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Halal Food Dinner in KL - Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

I have heard of Chef Zubir's restaurant for quite some time but Laman Grill at Shah Alam is a bit too far for us. So, when we heard that he has opened another outlet at Wangsa Maju of course we would like to give it a try. I mean hey, this guy is a judge at Master Chef Malaysia so we need to know his standards :p

Reviews from other bloggers seems positive and some of them took fantastic pictures using their DSLR but a good camera can make even the blandest food look nice so hey you got to try the food for yourself.

I didn't take a picture of the restaurant's exterior since it is widely available on every other blog, nor did I take a picture of its interior as it was so dim. The place was nicely done yes, but take a peek at the toilet and you would be wondering why is the toilet not done up as the dining area? There was even a sign that said "Do Not Do Your Big Business" at the cubicle's door (both cubicle's flush was broken apparently).

We were actually half-hearted to go since we didn't quite favor Flavours by Chef Riz nor PickNik by Chef Nik so yup we thought Chef Zubir's gonna be another disappointment. But then I saw on another blog, a picture of the menu and it states there that they carry Autralian Prime Graded Wagyu.. so I told hubby maybe.. just maybe it might taste nice? So, we decided to give Wangsa Grill a chance.

We came in, sat at the table, flipped through the menu.. eh.. no Wagyu offered?? We asked the waiter and he said: "No, we don't serve Wagyu" OMG yup yup bad feeling was right.. Nvm, let's just take the lobster. "Waiter said "No, we don't have the lobster too, Sir". Waaaaaattttttt???? 

By this time, we weren't expecting anything already. Dah give up. We ordered potato chips,mushroom soup and carbonara for the kids, meat lover's combo platter for the man and crab and seafood canneloni for me.

Sorry for the bad pictures, lighting was very dim. 

Mushroom soup was nice, the kids love it but the fly flapping around us while we eat was a bit of a bother. (Yes, there was a fly bothering us) 

restoran chef zubir
Halal Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju  -Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

Potato chips are not potatoes lah.. it's ubi (tapioca crisp) my kids didn't want it. The parents finished it up, it was oily and a bit burnt.

Carbonara was ok as well I guess since the kids like it, I didn't even taste it.

chef zubir malaysia master chef
Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

Meat Lover's Combo Platter.. just look at the picture.. yup it's that's unappetising. Tasteless meat in every bite. TGIF and Tony Roma's serves better meat. Needless to say, hubby was very upset.

chef zubir steaks halal
Meat lover's combo @ Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

Crab and Seafood Canneloni.. crab smelt fishy, portion is small, the canneloni was a first for me, it was unique but that's it. 

Halal restaurant @ Wangsa Maju - Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

My first son asked for ice cream, so we ordered hot lava cake.. the cake as you can see is not very light/ airy and there is no molten lava inside maybe just a small puddle. 

makan-makan @ Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

We won't be coming a second time anytime soon.

Map of Wangsa Grill for those of you who want to try it for yourself:

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