Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My second islamic app "My Dua Buddy" is out :)

Assalamualaikum readers.. 

My second attempt at publishing iPhone and iPad apps is an app that got its inspiration from the Talking Friends app.. since my kids loved playing with the Talking Tom and Talking Ginger app and then Talking Friends started introducing cartoons which I do not think is good for the kids.. I thought.. why not make an app that repeats good things that we want the kids to pick up instead? 

So.. My Dua Buddy is a bunny that teaches the kids some basic duas that we use in our every day life such as Dua before and after eating, dua before going to bed and waking up from sleep and so on.. it also plays back your speech like the talking friends and has a video sharing function via YouTube and Facebook as well.

The bunny will sneeze and say "Alhamdulillah" if you touch its nose, says "Masya Allah" if you rub its tummy and "Astarghfirullah" if you poke its legs.

Two duas are free while 5 other duas can be purchased through in-app purchase.

You can view the app video here:

Please support my effort and help spread the word so that I can make more apps :) Thank you!