Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Cake Kuala Lumpur - Mikail's 4th Birthday

birthday cake kl
Birthday Cake Kuala Lumpur from Yummy Cuppies

It was my 4 year old birthday celebration at school last week, I had wanted to order from Anis Bakery (check them ut on FB)  as I had ordered their cupcakes for my 2 year old's birthday celebration last April but unfortuately they had closed order for the date that I needed. 

My next option was the cake shop at Ikano Power Centre called Yummy Cuppies (now no longer @ Ikano but check them out on FB) since my kids love their cupcakes that they sell at their pushcart stall. A quick enquiry reveals that the minimum weight for a birthday cake order is 1 kg which is big if you are ordering a sponge cake, but is quite small if you are ordering a chocolate fudge cake. I ordered a 1kg chocolate fudge cake with Avengers print on the cake. It costed about RM80 but I have to pick up the cake myself at Ikano Power Centre or Sri Gombak. The cake turned out nice but I didn't get to taste it since the kids finished it all at school. My kiddo said that it tasted delicious though. 

Cupcakes from Anis Bakery

The Anis Bakery cupcakes that I ordered previously for my second son's birthday was a tad dry in my opinion but the decoration was executed very well. In terms of cupcake taste, I prefer Yummy Cuppies. 

After my kid's birthday, I found a flyer that I was looking for (I remembered taking it but can't seem to recall where I keep it) another birthday cake / cupcake specialist called Duchess of Yolk (also on FB) got to know about them when they open a booth at 1 Mont Kiara during Ramadhan this year. The cake that was on display looks delicious and the chocolate cake slice that I bought was also thick and flavorful. Well, next time then :) 

At the mean time, I am glad I found these 3 halal cupcakes and birthday cakes decorator for my kiddos birthdays :)