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Halal Chinese Restaurant : Mohammad Chow @ Damansara Perdana

restoran cina halal kuala lumpur
Halal Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Petaling Jaya

A new chinese muslim restaurant recently opened in Damansara Perdana last June and we accidentally came across the place while driving by last Ramadhan and decided to break our fast there. The place looked really small so I called them up to reserve a place just in case. We enquired whether they have a place for us to pray since Damansara Perdana is a bit far off and we don't want to rush for our Maghrib. They informed us that they do have a small area for prayers and so it is decided that we will break our fast there :)

muhammad chow restaurant at damansara
Simplicity is the theme here at Mohammad Chow Chinese Muslim Restaurant @ Damansara Perdana

We arrived about 10 minutes before maghrib and we were the first customers. Hubby actually snorted and said I should not have bothered with reservations but when we entered all the tables were already reserved -hah!- We took our time to decide on the dishes and when we were finally ready to order others have already started to come in with their pre-ordered dishes already being served (So that's how it works here) Dishes are prepared on a first order first served basis and so we decided to pray our Maghrib first while waiting for our dishes that is on queue). The toilet is quiet small and taking your ablution there requires some finesse and the praying area accommodates one at a time. Ladies also need to bring their own telekung. Nonetheless, we are thankful for the dedicated area.

chinese muslim restaurant in kl
Halal Chinese Restaurant in KL :Mohammad Chow : The praying area is behind the red screen besides the cashier.

After praying, our dishes arrived and these were what we had:

Buka Puasa @ Mohammad Chow : Apple Asamboi and Kedondong Asamboi

Drinks were apple asamboi for hubby and kedondong asamboi for me, I specifically asked for more kedondong as I don't like drinking kedondong asamboi that is very diluted. However, the kedondong is still not as much as I would like it to be.

halal chinese seafood restaurant in kl
Halal Food KL : Crabs @ Mohammad Chow Chinese Muslim Restaurant

We were in the mood for crabs and wanted to order Singapore chili crabs but erm.. they don't serve that dish so we asked which one is something like a chili crab and the waitress recommended this dish (the menu didn't have descriptions) and erm.. this is such a belated post that I forgot the chinese name of this dish. Sorry! But the dish was delicious! Spicy but still tolerable, the crab was fried first so the shell is slightly crispy and the chef has thoughtfully cracked the crabs at all the right places making it easy to enjoy the fresh and tender crab flesh. Yummy!

best halal chinese restaurant in kl
Dinner in KL : Butter Prawns @ Mohammad Chow

Butter Prawns was another winner. Prawns were dip in batter and fried before coated with the yummy butter gravy.. waaah so shiok..

mohamad chow chinese muslim restaurant
Broccoli in oyster sauce at Mohammad Chow Chinese Muslim Restaurant

Our vege dish was broccoli in oyster sauce, I can not recall what the brown thing sprinkled over the broccoli is.

It was a delicious buka puasa at Mohammad Chow Chinese Muslim Restaurant and we walked out of that restaurant a very happy customer. It's been a long time since we enjoyed good halal chinese seafood dinner. Hubby isn't impressed with DeTempler and Muhammad Chan Abdullah, we have stopped patronising Homst at TTDI after hubby and kiddo had a bad case of diarrhea one day (but it is inconclusive from where they got it from, just that hubby refused to go there again after that even though Homst serves delicious chinese muslim food) and Hj Shahrin Low in our opinion serve great tasting dishes but the ingredients used were not fresh (based on our only visit a looong time ago at the chinese chambers branch).

So impressed we were with Mohammad Chow Chinese Muslim Restaurant that we came again a second time for buka puasa haha.. this time around we thought we would be very clever and make a reservation and order ahead. Unfortunately, yours truly was feeling very tired that day, so dear husband made the call and order and this were what we had:

best seafood in kuala lumpur
Buka Puasa Day #2 at Mohammad Chow Restaurant: Nyonya Style Sea Bass

Unfortunately our clever little plan didn't work too well, we arrived about 5 minutes before Maghrib and all the dishes ordered were already on our table and no longer warm.. bummer.. this fish dish might have been very delicious if it was served just before Maghrib :) but by the time we digged in, the fish was already a bit soggy from the gravy. I really like the gravy though, taste something like a cross between asam pedas and gulai rebung, am pretty sure if it was hot from the wok I would have licked the plate clean :)

dinner in kl
Tempura prawns at Mohammad Chow Chinese Muslim Restaurant

The tempura prawns was a bit of a disappointent. The batter was bland. The dip was so-so. We let our 3 year old finished the prawns sans the tempura since his tastebud are not as picky as ours yet.

makan-makan damansara perdana
Seafood Tom Yum at Mohammad Chow Restaurant

The seafood tom yum was served in the pot that can be heated by a candle at the bottom part, but no candle was supplied to us? so it was also no longer hot. Even though ingredients used were fresh, let's just say that tom yum is not their speciality.

The second visit left us a bit disappointed. Hah.. that's what we get for being such a glutton during Ramadhan :p Nevertheless we will keep this restaurant in my mind the next time the craving for chinese muslim food strikes.

Mohammad Chow CHinese Muslim Restaurant address is :
3-1 Jalan PJU 8/5H Damansara Perdana
47820 PJ

Opens 11.00 am - 11.00pm

Tel: 03-77316383

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