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Happycall Recipe #1 : Peach Glazed Chicken

Mom gave me a happycall as a present and for the life of me, I didn't quite know what to cook with it. I find it quite hard to cook if you can't see what's inside the pan? Anyway, I didn't want to let it go to waste so I tried cooking chicken in it. First time was with chicken wings but I find that you must use small to medium fire else you risk getting the chicken wings burnt on the outside. The second time was with chicken thighs and I find that it cooked pretty well, though to really savor the glaze that you are using, chicken wings are better since less meat and more glaze :) I like the fact that the chicken is tender on the inside and not dry like when you fry them.  

This Happycall chicken recipe is inspired by Apricot-Glazed BBQ Chicken Recipe found here. But since I can't remember whether the recipe calls for Apricot or Peach preserves when I was at the grocery aisle, mine became Peach Glazed Chicken and since I don't have a BBQ mine is a Happycall Chicken haha!

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My first Happycall Recipe : Peach Glazed Chicken

Happycall Recipe #1 : Peach Glazed Chicken or maybe I should call it Peach Marinated Chicken?


1 small shallot - diced
1 thin slice of ginger - crushed
6 tbsp peach jam (I used St Dalfour Peach Jam - no sugar added)
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp sweet soya sauce
4 parts chicken thighs or desired chicken wings

How to cook Peach Glazed Chicken in Happycall:

1- Mix all ingredients in a container and marinate for about 30 mins or more. 
2- Heat up Happycall (small fire), add in about 1 tbsp oil
3- Put in the chicken with a bit of the marinade to coat its top and bottom part, close the Happycall.
4- Now, I think the chicken will cook in 10 mins and you don't need to actually open the Happycall, you just turn it over to cook the other side of the chicken BUT I really need to see the chicken, so I opened it after 5-7 mins, check whether I'm happy with it, coat it again with some marinade and turn the chicken over. Then cook for another 7 mins or until chicken it done. 

This recipe actually tasted like a slight variation from my normal soya sauce fried chicken but since I am using Happycall, it is so much easier to clean. 

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