Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things To Do at Marina Bay Sands - Gondola Ride

marina bay sands boat ride
Sampan Ride at Marina Bay Sands

If you are keen on riding the gondola or sampan at Marina Bay Sands, the boarding point is at the exit of Bayfront MRT Station. The price for the boat ride is SGD10 per person. I think the boat can fit 4 people max each time. 

marina bay sands kids
Marin Bay Sands Boat Ride - Going down the Canal

I don't think that I will ever try it since I think it's pretty boring riding a boat inside a shopping centre, it's not like there is romantic music in the air while you are riding the gondola/sampan/boat going down Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe and I don't find looking at boutiques very interesting but that is just me, it might be very interesting for kids and maybe design and architecture enthusiasts I guess. I am just a common person who doesn't appreciate such stuff. But, to further enhance this sampan ride experience, maybe you would like to coincide it with the Rain Oculus timing as per below so that you get a feeling of nearing a massive waterfall while riding the boat (still only interesting for kids to me). My kids gawked at the Rain Occulus for 10 minutes before getting bored and then my 4 year old son entertained himself running after the sampan by the side of the canal, up and down till my sister's leg turned to jelly chasing after him. 

Marina Bay Sands Things To Do
Boat ride at Marina Bay Sands during Rain Oculus

where is marina bay sands
Rain Oculus Timings @ MBS 

Though I find the sampan ride a bit boring, I still think that kids like it and maybe if the management do something like putting beautiful sculptures and flower landscape throughout the sampan ride route with romantic music, spa scent and comfortable cushion I might give it a try :p