Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kublai Khan Mongolian Bbq Review

Went back to Singapore last Hari Raya Haji holiday and saw an ad for Halal Mongolian Restaurant Buffet at Park Mall. Hmm.. never tried Mongolian cuisine before, so I asked hubby whether he wants to check it out or not. I didn't bother to check the review from independent sites first since the address is Park Mall Shopping Ctr, I mean it doesn't make business sense to have a restaurant that doesn't serve great food in that location does it? The rental alone will be horrendous. I only scanned the testimonials on Kublai Khan's website when searching for their contact number to place a reservation. Big mistake..

mongolian buffet
Mongolian Buffet? Oyster didn't taste nice and prawns have thin sticky shells that made it difficult to eat.

Kublai Khan Mongolian Bbq buffet serves chicken and beef (no seafood) mongolian bbq with some variety of vegetables that the chef will cook on the spot for you, it doesn't really taste like bbq, more like stir fry but its the only hot dish that you can get your hands on at the buffet.

kublai mongolian
Kublai Khan Mongolian Bbq : You know the selection is bad when you end up eating this at an International Buffet spread

When we arrived for our dinner reservation at 8.20pm, the buffet spread selection was already dwindling and not topped up. The lasagne was finished, the bubur pulut hitam was only left with a few bits at the bottom of the still hot pot, the chocolate fondue was only accompanied with marshmallows and grapes (grapes really?) Fried rice was cold, seafood selection was prawns, some oysters and scallops. The fried section has fried wings, fried wantans, not-so-crispy soft shell crabs; all cold.

kublai khan mongolian bbq
Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ : Beef Mongolian BBQ, I don't know if it truly represents Mongolian BBQ

Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ: The only sushi that I dared to try that night 
I tried their chilli crab but I find the crab too small and mostly there are only crab claws in the dish. The Japanese section had a few raw types of fishes which I didn't try cos I don't want to risk eating raw seafood. Sushi selection was about 5 tyoes. Dessert.. sigh the dessert section looked like Sakura International Buffet add another 2 days, needless to say, I didn't take any.

kublai mongolian
Fried rice, super small chilli crab and chicken curry; all not hot

Kublai Khan Mongolian Bbq kind of like imitating Sakura International buffet although in my opinion it fails miserably. We didn't think that it was worth it paying SGD29.90 per head for a buffet dinner if there is actually nothing much you can choose from. We are not the only one that think that way, we noticed quite a few people going around not really knowing what to take and not staying long. I think that speak volume about the quality of food served. I didn't get to taste any remarkable Mongolian dishes on that night maybe you should try other Mongolian restaurants in Singapore.

Kublai Khan Mongolian Buffet : The only saviour to me is the tea that came out from the tea making machine