Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alif Ba Ta Worksheets For Kids

My 5 year old is giving excuses not wanting to attend school as he don't quite look forward to Iqra' classes. Upon investigation, turns out the Ustazah is giving arabic letters writing exercises (about 90 repetitions per letter!) while waiting for his turn to do his one-to-one reading with the Ustazah. While some kids might not complain, my son (ok I admit I spoil him a bit) totally dislike the repetition of writing exercises in any language! Tried discussing with the principal regarding alternatives such as Alif Ba Ta flash cards and even send in some sample Iqra' worksheets that the Ustazah can come up with to replace the writing exercises but all they say was that "they agreed to change my son's book from Iqra to Tilawati book" as I have earlier informed them that he reads Tilawati with me at home. 

No mention of what activity will my son do while waiting for his turn to read with the Ustazah though.. So, in the end I decided to make a few Arabic Alpahabets worksheets for my son to do. I hope that I will find the time to add on more for others to use as well as I can't really find much Alif Ba Taa / Arabic Alphabets worksheets for kids online. The only ones I found were from Indonesia and under scribd which requires subscription to download. 

Here are the first 2 pages of the worksheets. I have added one reference Arabic Alphabets page for the kids to  refer to when filling in the blanks of the other 2 pages. I hope this benefits you as well. Feel free to share. 

alif ba ta

arabic alphabets worksheets

lembaran kerja alif ba ta

If  you like these worksheets, please take a look at my new Alif Ba Ta video for kids and share it along :

Jazaakumullahu Khairan Khathiran!

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