Monday, September 2, 2013

Iqra' Worksheet for Mikail 01 Sep 2013

Monday is here again and it's time to prepare for Mikail's Iqra' worksheet. This week, I am trying to make him match the arabic letters to it's romanized names while waiting for his individual reading turn with his Ustazah. It's a bit difficult to decide which standard of arabic transliteration to base on but in the end I chose the ALA-LC Romanization Table For Non-Roman Scripts. The Arabic Letters Names Schedule (for referencing) is based on ALA-LC except for 5 letters (ث,خ,ذ,ش,غ) that I changed to follow it's transliteration (that I am going to use for later worksheets) to avoid confusing my child.

teach your child arabic
Romanized Arabic Letters Names based on ALA-LC with slight changes.

So here are today's Iqra' matching exercise for Mikail. Parents/ teachers are encouraged to go through with the kids the romanized arabic letters names first before letting them attempt the worksheets. 

arabic for kids
Iqra' worksheet : matching exercise.

arabic worksheets for kids
Iqra' worksheet page 2 : Matching exercises

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