Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Motion Sickness Relief For Kids - Sea Bands

children motion sickness
Bands for motion sickness - Sea Bands

On our previous trip to Hong Kong, we planned to take a junk ride and since I didn't want my kids to be throwing up or feeling nauseous like the Brisbane Dolphin Watch Cruise that we took in 2011, I decided to google for sea sickness relief for kids. Sea bands came up and even though it sounds a bit doubtful, (I mean how can a band deliver motion sickness relief through acupuncture pressure? I thought you have to use needles for acupuncture? ) being kiasu Singaporean that I am, I just tried to buy it as an added measure. 

Went through Tesco pharmacy, Guardian and Watson's plus all the mom and pop's pharmacies in Kuala Lumpur BUT couldn't get my hands on one. (Tesco's pharmacist said they are out of stock, while Guardian pharmacist asked me to check Daiso - Daiso???- of course I gave him the benefit of doubt but yup no Sea Bands at Daiso- ) 

Finally, since time was pressing I just decided to find it in Singapore and yes! Guardian Singapore has it! Yippee.. 

travel sickness
Sea Bands - for motion sickness relief and also morning sickness

Used the sea bands for the Aqua Luna Junk Ride in Hong Kong, verdict? We are not really sure whether it works or not since the kids fell asleep 5 minutes into the cruise. For myself, I think it helps a bit since I normally will feel just slightly nauseous on a boat but I enjoyed the cruise pretty well. Apparently, my youngest sis also used sea bands for motion sickness when she takes the coach when travelling outside London but said it didn't really help her much. 

travel sickness kids
Children Motion Sickness Bands

While buying toys for the kids at Kiddy Palace last week in Singapore I also saw this near the counter. Hmm.. looks interesting, I would say if it works this will definitely go down better with the kids :) Anyone tried it before?

travel sickness kids
Kids Travel Sickness Lollipop!