Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tampines Food : Famous Rojak at Al-Mahboob Rojak

(Dear Readers, the place where the food court used to be is currently under renovation, I am not sure whether it is to rejuvenate the food court or to make way for something new, as I am only back in Singapore once in a while, do leave a comment when the fate of the food court and most importantly Al-Mahboob Rojak is clear. Thanks!)

(Note : Mahboob Rojak back in business at BLK 506 Tampines Central 1, Ave 4 , Next to Sakura Restaurant and opposite the shop that sell vegetables! Yeay!)

Back when I was still single and window shopping at Tampines Mall and Century Square was like a daily ritual and not a luxury like now (sigh..motherhood) when halal indan food craving strikes S-11 Foodcourt at Blk 506 Tampines Central is where we will head for a mean plate of Indian Rojak and Mee Goreng Mama.

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Good Food in Tampines : Great Rojak at S11 Food court

Till this day, Al-Mahboob Rojak still remain my favorite place for good indian rojak at Tampines. The key to great rojak is of course the gravy and the gravy here is sweet with a hint of spicy chili aftertaste and crunchy ground peanuts. Long queue is a norm here and if you are lucky you will get your order in 20 minutes. Last week, I went with my lil sister around 7.00pm and was pleasantly surprised to see no one queuing, so I happily started choosing my rojak when the man at the counter informed me that waiting time is at least 1 hour, shocked I exclaimed "But, there's no queue!" The man then pointed to the "queue" of rojak plates lining the counter top behind the cashier. Err.., we paid a $10 deposit and went to Tampines 1 for a quick shopping before picking up the food to bring back home.

Good Food in Tampines: Al-Mahboob Rojak

Nowadays, halal indian food is also available at Tampines Mall B1 called Prata Wala and there is also a Mr Prata at Century Square level 3 (though I am not sure of the halal status of Mr Prata). Will try Prata Wala soon to see how it tastes like :)