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Marina Bay Sands Halal Food Court

eating at marina bay sands
Halal Food Court at Marina Bay Sands - 1983 A Taste of Nanyang

As Marina Bay Sands emerges as one of Singapore's top tourist attractions, I feel that it is appropriate for me to do a post about halal food at Marina Bay Sands for our fellow Muslim locals and visitors alike. I was pretty excited to hear about The Moluccas Room a chic Indonesian restaurant at Marina Bay Sands. Heard that they are not halal certified because of the alcohol served but meat is sourced from halal suppliers. Unfortunately, when I called them up to enquire about the halal status, the man on the phone stated that they are not halal certified but their kitchen does not use pork or lard. I thus enquired whether their meat (i.e. chicken, beef and lamb) is sourced from a halal certified supplier as these meat needed to be slaughtered in an certain way before they are permisssible for Muslims to eat them and the man answered sadly, their suppliers are not halal certified. So, I guess still no halal certified fine dining restaurant at Marina Bay Sands at this moment. 

Our option for halal food at Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe is then either the halal food court called 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang (#B1-01 Galleria Level - at the opposite end of Rasapura - one level up) and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that overlooks the central canal (#B2-20 - Canal Level).

marina bay sands halal
Another halal option at Marina Bay Sands - The Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves serves - in addition to cakes and pastries - sandwiches, salads,  pastas and my favorite mushroom quiche. We ate at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf the previous time we were entertaining some Kuwaitis since the elderly mom couldn't walk to the other end of The Shoppe to the halal food court after hours of boutique hopping. I didn't snap any pictures of the food though. But, if you want a centralised location and western style food, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the halal option.

where to eat at marina bay sands
Inside the halal food court

hawker food in singapore
Local Singapore Food : Roasted Chicken Dry Noodle

Halal Food at Marina Bay Sands : My 4 yo digging into his dry noodle

Walk another 10 minutes down (North I think) is a more pocket friendly (albeit still expensive by local standard) halal food court called 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang. There are basically 4 stalls here, 1 selling local toast, nasi lemak, and local desserts such as cendol, 1 stall selling thai dishes such as deep fried soft shell crabs (which looks very enticing but I wasn't very hungry at the moment plus the kids were getting cranky), 1 stall selling western, 1 stall selling local dishes like Chicken Rice and Roasted Chicken Noodle and the last stall selling Nasi Padang (steamed rice with variety of dishes that you can choose from). The Nasi Padang dishes also looked fresh and delicious, maybe next time round I will try it. 

local singapore food
Local Singapore Food : Hainanese Chicken Rice  - PHOTO courtesy of The Graphical Baker

As younger sis was on a quest to snap photos of Singapore local food, we ordered what was still on our "local food snap list" which was Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kaya Toast. I ordered Roasted Chicken Dry Noodle for my tired and hungry 4 year old. He digged in even before I could snap a proper picture and I didn't have the heart to take the plate away from him. 

eating at marina bay sands
Hawker Food In Singapore : Kaya Toast , Half boiled eggs and milk tea - PHOTO - courtesy of The Graphical Baker

The dry noodle (SGD6.80 ala carte) was above average, chicken was tender, noodle was seasoned lightly, bak choi still crunchy and the side soup was sweet broth. I really like the chicken rice (SGD8.80 per set with vegetables side) , I feel that it represents a fair quality of chicken rice that you find in Singapore though I dare not qualify it to be among the best chicken rice that you can find in Singapore. As for the kaya toast (we ordered a set with half boiled eggs and milk tea SGD6.80), it was a bit dry, definitely not one of the better ones that you can find, maybe if you are not bothered by halal certification, you can try Toast Box (#B2-62, Canal Level)) for kaya toast.

eating at marina bay sands
Rasapura Masters - another food court but not I am unsure whether there is any halal certified stalls there

Do note that the signs stating "Food Court" will lead you to Rasapura Masters and not 1983 - A Taste of Nanyang, they are both at opposite ends of Marina Bay Sands. We tried going round Rasapura Masters but couldn't see any halal certificates though we did see a few muslims eating there. Maybe, we missed out on the halal certs do leave a comment if any of you readers have any information on the halal status of "Pondok" managed by Lau Di Fang and/or the indian stall at Rasapura Masters.

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