Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Children Clinic Tampines : Raffles Children Centre

Lil kiddo was having fever with slight cough and blocked nose, if it was up to me, I would just let it ride while giving him paracetamol every 4-6 hours but my parents being the loving grandparents that they are were worried and kept asking when I will bring the kiddo to see a paediatrician, so I thought.. hmm..maybe I can give the Raffles Children Centre at Tampines One a try and get some shopping squeezed in between haha. 

I guess Raffles Children Centre must have a lot of walk in patients who gasped at the ridiculous consultation price that they charge, that they have to inform the patients of the charges beforehand. Yes, it is exorbitant, $75 consultation (for first time and $60 if its your second time) PLUS $12.50 practice cost. Wait what was that again "practice cost" ? So that's $87.50 just for seeing the doctor not including the meds. Hmmphh.. if it wasn't because of the inconvenience of having to detour to another paediatrician and the fact that I can use the baby bonus card, I would have probably gave the admin staff a horrified look and walk away. I mean even Dr Sim at Pasir Ris Elias Mall charges are lower and his clinic at least has a slide and a mini roundabout to keep my kiddo occupied. Raffles Children Centre only has two ikea kids tables, 4 kids chairs, 1 animal cloth book that is not even in English and one other toy. What you see in the picture below is all there is to the kids' corner at Raffles Children Centre. Luckily, I brought the ipod touch along or else my kiddo will be crying out of boredom. 

Raffles Children Centre at Tampines One

The paediatrician ( a middle aged lady - can't even remember her name) must have thought that she have to make me feel like I must get my money's worth due to the exorbitant consultation charges that she dispenses tips and explanation regarding my kiddo's blocked nose and let me even look into my kiddo's ears to see that there is no redness inside it. Hmmm.. still doesn't impress me. I still like Dr Ho from Tampines Baby and Child for her expertise better, though she can be very fierce, and I still like Dr Sim better for quick consultation. The only thing I like about Raffles Children Centre is the location.  Will I come again? No, definitely.