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Easy No Cook Breakfast Oats

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Yummy No Cook Oats for Breakfast

I saw this recipe on someone's fb status a few months back and has always wanted to try it. But somehow or rather I am always missing the yoghurt or the milk would be finished by the time I decided to make it. Earlier this week, I decided to make the oats after grocery shopping before the husband comes back to drink up the milk or the kids come back and start requesting for other things that will use up my fruits :)

I am actually used to eating warm oat porridge for my breakfast, usually with milk and honey and slices of fruits but the idea of being able to prepare the oats in advance without cooking it was very appealing so I decided to try this summer porridge recipe. 

I didn't actually look at the recipe, I just looked at the main ingredients and wing it haha but you can take a look at the original post here

sarapan gaya sihat
No Cook Oats for Breakfast :)

My No Cook Breakfast Oats is then as such:

6 tbsp rolled oats (not quick oats)
5 tbsp plain yoghurt
3/4 cup milk
2 tsp chia seed
2 tbsp honey 
as much fruits as you like.
I used mangos and strawberries combo / blueberries and strawberries / blueberries and dried cranberries.
Put everything in a jar and leave overnight in the fridge. 

I made them last Tuesday and ate the last jar this morning (Saturday) and it was still good though I prefer them one or two days old only as it taste fresher :) 

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Refrigerator Oats Breakfast

Resepi sarapan oats:

Ini adalah resepi sarapan oats tanpa perlu dimasak. Haritu terbaca post ni di fb status seseorang terus macam excited nak cuba cuma asyik barang tak cukup je.. awal minggu dapat jugak kita cuba akhirnya. Biasanya I makan oats panas untuk sarapan tapi memandangkan resepi ni tak perlu dimasak dan cuma simpan dalam peti sejuk je.. macam senang je.. kita pun cubalah!

Resepi asal adalah di sini tapi I tak baca sangat I just main campak2 je eh lepas tengok gambar2 dia hehe.. jadi resepi oats i jadi macam ni:

6 sdm oats (bukan instant tau, rolled oats ye)
5 sdm yoghurt
3/4 cawan susu
2 sdm biji chia
2 sdm madu
gandingan buah2an sebanyak mana yang u suka dan muat dalam jar :)
i guna mango+ strawberry / blueberry + strawberry / blueberry + cranberry kering
boleh je guna pisang + coklat ke.. tapi pisang ni cepat rosak lah kena habiskan cepat2 

cara nak buat? masukkan je semua dalam jar lepas tu masuk dalam peti sejuk semalaman, esok bolehlah makan, senang kan? :) 

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