Saturday, March 29, 2014

Resepi Pasta Creamy Carbonara (Tanpa sos botol)

resepi pasta carbonara sedap
Resepi Creamy Carbonara simple (tanpa sos botol) sure to impress :)

Creamy carbonara adalah spaghetti kegemaran anak-anak ku.. jadi nak tak nak mestilah belajar masak kan? Ni adalah kali ketiga mencuba masak creamy carbonara tanpa sos botol, rasa macam ok so.. resepi ni I akan simpan :)

Senang je nak buat creamy carbonara, bahan-bahan utama butter, bacon, telur, parmesan cheese dan cooking cream. (Tapi ada authentic Italian yang kata tak perlu pakai cream baru original carbonara..untuk anak-anak I sebab memang mereka suka yang creamy so.. I letak lah cooking cream ye :) )

Lepas tu sebab bacon yang I pakai agak tipis so.. rasa daging tak berapa kuat jadi I masukkan 1 kiub stok daging.. hasilnya sedaap menjilat jari terus esoknya anak I yang no 2 tu mintak masak lagi haha.. 

Ok resepi creamy carbonara I simple je:

2 sdm mentega 
3 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk)
1 biji bawang besar (saiz sederhana) dihiris
100gm "Gourmessa" Beef Breafast Streaky Bacon (dipotong kecil2)
4 batang cendawan butang (dihiris)
2 biji telur
3 sdm keju parmesan (tapi I takde parmesan jadi I pakai mozarella)
200gm  Paul Thickened Cream 
1 kiub Knorr's perisa daging
Spaghetti cukup untuk 3 orang makan (dalam 100-150gm)

Cara-cara masak creamy carbonara:

1- Spaghetti di rebus bersama air, garam dan sedikit minyak zaitun sehingga lembut, tos dan asingkan.
2- Panaskan mentega di atas pan dan masukkan bawang putih dan bawang besar hingga layu.
3- Masukkan bacon, goreng hingga masak (kalau nak garing, goreng dan tos dan kemudian masukkan dalam spaghetti selepas krim digaulkan, tapi anak I tak suka garing jadi I biarkan dalam pan)
4- Masukkan cendawan.
5- Pecahkan telur dalam mangkuk yang berasingan dan kacau dengan keju. (Boleh tambahkan sedikit lada hitam kalau anda ingin terasa pedas sedikit tapi I tak letak ye)
6- Matikan api dalam pan, campurkan spaghetti yang telah ditos di dalam pan yang berisi bakon tadi, tuangkan campuran telur  dan keju tadi dan kacau rata dengan spaghetti dengan cepat (kalau lambat atau pan masih teramat panas nanti telur tak jadi sauce tapi jadi telur "scrambled". 
7- Campurkan krim dan kacau rata.
8- Larutkan 1 kiub stok daging Knorr dengan 1/2 cawan air panas kemudian tuangkan ke atas sos spaghetti carbonara tadi. 
9 - Siap! Hiaskan dengan parsley jika mahu.  

*Note: Jika anda rasa sos terlalu creamy dan mahukan rasa yang lebih ringan, cuba kurangkan kiub knorr ke 1/2 kiub dan krim ke 150gm. Selamat Mencuba!

Masih ragu-ragu? Lihat video "Real Spaghetti Carbonara" untuk cara-cara nak kacau spaghetti dengan campuran telur dan keju di sini :

Selamat Mencuba!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Halal Food Dinner in KL - Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

I have heard of Chef Zubir's restaurant for quite some time but Laman Grill at Shah Alam is a bit too far for us. So, when we heard that he has opened another outlet at Wangsa Maju of course we would like to give it a try. I mean hey, this guy is a judge at Master Chef Malaysia so we need to know his standards :p

Reviews from other bloggers seems positive and some of them took fantastic pictures using their DSLR but a good camera can make even the blandest food look nice so hey you got to try the food for yourself.

I didn't take a picture of the restaurant's exterior since it is widely available on every other blog, nor did I take a picture of its interior as it was so dim. The place was nicely done yes, but take a peek at the toilet and you would be wondering why is the toilet not done up as the dining area? There was even a sign that said "Do Not Do Your Big Business" at the cubicle's door (both cubicle's flush was broken apparently).

We were actually half-hearted to go since we didn't quite favor Flavours by Chef Riz nor PickNik by Chef Nik so yup we thought Chef Zubir's gonna be another disappointment. But then I saw on another blog, a picture of the menu and it states there that they carry Autralian Prime Graded Wagyu.. so I told hubby maybe.. just maybe it might taste nice? So, we decided to give Wangsa Grill a chance.

We came in, sat at the table, flipped through the menu.. eh.. no Wagyu offered?? We asked the waiter and he said: "No, we don't serve Wagyu" OMG yup yup bad feeling was right.. Nvm, let's just take the lobster. "Waiter said "No, we don't have the lobster too, Sir". Waaaaaattttttt???? 

By this time, we weren't expecting anything already. Dah give up. We ordered potato chips,mushroom soup and carbonara for the kids, meat lover's combo platter for the man and crab and seafood canneloni for me.

Sorry for the bad pictures, lighting was very dim. 

Mushroom soup was nice, the kids love it but the fly flapping around us while we eat was a bit of a bother. (Yes, there was a fly bothering us) 

restoran chef zubir
Halal Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju  -Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

Potato chips are not potatoes lah.. it's ubi (tapioca crisp) my kids didn't want it. The parents finished it up, it was oily and a bit burnt.

Carbonara was ok as well I guess since the kids like it, I didn't even taste it.

chef zubir malaysia master chef
Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

Meat Lover's Combo Platter.. just look at the picture.. yup it's that's unappetising. Tasteless meat in every bite. TGIF and Tony Roma's serves better meat. Needless to say, hubby was very upset.

chef zubir steaks halal
Meat lover's combo @ Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

Crab and Seafood Canneloni.. crab smelt fishy, portion is small, the canneloni was a first for me, it was unique but that's it. 

Halal restaurant @ Wangsa Maju - Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

My first son asked for ice cream, so we ordered hot lava cake.. the cake as you can see is not very light/ airy and there is no molten lava inside maybe just a small puddle. 

makan-makan @ Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

We won't be coming a second time anytime soon.

Map of Wangsa Grill for those of you who want to try it for yourself:

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sri Kdu International School Entrance Interview Year 1

international schools in kl
Sri KDU International School facilities

Okay.. so we shortlisted our school to Sri Garden International and Sri KDU International, Sri Garden because of reasonable fees, great teachers (my friend whose daughter is studying there gave glowing report), fantastic library and near to Sentul (which is convenient for hubby as it is also a short drive to his workplace around the KLCC area) but the traffic to Sri Garden is horrendous and  facilities are a bit lacking if compared to Sri KDU plus I want him to socialize with other circles not just the expats circle and a handful of privileged locals. I am a muslim so I also have to take in other considerations like, will he feel uncomfortable if he is the only one going out for dzuhur prayers or will he find Muslim girls in short skirts a norm (I read somewhere that the girls are not allowed to don hijab in the secondary level but I didn't ask the admin there peronally). 

So,  I went to see Sri KDU International. Sri KDU International School (Primary Level) shares the same building as Sri KDU Smart School (Primary Level) but the Secondary level has different buildings for the private school and international school. I feel more comfortable that since both the private and international school share the same building at the primary level, my son will be more exposed to the mix of local students from different backgrounds. He will see children of different colors, having different mother tongues and most importantly female Muslim students wearing baju kurungs (and maybe some not) so he will see that even though the religion is clear, it is the human choice to practise it. And each and everyone of us practise a different level of submission to Allah. 

Other than that consideration, I also find the library cheerful and the facilities (soccer field, basketball court, swimming pool, music room, computer lab) very encouraging. I saw that the teachers that was in the Year 2-Year 6 classes were all native English speakers but when I was passing through, non of them were smiling and engaging the kids, that is a bit of a worry for me, but the students didn't look out of hand so maybe it was time for quiet work. The year 1 students -at that time- were being taught by a Chinese lady (I think maybe it was another lesson like mandarin cos the homeroom teacher assigned to each class is a native English speaker) and they seemed to be having loads of fun and the teacher looked like she was enjoying herself too so I hope all the year 1 teachers are like that just to ease my kid's first time exposure to the big school :) 

After the entrance interview at Sri KDU International School

The first week of March, we were called up to set an appointment for the entrance interview and I chose 12th of March as the interview date. I didn't really prepare my son much for the entrance interview since the admission officer said that it will just be a normal chit chat and maybe some drawing to see if he has any special learning needs. So, I practised with Mikail some general questions like "What is your name?" "How old are you?" Where do you go to school?" What's your mummy's name" etc etc.. making sure that he answers in sentences instead of "Mikail" "6" and "Montessori Ilham" etc etc I also practised some maths (Addition and subtraction just in case) and reading passages BUT I didn't practise drawing nor spelling :( 

sri kdu international school
My 4 year old son's copy of the Sri KDU Int Sch Year 1 entrance interview paper (cos he said "What about me? Where is my work?")

So, on that day.. Mikail was super excited with the big school and we came early just so he gets used to the surrounding. He likes the school very much and when the officer came to interview him and asked us to follow her to the office, he did a funny "slow" walk and pretended to look at things with his "binocular" hands.. I swear the officer looked at him twice just to check whether he has ADHD or something.. *sigh*

In the office the general questions began and Mikail answered well for the questions that we practised and then she asked "What's your favorite animal?" and he started answering that question and others that were unpractised, with just one word *sigh* My son doesn't talk much without prodding. It didn't help that I brought along his 4 year old little brother who is super talkative and kept asking "what about me? My favorite animal is the elephant!.. We went to the zoo and fed the elephants" you get the picture..

Then the officer asked Mikail to write his name and draw himself and he wrote his name and then said I can't draw myself cos I don't know.. so he was asked to draw a ball instead. 

Then he was asked to spell "Cat" and my son spelled it with a mirror image "c" , spell "dog" and I started praying hard that he didn't write "bog" instead cos he does mix up his "b" and "d" at times. and then "ball" was spelt as "bol". My heart sank a bit :(

Basically, it was a simple interview but I guess I should have prepared for the 3 & 4 letter words spelling and also remind him that he is not to interrupt when mummy is talking to someone else cos when the officer was asking me questions about Mikail he kept interrupting us! 

However, I am quite glad there is no Maths or reading exercise (though that would have given him a chance to show off a bit hehe).

The lady said that the school will get in touch with us after a week but since I didn't receive any news, I called them up today and was informed that he was accepted! Hurrah! I am so happy cos we don't have any back up plan except for Sri KDU International, if he didn't get accepted our move to Mutiara Damansara would have been a total waste.

UPDATE: I enrolled my no 2 in 2015 and the interview for 2015 was slightly different as it was conducted with the presence of the (then) Year 1 teacher Ms Barwick, there was a bit of chit chat, usual name, age, etc.. and then my kid was given a piece of paper with some pictures on it and was asked to write down the name of the object or animal that was in the picture, a few 3 letter words like cat or dog (I don't remember exactly yeah since its been 2 years) but I do remember there were also some 4 letters words that have blending sounds like Fi-SH and FR-og.. so that's another thing to look out for. He was also given some lego towers to count (total 20) and then take away a few to make say 17. Lastly, he was asked to write down any numbers that he knows from 1-20. That's it! A new teacher came in this year and their contract I heard is for 2 years, so I am assuming this year's interview will be prepared with some input from her? 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Easy No Cook Breakfast Oats

oats porridge
Yummy No Cook Oats for Breakfast

I saw this recipe on someone's fb status a few months back and has always wanted to try it. But somehow or rather I am always missing the yoghurt or the milk would be finished by the time I decided to make it. Earlier this week, I decided to make the oats after grocery shopping before the husband comes back to drink up the milk or the kids come back and start requesting for other things that will use up my fruits :)

I am actually used to eating warm oat porridge for my breakfast, usually with milk and honey and slices of fruits but the idea of being able to prepare the oats in advance without cooking it was very appealing so I decided to try this summer porridge recipe. 

I didn't actually look at the recipe, I just looked at the main ingredients and wing it haha but you can take a look at the original post here

sarapan gaya sihat
No Cook Oats for Breakfast :)

My No Cook Breakfast Oats is then as such:

6 tbsp rolled oats (not quick oats)
5 tbsp plain yoghurt
3/4 cup milk
2 tsp chia seed
2 tbsp honey 
as much fruits as you like.
I used mangos and strawberries combo / blueberries and strawberries / blueberries and dried cranberries.
Put everything in a jar and leave overnight in the fridge. 

I made them last Tuesday and ate the last jar this morning (Saturday) and it was still good though I prefer them one or two days old only as it taste fresher :) 

healthy breakfast ideas
Refrigerator Oats Breakfast

Resepi sarapan oats:

Ini adalah resepi sarapan oats tanpa perlu dimasak. Haritu terbaca post ni di fb status seseorang terus macam excited nak cuba cuma asyik barang tak cukup je.. awal minggu dapat jugak kita cuba akhirnya. Biasanya I makan oats panas untuk sarapan tapi memandangkan resepi ni tak perlu dimasak dan cuma simpan dalam peti sejuk je.. macam senang je.. kita pun cubalah!

Resepi asal adalah di sini tapi I tak baca sangat I just main campak2 je eh lepas tengok gambar2 dia hehe.. jadi resepi oats i jadi macam ni:

6 sdm oats (bukan instant tau, rolled oats ye)
5 sdm yoghurt
3/4 cawan susu
2 sdm biji chia
2 sdm madu
gandingan buah2an sebanyak mana yang u suka dan muat dalam jar :)
i guna mango+ strawberry / blueberry + strawberry / blueberry + cranberry kering
boleh je guna pisang + coklat ke.. tapi pisang ni cepat rosak lah kena habiskan cepat2 

cara nak buat? masukkan je semua dalam jar lepas tu masuk dalam peti sejuk semalaman, esok bolehlah makan, senang kan? :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ajar anak ABC melalui Foniks

Salam pembaca semua! I am so excited nak share dengan semua video lagu kanak-kanak "Kenali Foniks" video ni animasi dia kiut dan modern dan tempo lagu pun sangat ceria. 

Video ini mengenalkan huruf abc kepada kanak-kanak melalui bunyi-bunyi huruf. Sangat sesuai untuk kanak-kanak yang baru mula mengenal abc dan juga untuk memberikan pendedahan awal kepada bahasa melayu (lagi-lagi kalau environment rumah lebih selesa berbahasa inggeris :))

Check out the video on YouTube and help share di fb / twitter / insta you all k? 

Thank you so much!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cooking Project with the Kids : Blueberry Microwave Cake in A Cup

So, it was Friday and I had a very busy day, cooking lunch (which I seldom do) cos on Fridays the school serves porridge and Mikail will come home hungry, and I decided to further tire myself by dusting the entire house, vacuuming, mopping and washing all the toilets -what was I thinking?- 

It was nearly evening and I was just finishing up the last toilet when Umair came to me and asked "Mommy, can we make a cake? With milk and blueberries and erm.. what else? Let me see.." and he proceeded to raid the fridge with an angelic smile on his face. Sigh.. since he asked so nicely and that smile.. that I couldn't resist. I said ok but wait till I finished up all my chores and find a recipe on the internet. Of course, I wouldn't dream of baking one in the oven that would take too much effort, so a microwave cake in a cup it will be. 

My experience with cakes in a cup has been quite limited, I've tried a few that didn't quite turn out well and the kids had made one super nice and moist chocolate microwave cake in a cup once in their school camp which sadly didn't come with a recipe. So, in searching for the recipe I found this page "30 Mug Recipes - Amazing Desserts in The Microwave" totally droolsome BUT the page "Mug Cake Round Up - Eight of the Best and Worst Microwave Desserts" more useful as she had tested these recipes and some of the desserts that appear on that page had also appeared in the first one, so yup I chose one from the Eight of the Best Microwave Desserts. Which leads to Meyer Lemon Mug Cake recipe here:

Meyer Lemon Mug Cake from - look at that picture! I can't take shots like this!

And just for the fun of it, we are going to try another microwave cake in a cup recipe from that got a 3 and 1/2 stars "Yummy Microwave Blueberry Mug Cake"

So the kids got ready: 

resepi microwave kek
Cooking With Kids : Microwave Blueberry Cake in A Cup

Microwave Blueberry Cake in  A Cup

The above ingredients are for the two different recipes.

The Meyer Lemon Cake (of course I omitted the lemon cos I want to use blueberries instead) ingredients are as such:

3 tbsp flour
3 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 egg
2tbsp vegetable oil
blueberries as desired

(Please view the full recipe in the original site as mine is an improvisation of the original recipe)

How to make the cake: 

1. Beat egg and vegetable oil
2. Put in the flour, sugar, baking powder and a lil bit of salt and whisk well.
3. Add in desired blueberries 
4. Microwave for 1.5 - 2 minutes (mine took 1.5 minutes)

The Blueberry Cake ingredients are as such:

4 tbsp flour
2 tbsp white sugar (original recipe calls for 4 tbsp of sugar subsitute)
2 tbsp brown sugar
3/4 tsp baking soda (original recipe calls for 1 tsp)
5 tbsp milk
1-2 tbsp blueberries

How to make the cake:

1. mix the flour, sugar and baking soda together.
2. Add in the milk and whisk well.
3. Add in blueberries.
4. Microwave for 1.5-2 minutes (mine took 1.5 minutes)

cooking with kids ideas
the kids making the cake

resepi kek microwave
This is the Microwave Blueberry Recipe from

This is the recipe based on Meyer Lemon Mug Cake from

Both cake turned out delicious but of course can't compare to oven baked cakes. The recipe from was a soft and maybe slightly wet and it's not very fluffy, but it tasted nice both warm and after it has cooled down. And yes, I will only make it for personal consumption and no I will not serve this to guests :p

The recipe from was a stunner when warm, light and airy almost like a real cake, I started wishing I had some cream to enjoy it with and yes I agree with Raych Krueger, I don't mind serving this to guests but not when it has cooled down cos it was a a bit dry then but still the best cake in a cup recipe I tried so far :)