Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flat Shoes and Me ;)

One of the many things that I miss after being a mommy is wearing heels, they are a major confidence booster but just not practical for chasing my boisterous boys all over the shopping mall. Therefore, I have been wearing flats for 4 years now. Boring, yes and I am waiting for the day to come when I can wear heels again, but then again I think that day will never come as with age my knees and calves may not be able to take the pressure of wearing heels and the heels may not be able to take the pressure of my increasing weight :p 

To satisfy the "young" me at heart, I go for cute flat shoes. Back in Singapore, my favorite brands will be Marie Claire (for plain comfy flats), Pazzion for cute flats and DMK and Pretty Fit for affordable basic flats. I usually just buy one and wear it till it wear out before buying another. 

flat shoes malaysia
My Green With White Polka Dots Flats from Tiamo

Since my favorite ribbon flats from Pazzion has met its end, I needed to buy new flats in KL but don't really know where to shop. I saw a shoe in a magazine spread that look oh-so-cute from Tiamo and decided to swing by the shop when we went to KLCC one of the weekends, after nearly 1 hour of trying one shoes after another (I really like their designs but my feet is wide in front so I need a flat with wide front rather than the pointed front which is more in style) I decided to try a new color, away from my usual boring black or brown. So I bought a green flat with white polka dot, cute! but what was I thinking? It was so difficult trying to match it with my clothes since I seldom wear green!

lady shoes
My Pink Flats from Treats

Due to the fact that I keep scratching my head thinking whether my green shoes match or clash with my pants/dress I decided to buy another flats this time in an easier to match color. My choice? a pink flats from Treats (a shoe shop at Ikano Power Centre) I like the cute small ribbon though the shoe is a bit hard and needed to be broken in before it gets more comfortable.

pazzion shoe

My lamb skin oversized bow flats from Pazzion that has been worn out.. You shall be missed!