Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alif Ba Ta / Iqra' Worksheet for Mikail 02 Sep 2013

Today, I decided to let Mikail do some coloring while still sticking to Arabic letters recognition. Since the last 2 worksheets was for letters from ا - ز, this time around I focused on the letters س -  غ

Tomorrow is his last Iqra' class with the Ustazah for the week (He has Iqra' lessons Mons - Weds) and I am still scratching my head for tomorrow's worksheet (wait, that just doesn't sound right, I send him to Iqra' class and I am drawing up his worksheets for him? yeah it doesn't sound right but that is what is happening) 

So, hopefully I will be able to keep this up and I will update the worksheets as I go along on my blog every week. ! ربنا يسهل ان شاء الله . You are free to print and use the worksheet for personal / school use but not for commercial use.  This worksheet is to be used in reference to the Arabic Letters Name Chart that was previously posted here.


huruf hijaiyah

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