Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indoor Playground @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

children playground singapore
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - Jumperzillas

Today, we decided to check out an indoor playground at Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe called Jumperzillas. It's right at the end above the food court called Rasapura Masters and the Marina Bay Sands Ice Skating Rink. Exact location is B1-57, Galleria Level. 

The original plan was to entertain the kids for a bit and then head to the halal food court to snap some pictures of the local food of Singapore, unfortunately, Rasapura at Marina Bay Sands is not a halal foodcourt  and is not certified by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, the halal food court at Marina Bay Sands is at the other end of The Shoppe called 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang. (will do a separate post on halal food available at Marina Bay Sands soon)

Ok, so back to Jumperzillas indoor playground, the entrance fee as taken from the Maria Bay Sands website is: 


Weekends and
Public Holidays
First 2 hours
Additional hour
Craft and Play
First 4 hours
Additional hour

Price is not inclusive of 7 % GST and there is a 50% discount for kids 12 months and below. You can also opt for 1 hour playtime at SGD14, which was what I opted for the kids since the place is so small that I think my kids will be bored after 1 hour.

Jumperzillas indoor playground has a very limited 2 levels obstacle course, 1 standalone long slide, 4 side by side long slide that leads into a very shallow pool of balls, 1 small trampoline and 2 swings. There is one playhouse in front of the toddlers play area that also has a mini kitchenette inside the playhouse.

singapore children playground
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - The playhouse

The dedicated toddler's play area is for under 3 years old and has a tv playing some kids programme. Besides it is a party area, a small snack bar, an area for bigger kids to fiddle with ipads, an another area for arts and craft (comes free if you sign up for the 4 hour session though beats me which kid will want to stay for 4 hours, if not you have to pay for the materials) / coloring (free) and also 4 big screen for wii or video games.

kids play singapore
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - Inside the play house

fun for kids singapore
Indoor Playground Singapore : The toddler dedicated area

Immediately upon entering, my kids went for the playhouse for 20 minutes, then wandered to the obstacle course but was bored after 10 minutes. The pool of balls had so little balls that it only has one layer of balls in it. The basketball net that was put up at the pool of balls area was not entertaining enough for my kids. Afterwards, my 4 year old asked to go inside the toddlers play area but I said that he was overage and suggested he go to the coloring area, they spent another 25 minutes coloring thomas and friends coloring pages and chuggington and barney's coloring pages. Towards the end of it, he saw 2 other kids playing wii games and wanted to play but our time was running out. I guess that he could have played the wii games for another 30 minutes if allowed, but he is not yet the age where he can play wii by himself and I don't have the patience to entertain him playing video games plus it doesn't serve the purpose of bringing him to an indoor playground which is to expend his energy so that he will be tired and rest early in the evening.

kids indoor playground singapore
Indoor Playground Singapore - Jumperzillas at Marina Bay Sands

indoor kids play areas
Indoor Playground Singapore - The very shallow "pool" of balls

All in all, I think Jumperzillas indoor playground is in existence to only be a place where parents can shop at Marina Bay Sands and leave the kids there, the kids will be quiet but not entertained, to put it in the words of a 5 year old girl who was there "I am so bored, no one is playing with me" as there were only 6 non-toddlers there at that point in time, 2 playing wii, my 2 kids leaving in 5 minutes cos our session is nearly over and 1 other girl (besides her) just recovering from crying (as her parents left her there) and trying to color quietly. I had to suggest to her to play the wii and to go up the counter and ask the staff to turn on the wii for her.

places for kids in singapore
Indoor Play For Kids - Jumperzillas' small trampoline

In my honest opinion, if you are leaving your kids at Jumperzillas while you shop, do make sure that they are already familiar with the place and the options that they have available before leaving them. If, you think your kids would want to play the wii, make sure you settle them in first before leaving cos the staff are not really proactive in making the kids settle in. They most certainly will not sit beside your kid while they get used to the place. The staff will just sit at the counter and only come to the kids when they cry. I most certainly will not leave my kids alone in this kind of place. Will I go to Jumperzillas again? I don't think so.

kids activities singapore
Indoor Playground at Marina Bay Sands - At the coloring section

places for kids in singapore
Indoor Playground Singapore at Marina Bay Sands - The wii area