Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Belajar Alif Ba Ta - Kad Imbas DIY

Mengajar anak mengaji menjadi tanggung jawab ibu bapa namun kadangkala agak payah nak ajar anak mengaji kalau mereka tak minat. Mengajar anak mengaji bermula dengan mengenalkan mereka dengan alif ba ta. Sekarang ni sudah banyak video-video di you tube dan cd lagu-lagu alif ba ta / iqra' di pasaran, cuma saya kurang suka menggunakan video-video atau lagu-lagu ini kerana pengenalan huruf satu persatu kurang ditekankan. Tidak kesampaian maksudnya jika anak kita menghafal lancar lagu iqra' namun tidak mengenal yang mana satu alif, ba, ta dan sebagainya. 

Apa yang saya buat adalah mudah sahaja, saya pergi ke kedai buku Popular dan membeli:

1) kad warna-warni dalam saiz dan ketebalan bersesuaian untuk dijadikan kad imbas
2) marker hitam
3) glitter glue

Di rumah, saya melukis outline huruf alif ba ta / huruf hijaiyah dengan marker dan kemudian isikan glitter glue di dalam outline huruf, biar kering semalaman dan dah boleh guna kad imbas alif ba ta DIY!

Saya tak ajar anak kesemua huruf sekali gus tetapi memecahkan huruf-huruf alif ba ta ini kepada 3 kumpulan seperti di dalam gambar-gambar di bawah. Setiap huruf dikenalkan nama serta diajar anak untuk "trace" bentuk huruf tersebut ala-ala kaedah montessori. Glitter glue yang digunakan akan memberi "sensory" effect kepada anak sekaligus mengukuhkan bentuk huruf hijaiyah itu di dalam otak anak. 

ajar anak
Belajar Alif Ba Ta - Kumpulan Pertama Huruf Alif - Zai

Setiap kali mengenalkan anak kepada satu kumpulan huruf, pengenalan huruf ditekankan lagi dengan bermain  "memory game" dengan meletakkan kad imbas memandang ke bawah ( 4 kad maksima pada satu masa) dan meminta  anak mencarikan huruf "alif" contohnya. Setiap kad yang berjaya ditemui disimpan oleh saya (kini tinggal 3 kad sahaja) dan permainan diteruskan dengan mencari huruf berikutnya. 

huruf hijaiyah
Belajar Alif Ba Ta : Kumpulan Kedua Huruf Sin - Kaf

Saya mengajar anak-anak saya menggunakan kad imbas alif ba ta ini, paling lama 30 minit sahaja supaya mereka tidak bosan. Jika rajin boleh juga membuat kad imbas beserta tanda untuk mengenalkan mereka kepada bunyi huruf sebagai tahap kedua. (Ermm.. tapi saya tak sampai dah tahap ni.. kerajinan tu tak datang lagi :p ) 

ajar anak membaca
Belajar Alif Ba Ta : Kumpulan Huruf Ketiga Lam - Zai

Segala komen dipersilakan :)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Motion Sickness Relief For Kids - Sea Bands

children motion sickness
Bands for motion sickness - Sea Bands

On our previous trip to Hong Kong, we planned to take a junk ride and since I didn't want my kids to be throwing up or feeling nauseous like the Brisbane Dolphin Watch Cruise that we took in 2011, I decided to google for sea sickness relief for kids. Sea bands came up and even though it sounds a bit doubtful, (I mean how can a band deliver motion sickness relief through acupuncture pressure? I thought you have to use needles for acupuncture? ) being kiasu Singaporean that I am, I just tried to buy it as an added measure. 

Went through Tesco pharmacy, Guardian and Watson's plus all the mom and pop's pharmacies in Kuala Lumpur BUT couldn't get my hands on one. (Tesco's pharmacist said they are out of stock, while Guardian pharmacist asked me to check Daiso - Daiso???- of course I gave him the benefit of doubt but yup no Sea Bands at Daiso- ) 

Finally, since time was pressing I just decided to find it in Singapore and yes! Guardian Singapore has it! Yippee.. 

travel sickness
Sea Bands - for motion sickness relief and also morning sickness

Used the sea bands for the Aqua Luna Junk Ride in Hong Kong, verdict? We are not really sure whether it works or not since the kids fell asleep 5 minutes into the cruise. For myself, I think it helps a bit since I normally will feel just slightly nauseous on a boat but I enjoyed the cruise pretty well. Apparently, my youngest sis also used sea bands for motion sickness when she takes the coach when travelling outside London but said it didn't really help her much. 

travel sickness kids
Children Motion Sickness Bands

While buying toys for the kids at Kiddy Palace last week in Singapore I also saw this near the counter. Hmm.. looks interesting, I would say if it works this will definitely go down better with the kids :) Anyone tried it before?

travel sickness kids
Kids Travel Sickness Lollipop!

Children Clinic Tampines : Raffles Children Centre

Lil kiddo was having fever with slight cough and blocked nose, if it was up to me, I would just let it ride while giving him paracetamol every 4-6 hours but my parents being the loving grandparents that they are were worried and kept asking when I will bring the kiddo to see a paediatrician, so I thought.. hmm..maybe I can give the Raffles Children Centre at Tampines One a try and get some shopping squeezed in between haha. 

I guess Raffles Children Centre must have a lot of walk in patients who gasped at the ridiculous consultation price that they charge, that they have to inform the patients of the charges beforehand. Yes, it is exorbitant, $75 consultation (for first time and $60 if its your second time) PLUS $12.50 practice cost. Wait what was that again "practice cost" ? So that's $87.50 just for seeing the doctor not including the meds. Hmmphh.. if it wasn't because of the inconvenience of having to detour to another paediatrician and the fact that I can use the baby bonus card, I would have probably gave the admin staff a horrified look and walk away. I mean even Dr Sim at Pasir Ris Elias Mall charges are lower and his clinic at least has a slide and a mini roundabout to keep my kiddo occupied. Raffles Children Centre only has two ikea kids tables, 4 kids chairs, 1 animal cloth book that is not even in English and one other toy. What you see in the picture below is all there is to the kids' corner at Raffles Children Centre. Luckily, I brought the ipod touch along or else my kiddo will be crying out of boredom. 

Raffles Children Centre at Tampines One

The paediatrician ( a middle aged lady - can't even remember her name) must have thought that she have to make me feel like I must get my money's worth due to the exorbitant consultation charges that she dispenses tips and explanation regarding my kiddo's blocked nose and let me even look into my kiddo's ears to see that there is no redness inside it. Hmmm.. still doesn't impress me. I still like Dr Ho from Tampines Baby and Child for her expertise better, though she can be very fierce, and I still like Dr Sim better for quick consultation. The only thing I like about Raffles Children Centre is the location.  Will I come again? No, definitely. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tampines Food : Famous Rojak at Al-Mahboob Rojak

(Dear Readers, the place where the food court used to be is currently under renovation, I am not sure whether it is to rejuvenate the food court or to make way for something new, as I am only back in Singapore once in a while, do leave a comment when the fate of the food court and most importantly Al-Mahboob Rojak is clear. Thanks!)

(Note : Mahboob Rojak back in business at BLK 506 Tampines Central 1, Ave 4 , Next to Sakura Restaurant and opposite the shop that sell vegetables! Yeay!)

Back when I was still single and window shopping at Tampines Mall and Century Square was like a daily ritual and not a luxury like now (sigh..motherhood) when halal indan food craving strikes S-11 Foodcourt at Blk 506 Tampines Central is where we will head for a mean plate of Indian Rojak and Mee Goreng Mama.

local food singapore
Good Food in Tampines : Great Rojak at S11 Food court

Till this day, Al-Mahboob Rojak still remain my favorite place for good indian rojak at Tampines. The key to great rojak is of course the gravy and the gravy here is sweet with a hint of spicy chili aftertaste and crunchy ground peanuts. Long queue is a norm here and if you are lucky you will get your order in 20 minutes. Last week, I went with my lil sister around 7.00pm and was pleasantly surprised to see no one queuing, so I happily started choosing my rojak when the man at the counter informed me that waiting time is at least 1 hour, shocked I exclaimed "But, there's no queue!" The man then pointed to the "queue" of rojak plates lining the counter top behind the cashier. Err.., we paid a $10 deposit and went to Tampines 1 for a quick shopping before picking up the food to bring back home.

Good Food in Tampines: Al-Mahboob Rojak

Nowadays, halal indian food is also available at Tampines Mall B1 called Prata Wala and there is also a Mr Prata at Century Square level 3 (though I am not sure of the halal status of Mr Prata). Will try Prata Wala soon to see how it tastes like :)   

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Marina Bay Sands Halal Food Court

eating at marina bay sands
Halal Food Court at Marina Bay Sands - 1983 A Taste of Nanyang

As Marina Bay Sands emerges as one of Singapore's top tourist attractions, I feel that it is appropriate for me to do a post about halal food at Marina Bay Sands for our fellow Muslim locals and visitors alike. I was pretty excited to hear about The Moluccas Room a chic Indonesian restaurant at Marina Bay Sands. Heard that they are not halal certified because of the alcohol served but meat is sourced from halal suppliers. Unfortunately, when I called them up to enquire about the halal status, the man on the phone stated that they are not halal certified but their kitchen does not use pork or lard. I thus enquired whether their meat (i.e. chicken, beef and lamb) is sourced from a halal certified supplier as these meat needed to be slaughtered in an certain way before they are permisssible for Muslims to eat them and the man answered sadly, their suppliers are not halal certified. So, I guess still no halal certified fine dining restaurant at Marina Bay Sands at this moment. 

Our option for halal food at Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe is then either the halal food court called 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang (#B1-01 Galleria Level - at the opposite end of Rasapura - one level up) and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that overlooks the central canal (#B2-20 - Canal Level).

marina bay sands halal
Another halal option at Marina Bay Sands - The Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves serves - in addition to cakes and pastries - sandwiches, salads,  pastas and my favorite mushroom quiche. We ate at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf the previous time we were entertaining some Kuwaitis since the elderly mom couldn't walk to the other end of The Shoppe to the halal food court after hours of boutique hopping. I didn't snap any pictures of the food though. But, if you want a centralised location and western style food, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the halal option.

where to eat at marina bay sands
Inside the halal food court

hawker food in singapore
Local Singapore Food : Roasted Chicken Dry Noodle

Halal Food at Marina Bay Sands : My 4 yo digging into his dry noodle

Walk another 10 minutes down (North I think) is a more pocket friendly (albeit still expensive by local standard) halal food court called 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang. There are basically 4 stalls here, 1 selling local toast, nasi lemak, and local desserts such as cendol, 1 stall selling thai dishes such as deep fried soft shell crabs (which looks very enticing but I wasn't very hungry at the moment plus the kids were getting cranky), 1 stall selling western, 1 stall selling local dishes like Chicken Rice and Roasted Chicken Noodle and the last stall selling Nasi Padang (steamed rice with variety of dishes that you can choose from). The Nasi Padang dishes also looked fresh and delicious, maybe next time round I will try it. 

local singapore food
Local Singapore Food : Hainanese Chicken Rice  - PHOTO courtesy of The Graphical Baker

As younger sis was on a quest to snap photos of Singapore local food, we ordered what was still on our "local food snap list" which was Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kaya Toast. I ordered Roasted Chicken Dry Noodle for my tired and hungry 4 year old. He digged in even before I could snap a proper picture and I didn't have the heart to take the plate away from him. 

eating at marina bay sands
Hawker Food In Singapore : Kaya Toast , Half boiled eggs and milk tea - PHOTO - courtesy of The Graphical Baker

The dry noodle (SGD6.80 ala carte) was above average, chicken was tender, noodle was seasoned lightly, bak choi still crunchy and the side soup was sweet broth. I really like the chicken rice (SGD8.80 per set with vegetables side) , I feel that it represents a fair quality of chicken rice that you find in Singapore though I dare not qualify it to be among the best chicken rice that you can find in Singapore. As for the kaya toast (we ordered a set with half boiled eggs and milk tea SGD6.80), it was a bit dry, definitely not one of the better ones that you can find, maybe if you are not bothered by halal certification, you can try Toast Box (#B2-62, Canal Level)) for kaya toast.

eating at marina bay sands
Rasapura Masters - another food court but not I am unsure whether there is any halal certified stalls there

Do note that the signs stating "Food Court" will lead you to Rasapura Masters and not 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang, they are both at opposite ends of Marina Bay Sands. We tried going round Rasapura Masters but couldn't see any halal certificates though we did see a few muslims eating there. Maybe, we missed out on the halal certs do leave a comment if any of you readers have any information on the halal status of "Pondok" managed by Lau Di Fang and/or the indian stall at Rasapura Masters.

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Things To Do at Marina Bay Sands - Gondola Ride

marina bay sands boat ride
Sampan Ride at Marina Bay Sands

If you are keen on riding the gondola or sampan at Marina Bay Sands, the boarding point is at the exit of Bayfront MRT Station. The price for the boat ride is SGD10 per person. I think the boat can fit 4 people max each time. 

marina bay sands kids
Marin Bay Sands Boat Ride - Going down the Canal

I don't think that I will ever try it since I think it's pretty boring riding a boat inside a shopping centre, it's not like there is romantic music in the air while you are riding the gondola/sampan/boat going down Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe and I don't find looking at boutiques very interesting but that is just me, it might be very interesting for kids and maybe design and architecture enthusiasts I guess. I am just a common person who doesn't appreciate such stuff. But, to further enhance this sampan ride experience, maybe you would like to coincide it with the Rain Oculus timing as per below so that you get a feeling of nearing a massive waterfall while riding the boat (still only interesting for kids to me). My kids gawked at the Rain Occulus for 10 minutes before getting bored and then my 4 year old son entertained himself running after the sampan by the side of the canal, up and down till my sister's leg turned to jelly chasing after him. 

Marina Bay Sands Things To Do
Boat ride at Marina Bay Sands during Rain Oculus

where is marina bay sands
Rain Oculus Timings @ MBS 

Though I find the sampan ride a bit boring, I still think that kids like it and maybe if the management do something like putting beautiful sculptures and flower landscape throughout the sampan ride route with romantic music, spa scent and comfortable cushion I might give it a try :p  

Indoor Playground @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

children playground singapore
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - Jumperzillas

Today, we decided to check out an indoor playground at Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe called Jumperzillas. It's right at the end above the food court called Rasapura Masters and the Marina Bay Sands Ice Skating Rink. Exact location is B1-57, Galleria Level. 

The original plan was to entertain the kids for a bit and then head to the halal food court to snap some pictures of the local food of Singapore, unfortunately, Rasapura at Marina Bay Sands is not a halal foodcourt  and is not certified by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, the halal food court at Marina Bay Sands is at the other end of The Shoppe called 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang. (will do a separate post on halal food available at Marina Bay Sands soon)

Ok, so back to Jumperzillas indoor playground, the entrance fee as taken from the Maria Bay Sands website is: 


Weekends and
Public Holidays
First 2 hours
Additional hour
Craft and Play
First 4 hours
Additional hour

Price is not inclusive of 7 % GST and there is a 50% discount for kids 12 months and below. You can also opt for 1 hour playtime at SGD14, which was what I opted for the kids since the place is so small that I think my kids will be bored after 1 hour.

Jumperzillas indoor playground has a very limited 2 levels obstacle course, 1 standalone long slide, 4 side by side long slide that leads into a very shallow pool of balls, 1 small trampoline and 2 swings. There is one playhouse in front of the toddlers play area that also has a mini kitchenette inside the playhouse.

singapore children playground
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - The playhouse

The dedicated toddler's play area is for under 3 years old and has a tv playing some kids programme. Besides it is a party area, a small snack bar, an area for bigger kids to fiddle with ipads, an another area for arts and craft (comes free if you sign up for the 4 hour session though beats me which kid will want to stay for 4 hours, if not you have to pay for the materials) / coloring (free) and also 4 big screen for wii or video games.

kids play singapore
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - Inside the play house

fun for kids singapore
Indoor Playground Singapore : The toddler dedicated area

Immediately upon entering, my kids went for the playhouse for 20 minutes, then wandered to the obstacle course but was bored after 10 minutes. The pool of balls had so little balls that it only has one layer of balls in it. The basketball net that was put up at the pool of balls area was not entertaining enough for my kids. Afterwards, my 4 year old asked to go inside the toddlers play area but I said that he was overage and suggested he go to the coloring area, they spent another 25 minutes coloring thomas and friends coloring pages and chuggington and barney's coloring pages. Towards the end of it, he saw 2 other kids playing wii games and wanted to play but our time was running out. I guess that he could have played the wii games for another 30 minutes if allowed, but he is not yet the age where he can play wii by himself and I don't have the patience to entertain him playing video games plus it doesn't serve the purpose of bringing him to an indoor playground which is to expend his energy so that he will be tired and rest early in the evening.

kids indoor playground singapore
Indoor Playground Singapore - Jumperzillas at Marina Bay Sands

indoor kids play areas
Indoor Playground Singapore - The very shallow "pool" of balls

All in all, I think Jumperzillas indoor playground is in existence to only be a place where parents can shop at Marina Bay Sands and leave the kids there, the kids will be quiet but not entertained, to put it in the words of a 5 year old girl who was there "I am so bored, no one is playing with me" as there were only 6 non-toddlers there at that point in time, 2 playing wii, my 2 kids leaving in 5 minutes cos our session is nearly over and 1 other girl (besides her) just recovering from crying (as her parents left her there) and trying to color quietly. I had to suggest to her to play the wii and to go up the counter and ask the staff to turn on the wii for her.

places for kids in singapore
Indoor Play For Kids - Jumperzillas' small trampoline

In my honest opinion, if you are leaving your kids at Jumperzillas while you shop, do make sure that they are already familiar with the place and the options that they have available before leaving them. If, you think your kids would want to play the wii, make sure you settle them in first before leaving cos the staff are not really proactive in making the kids settle in. They most certainly will not sit beside your kid while they get used to the place. The staff will just sit at the counter and only come to the kids when they cry. I most certainly will not leave my kids alone in this kind of place. Will I go to Jumperzillas again? I don't think so.

kids activities singapore
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - At the coloring section

places for kids in singapore
Indoor Playground Singapore at Marina Bay Sands - The wii area

Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Cake Kuala Lumpur - Mikail's 4th Birthday

birthday cake kl
Birthday Cake Kuala Lumpur from Yummy Cuppies

It was my 4 year old birthday celebration at school last week, I had wanted to order from Anis Bakery (check them ut on FB)  as I had ordered their cupcakes for my 2 year old's birthday celebration last April but unfortuately they had closed order for the date that I needed. 

My next option was the cake shop at Ikano Power Centre called Yummy Cuppies (now no longer @ Ikano but check them out on FB) since my kids love their cupcakes that they sell at their pushcart stall. A quick enquiry reveals that the minimum weight for a birthday cake order is 1 kg which is big if you are ordering a sponge cake, but is quite small if you are ordering a chocolate fudge cake. I ordered a 1kg chocolate fudge cake with Avengers print on the cake. It costed about RM80 but I have to pick up the cake myself at Ikano Power Centre or Sri Gombak. The cake turned out nice but I didn't get to taste it since the kids finished it all at school. My kiddo said that it tasted delicious though. 

Cupcakes from Anis Bakery

The Anis Bakery cupcakes that I ordered previously for my second son's birthday was a tad dry in my opinion but the decoration was executed very well. In terms of cupcake taste, I prefer Yummy Cuppies. 

After my kid's birthday, I found a flyer that I was looking for (I remembered taking it but can't seem to recall where I keep it) another birthday cake / cupcake specialist called Duchess of Yolk (also on FB) got to know about them when they open a booth at 1 Mont Kiara during Ramadhan this year. The cake that was on display looks delicious and the chocolate cake slice that I bought was also thick and flavorful. Well, next time then :) 

At the mean time, I am glad I found these 3 halal cupcakes and birthday cakes decorator for my kiddos birthdays :)  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Food In Tampines : Prata & Masala Thosai

food in tampines
Good Food In Tampines : Saffron's Cafeteria at Blk 201D Tampines St 21

When the craving for cheese prata and masala thosai hits you on a lazy Saturday morning and Little India just seems to be too far for us Tampines Residents, Saffron's Cafeteria at Blk 201D Tampines St 21 is the place that we will head to for fantastic crispy prata and delicious finger licking good masala thosai. I also love their appoms but you must come early for the appoms as it finishes quite fast. The place is open 24/7 and is also famous for their dum bryani though I have not tried it personally as I am always there for breakfast only. Place is always jam packed but they have expanded to the next door shop so now it's easier to get a seat. 

singapore prata
Best Prata in Tampines? : Our crispy cheese naan with sambal

singapore food
The humble singapore prata with curry and sambal @ Saffron's Cafeteria

This morning, we had 2 cheese naans, 1 masala thosai and 2 teh tarik kurang manis (tea with milk - reduced sweetness) but still the tea came a bit too sweet for our liking. Our breakfast costed us SGD10.50.

The cheese naan is crispy and big with generous cheese filling and come with thick curry gravy and spicy sambal chilli that complements the prata well. 

popular singapore food
Masala Thosai : crispy skin with creamy potato fillings..yummy!

The masala thosai here has a crispy skin (but not paper thin like paper thosai) and the potato filling is just nice for one person (I find other places' potato fillings to be too much for one serving hence making you very full before your masala thosai is finished). The masala filling is also slightly different, I think they used more coconut milk since it tasted very creamy. The sambar, coconut chutney and chili yoghurt also tasted great. 

popular singapore food
Good Indian Food in Tampines : Masala Thosai at Saffron's Cafeteria 24/7

The only gripe about this place? The lack of parking space, if you are lucky, you will get a spot before your order comes if not you just have to park a bit further away and walk to Saffron's Cafeteria, but hey at least the food is worth it :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dan Dan Noodle Inspired Recipe

noodle recipes
My Dan Dan Noodle Inspired Dish

(Untuk Bahasa Melayu Sila Skrol Ke Bawah)

Was browsing through Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes meal for dinner ideas when I came across Dan Dan Noodles recipe, seems very simple so I decided to do another google check on it. Found one entry on by Ching He Huang. I decided to combine a bit of both and a few touches of my own to come up with a noodle dish that suits my malay palate haha.. Hubby seemed to like it and I am keeping the recipe as per usual for my reference. Pardon me for my long-ish way of cooking, feel free to add your own shortcuts. 

Dan Dan Noodle Inspired Ingredients:

200gm beef meat with bones - to use in the broth
300gm stir fry beef slices - to use as topping
1 medium sized onion - sliced
7 cloves of garlic - pulverized
2 inch grated ginger
1 1/2 tsp five spice powder
3 tbsp light soya sauce
1tbsp black vinegar
pinch of black pepper
pinch of white pepper
2 tbsp dark doya sauce
4 tbsp vegetable oil 
1 cube of beef stock
some spinach 
some carrots
1 tbsp minced spring onion
1 tbsp minced chinese parsley
water as needed

Noodle of your choice -  I used linguine - seems to pair of well with broth.

How To Make The Broth and Beef Topping:

1. In a bowl, mix onion, garlic, ginger, five spice powder, light soya sauce, black vinegar, black pepper and white pepper and salt with all of the beef and marinate for 30 minutes at least.

2. To make the beef topping, separate the beef slices from the broth beef together with some of the marinade and add in 2 tbsp of dark soya sauce to the beef slices.

3. Heat up a wok with 2 tbsp of vegetable oil and stir fry the beef slices till tender, add in some water if mixture is too dry.

4. To make the broth, heat up a saucepan, add in 2 tbsp of vegetable oil, stir in the balance of the marinade with the balance beef for about 5-7 minutes and then add in 4 bowls of water or more to cover the beef and let it simmer for 1 hour or so (add more water as needed). Once the beef is tender, add in the stock cube, carrots, spinach and spring onion and chinese parsley. Turn off heat.

chilli in oil recipe
Chillies In Oil

Chillies in Oil Recipe:

4 red chillies - deseeded and sliced
3 cloves of garlic - crushed
4 tbsp sesame oil
4tbsp light soya sauce
1tbsp olive oil

How To Make Chillies in Oil:

1. Heat up the pan, add in the olive oil, sesame oil and light soya sauce.
2. Add in the chillies and garlic until the oil turns slightly reddish and the chillies a darker shade of red. 
3. Store in airtight container.

To Serve Dan Dan Noodles: 

Put your favorite noodle in a bowl, ladle up the broth, top with beef toppings and chillies in oil.

Malay Version:

malaysian food
Resepi Dan Dan Noodle Simple ku :)
Insprirasi Resepi Dan Dan Noodle ini berasal daripada buku masak Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes meal masa dok belek-belek cari idea nak masak apa untuk makan malam anak-anak. Nampak simple sangat, jadi I pun google Dan Dan Noodle Recipe untuk kepastian dan terjumpa resepi lain di oleh Ching He Huang. Resepi I ni kira kombinasi 2 resepi dengan sedikit tokok tambah dan pandai memandai dari I. Encik Suami kata sedap, jadi kita simpan buat rujukan. Maaf lah cara masak I yang meleret sila ambil jalan pintas sendiri ye!

Resepi Dan Dan Noodle :

200gm daging lembu - bahagian rusuk untuk sup
300gm daging lembu goreng - untuk topping
1 bawang besar - dihiris
7 ulas bawang putih - ditumbuk
2 inci halia - diparut
1 1/2 sdt rempah five spice
3 sdm kicap cair
1 sdm cuka hitam
sedikit lada hitam
sedikit lada putih
2 sdm kicap manis
4 sdm minyak sayuran
1 kiub stok lembu
lobak merah
1 sdm daun bawang - dicincang
1 sdm daun sup - dicincang

Mee pilihan anda - saya gunakan linguine

Cara membuat sup dan topping:

1. Dalam mangkuk, masukkan bawang, bawang putih, halia, five spice, kicap cair, cuka hitam, lada hitam, lada putih, garam dan semua daging dan gaul rata. Perap selama 30 minit atau lebih. 

2. Untuk membuat topping, ketepikan bahagian daging goreng yang telah diperap dengan bumbunya, tambahkan 2 sdm kicap manis.

3. Panaskan 2 sdm minyak sayuran dan goreng daging hingga empuk. Tambahkan air jika terlalu kering.

4. Untuk membuat sup, panaskan kuali, masukkan 2 sdm minyak sayuran, tumis daging selama 5-7 minit, tambahkan 4 mangkuk air atau lebih hingga paras daging dan biarkan didih hingga 1 jam (tambahkan air jika perlu). Apabila daging telah empuk, masukkan 1 kiub pati lembu, lobak merah, sawi, daun sup dan daun bawang. Matikan api. 

Resepi Cili Dalam Minyak:

4 lada merah - dibuang biji dan dihiris
3 ulas bawang putih - ditumbuk dengan belakang pisau
4 sdm miyak bijan
4 sdm kicap cair
1 sdm minyak zaitun

Cara menyediakan cili dalam minyak:

1. Panaskan kuali, masukkan minyak zaitun, miyak bijan dan kicap cair.
2. Tambahkan cili dan bawang putih hingga minyak bertukar menjadi kemerahan dan cili menjadi sedikit gelap. Matikan api.
3. Simpan dalam bekas kedap udara.

Untuk Menghidangkan Dan Dan Noodle:

Letakkan jenis mee kegemaran anda di dalam mangkuk, tambahkan sup, letakkan topping di atas mee, taburkan cili dan sedia!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Activity Book For Preschoolers: At Home With Maths

preschool activity book
Activity Book For Preschoolers : At Home With Maths Ages 5-7

I chanced upon OXFORD's "At Home With" Workbooks while browsing through activity books at Popular bookstore for my 4 year old. I love it so much that I bought At Home With Spelling, At Home With Handwriting and At Home With Maths. Even though the age states 5-7 years old, I think it is simple enough for 4 year olds to give it a shot to understand the simple concepts. 

At Home With Maths introduces your child to counting 1-10, patterns, shapes, adding, measuring, substracting, money, shapes and signs (among other concepts) in a simple manner. Each concept is introduces through a "warm up" then exlored through "learn about" and reinforced through "now try this" exercises. The activity book is colorful with age appropriate illustrations and is meant to expose the child to the concept and understanding it. Kids are rewarded with a shiny gold sticker for each activity page completed.  Do be clear that this is not an activity book that emphasizes on repetition for mastery of concepts rather it is meant for clear understanding of concepts. Drill exercises requires other activity books at your discretion. I use this activity book to supplement whatever he is learning at school so that it is easier for him to understand when his teacher teaches them the concepts at school. 

Below are some snapshots of the "At Home With Maths"activity book for preschools:

children activity book
Preschool Activity Book : At Home With Maths

teach kids maths
Child Activity Book : At Home With Maths

preschool activity books
Child Activity Book : Learning to Add

pre-school activity book
Preschool Activity Book : Learning Subtraction

preschool activity book
Preschool Activity Book: Learning Subtraction

child activity book
Preschool Activity Book: Learning Measurement Concepts