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Best Halal KL Steakhouse ; TTDI Meat Point

halal food kuala lumpur
Halal Steakhouse in KL : TTDI Meat Point at Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi

When you marry a "meat" person, be prepared to be on a ""meatcursion" whenever the craving starts. Hmm.. hubby seems to always be searching for the best steak in town and has always been trying to sniff out a halal Angus / Wagyu steakhouse but so far we have not found one that is Muslim owned other than Meat Works of course (went so long ago and never came back so I don't really remember whether they offer Angus & Wagyu or otherwise).  

A friend's post on FB drew my attention to TTDI Meat Point and that night away we zoom to our former neighbourhood TTDI for a good steak! TTDI Meat Point is located at Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, residences familiar with the area will know the famous Everfresh fruit and vege shop, its on the same stretch, the shophouses before Everfresh. Parking is notorious there, so I think it's best to just go on a weekday evening rather than having to go round and round searching for a parking space that is virtually non-existent during peak hours. 

Ambience inside TTDI Meat Point is modern and relaxed, selection is a bit limited but they do a fairly well job with what they offer. There is a small selection of appetizers such as mussels and potato boat, about 3 type of pastas; marinara, carbonara and olio aglio. Halal Angus, Wagyu, Rib-eye, lamb chops and salmon are displayed in a chiller near the entrance and you get to choose which meat you would like to have and how you like it done. 

For our dinner that night, we ordered sausages (less than RM10) and chicken chop (around RM30) for the kids, medium-well lamb chops with mint sauce (about RM60)  for myself and Angus steak (above RM100) with mushroom sauce for the man. Drinks were Ice Lemon Tea (bottomless - RM6) and Iced Chocolate (RM6).

best steakhouse in kuala lumpur
Hubby's Angus Steak with sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes (gravy is not in the picture - sorry)

nice food kl
My Lamb chops with mint sauce and sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes

Hubby's halal Angus steak was very tender and he said it tasted good even without the sauce. I wouldn't know the difference anyway since I've always preferred lamb chops to the manly steak, but I can say that it is -in my opinion- much much better than Meat Works and of course on a higher level than the popular Victoria Station ( ok, the  difference in price says it all and I really don't get it why Victoria Station is popular) I don't know if Meat Works has improved since I last visited it more than a year ago, but based on our experience (Meat Works; Mont Kiara) and bad reviews for Meat Works @ Ion Singapore, we are not in a hurry to go back. 

The kids'  sausages

kuala lumpur nice food
Chicken Chop for my no 2 :) 

Sausages were ok, the bed of salad was crunchy and the sauces; mayo, mustard and tomato sauce was not too spicy for my kids. Chicken Chop was crispy on the outside (another dish that I don't really favor since I don't like batter but my no 2 loves chicken) and the meat inside is not soggy as some place does it. Fries was nothing outstanding though.

good food kl
Ice Lemon Tea (bottomless) and Iced Chocolate 

Drinks are fair, the Iced Chocolate though unlikely to cause you death by chocolate is at least chocolatey enough to be recognized as Iced Chocolate and not Chocolate Milk. 

All in all, it was a satisfying dinner for all of us :) A nice once in a while treat :)

SECOND VISIT 02 Jan 2013:

Hubby kept thinking of their steak, so we went again for dinner. Tried to order Muffaletta and Bacon Roll but was informed that both were not available that evening. So, I settled for Carbonara Chicken for the kids and Fish and Chips for myself, while the man tried Wagyu medium rare this time.

The man's steak came first, with appetite dampening cold mashed potatoes. I don't know how Wagyu is supposed to taste like, but I didn't quite like what I tasted. Maybe it was because it's medium rare or maybe my tastebuds just prefers the Angus. Next came my Fish and Chips, which I shall just describe as mediocre at its best. But the real disappointment from the second visit came from the fact that we waited 30 minutes for the kids carbonara, only to see that the table diagonally opposite us was served our chicken carbonara earlier when another waitress came to serve them their Mussels Carbonara. Hello! The restaurant is not that big, we can hear what was going on at that table and saw that the waitress, after standing a good 1 minute at that table, ended up giving them both carbonaras without even acknowledging to us that they have mixed up our order and can we kindly wait a few more minutes for the cook to whip us a new Chicken Carbonara. Basic courtesy isn't that? Total spoiler.Needless to say I didn't enjoy my dinner very much.

So ,two different dining experience on two different occasions, I can't vouch how yours is going to be like then. What a pity, I love to support our Muslim community but I think standards should be maintained and those Pinay waitresses need more training, smile more, ask patrons if they would like warm or cold water instead of waiting for them to ask for it and have a good knowledge of the (limited) menu. It was exasperating when I asked what is a Muffaletta? and she said "bread with beef". And I asked "What kind of bread with beef?" and she kept repeating "It's bread with beef?" Enough said!

Opening Hours for TTDI Meat Point:

Mon - Thu: 11 am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Fri : 3.30pm - 11.30pm
Sat & Sun: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11.30pm 

Map of TTDI Meat Point:

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