the chicken BUT I really need to see the chicken, so I opened it after 5-7 mins, check whether I'm happy with it, coat it again with some marinade and turn the chicken over. Then cook for another 7 mins or until chicken it done. 

This recipe actually tasted like a slight variation from my normal soya sauce fried chicken but since I am using Happycall, it is so much easier to clean. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Resepi Penkek Gebu & Resepi Syrup Penkek

resepi penkek best
Resepi penkek gebu (gambar ni dengan madu.. kalau nak dengan penkek syrup, lihat resepi syrup di bawah)

Penkek.. makanan kegemaran anakku yang kedua, siang dan malam.. bila rajin nak melayan I buat jugak untuk si kecik tu.. bila takde mood.. sungguh malas nak buat haha.. pernah try banyak variety penkek, pernah jugak try penkek tanpa susu pun ok jugak tapi kali ni I nak cuba penkek buttermilk mengejar cita-cita nak buat penkek gebu.

Hasil google-ing sebab bagaimana nak buat penkek lembut dan gebu (soft and fluffy) I dapat rumuskan:

1) gunakan buttermilk 

2) gunakan tepung kek

3) pukul putih telur dahulu (ni I tak buat ler.. malas)

4) pukul bahan-bahan basah dahulu (In English whisk) , kemudian JANGAN PUKUL bahan-bahan kering, hanya campurkan dengan menggunakan senduk (in english = don't whisk the flour, just FOLD IN with the spatula) I guna tangan je, lagi senang, sebab walaupun orang kata takpe kalau ada ketulan tepung sikit sikit, I lebih suka guna jari hancurkan biji-biji tepung tu.

5) suhu pan mestilah cukup panas - orang kata cukup panas tu kalau renjis air atas pan, dia terus jadi buih kecik dan hilang menjadi wap.. cukup panas lah tu..

OK SET! Jom cuba buat penkek buttermilk!!

Resipi asal adalah dari sini.

Tapi biasalah I tukar-tukar sikit hehe.. 

Resepi penkek gebu I adalah seperti berikut:

1 biji telur + 1 biji putih telur (maknanya yang telur kedua tu I buang kuningnya)
2 sudu makan gula
2 1/2 sudu makan mentega
2 cawan buttermilk
2 cawan tepung kek
1 1/2 sudu teh baking powder
1/2 sudu teh baking soda

Cara-cara buat penkek gebu:

1 - pukul telur, gula dan mentega.. I pukul telur dulu lepas tu bila dah masuk mentega dan gula macam tak larut-larut sebab mentega tak cair so I kisar je tiga-tiga ni hehe.. ok gak..

2 - campurkan buttermilk

3- campurkan tepung kek, baking powder, baking soda dan garam.

4 - biarkan 10 minit 

5- panaskan pan, gunakan brush untuk melengserkan sedikit minyak di atas pan ( I pakai non-stick so kadang-kadang I tak letak minyak pun) dan tuangkan ke atas pan ikut size yang anda inginkan atas api sederhana kecil, bila penkek dah berbuih di bahagian atas, terbalikkan dan masak dalam seminit lagi. 

Hidangkan dengan syrup penkek kegemaran anda!

Maple Syrup takde?? Anak tak suka madu?? Senang aje buat sendiri sirap penkek simple:

Resepi asal di sini  Tapi I malas nak masukkan semua bahan-bahan dan I tak nak buat banyak.. so..resepi I jadi macam ni:

Resepi syrup penkek mudah:

3/4 cawan gula perang
1/2 cawan air
2 sudu makan madu
1/2 sudu makan mentega

Cara membuat syrup penkek:

1) panaskan air, gula dan madu di atas api hingga sebati. Rasa dan kepekatan ikut suka u lah kan... nak manis lagi tambah gula, nak pekat lagi tunggu lama sikit..

2) matikan api dan larutkan mentega.